magnetic gun mount car

12 Best Magnetic Gun Mount Car In 2021


August 10, 2022

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for people to keep guns in their vehicles, and having a magnetic gun mount car may be a good choice.

It may provide you a sense of security, serve as a hunting tool, or simply be something you’ve always done.

As a result, carrying a gun on one’s body can be both inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

Traveling and driving while in discomfort is the worst thing that could ever happen.

In our review of the finest magnetic gun holsters for cars, we’ve taken into account their advantages and disadvantages.

magnetic gun mount car

Things You Need To Consider

There are many different types of holsters or magnetic gun mount for car, each with its weight limit and pistol model.

Always double-check the specifications of your firearm and the holster you intend to purchase.

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to keep a pistol in your car, the most obvious of which being for your safety.

If you keep this in mind, you should consider where you would be most comfortable storing your gun while selecting a holster.

The dash is held in place by powerful magnets.

Alternatively, would you prefer a gun safe that could be tucked in between the front and rear seats?

Finally, the decision would be yours to make.

In the end, the primary reason you are considering purchasing a magnetic gun mount car is to have quick access to your pistol in the event of an accident.

Practicing securing and drawing your gun a few times may be necessary just to be comfortable with the merchandise in case an emergency occurs.

Gun safety must be practiced, just as it is with everything else.

An additional feature that many holsters provide is a trigger guard, which can be particularly useful when driving with little children.

When you have a loaded gun in your holster, you mustn’t leave the car and your children alone, regardless of their age.

Here Are 12 Best Magnetic Gun Mount For Cars in 2021

magnetic gun mount car

1. GMW Gun Magnet [2-Pack] | 30 lbs. Rating Magnetic Gun Mount 

This pistol holster is Amazon’s best-seller because it is built with extremely powerful earth magnets.

It can hold firearms weighing up to 30 lbs.

A wide range of firearms, including CCW rifles, pistols, revolvers, and shotguns can be used with this system.

The scratch-resistant surface of this holster is its most notable feature.

It’ll protect your pistol from dings and scratches and maintain it in great working order.

Double-sided tape and two heavy-duty screws are all that is needed to affix this holster to your belt.

You’ll be up and running in no time thanks to our simple installation.

It may be utilized on any flat surface because of its design.

Keep your firearm hidden in any part of your vehicle, whether it’s perpendicular or parallel, for the best protection.


  • Provides a safe and secure grasp
  • Excellent for a variety of applications.
  • Non-scratch material is used.
  • The warranty is for one year.


  • It is not suggested to use this product around youngsters.
  • The magnet may be too powerful.
  • Drilling is required to secure the magnets.

2. DD Quickdraw Gun Magnet & Magnetic Gun Mount

The DD Quick Draw is the name of this holster.

There are numerous patterns to pick from in this new and improved version of the original design.

It can hold a rifle weighing up to 15.4 pounds because of its unique features and construction.

If you don’t require a powerful magnet, this might be ideal.

It’s critical to realize that this holster is only compatible with weapons with flat tops.

If you’re concerned about gun safety, this device’s makers claim that installing it is simple.

There’s no need to run out to the hardware shop to pick up screws because they’re all included in the kit.


  • Pull-and-push fit is secure
  • It provides an excellent grip and provides a sense of security.


  • Trigger cover is necessary.
  • Electrons may be affected by the magnet.
  • Your gun’s finish can be damaged.

3. 2-Pack | TACTICON HALO Gun Magnet 25 lb Rated | Adhesive Magnets

It is said that these gun magnets are capable of mounting any handgun in any place.

To screw in the magnet, you simply glue it on with the sticky backing first.

A protective coating ensures that your pistol won’t be scratched by the case.

This manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty, unlike other brands.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, they’ll refund your money.


  • Even when riding over bumps, it provides a solid grip.
  • Shotgun magnets can be held in place by two magnets.
  • Quick and simple setup


  • Recovering your gun requires some force.
  • The magnet’s stickiness isn’t strong enough on its own.

4. VULCAN Quickdraw Magnetic High Grip Gun Mount Holster

This holster is ideal if you place a high focus on protecting yourself and your weapon.

It has a powerful magnet that can hold any flat-top pistol in place.

For those who like to shop locally, this holster is handcrafted right here in the United States.

This holster mount will protect your gun from scratches thanks to its superior plastic finish.


  • Lock and load with a push and a pull.
  • Suitable for situations that necessitate immediate action.
  • Exceptional visual appeal


  • A poor choice for an uneven terrain
  • Expensive
  • As expected, it was a poor fit.

5. LANGGER V Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe

A gun safe is what you’re seeing here.

Its thin vertical form makes it ideal for concealing your firearm.

Good if you don’t want the pistol out in the open for tiny hands to play with.

Using a 16 gauge carbon-fiber structure, the holster’s anti-theft design keeps your weapon safe.

The locking mechanism that may be released with fingerprints, manual keys, and 4-8 digit PIN codes are all available in this model.

It promises to be simple to set up, which makes it convenient to use while driving.


  • Convenient storage for children in the vicinity.
  • Allows you to draw and fire your weapon in an instant.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting


  • Not supplied battery-operated finger recognition
  • More substantial for transportation.

6. Grand Gun Works Ride Ready Car Holster

An under-the-steering-wheel holster conceals your firearm from view.

Check your car’s specifics to see if this is compatible with your steering column before you buy it.

To fasten the strap, the molding must be at least 9 inches deep.

The ambidextrous leather material ensures that your pistol will be held securely in the proper orientation.

The term “universal” refers to the fact that it should suit the majority of tiny handguns.


  • Ideal for handguns with a shorter barrel length
  • Straps that can be shortened or lengthened
  • Simple to understand and put into practice
  • Affordability


  • Over time, the strap may become loose.
  • It is necessary to break in the leather.

7. COJO MFG. Gun Holster for Car

Magnetic holsters claim to be the most secure.

A claim is made that it is easy to install in a variety of places in your car.

Over 500 different pistols may be carried in this holster, making it the safest method of transporting firearms on a plane or train.


  • It’s straightforward to use and convenient.
  • The car seats perfectly, thanks to the perfect fit.
  • With a firm grip and an easy release.


  • Screws aren’t enough for all automobiles.
  • Due to the weight of the weapon, magnets are ineffective.

8. RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount Holder (45 lbs Rated)

It is well-known that these gun mounts are powerful and long-lasting.

When put on a smooth, flat surface, the magnet can hold up to 45 pounds and can fasten any rifle.

They’re made of lightweight rubber and are scratch-resistant thanks to their dimensions of 3.74′′L x 1.5′′W x 0.33′′H.

The package comes with everything you need to get it up and running.


  • Can be hidden from plain sight
  • The grip is firm.
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Adhesive tape isn’t enough to keep magnets in place.
  • Uneven surfaces are difficult to work with because of the lack of flexibility.

9. Huicocy Gun Magnet, 2-in-1 Quickdraw Gun Magnet

The powerful neodymium magnet in this magnetic gun mount (raw material: rare earth metal) enhances the mount’s magnetic force, allowing it to support 60 pounds of weight.

This magnetic gun mount car can hold two firearms or one gun and one magazine at the same time, based on the preceding single-gun structure.

In addition to Glock and Springfield XD series pistols, the M&P Shield 9mm, Shield.40, and Shield.45 are all compatible.

Sig SP2022, 45 ACP, HK VP9, Luger lcp, Taurus 9mm, Luger ec9s, Kahr P40, Luger SR40, most flat-top pistols are compatible.


  • Holds up nicely and quickly
  • Well-built for the cost.
  • Fits snugly


  • Although magnets claim to be powerful, they’re not.
  • Mags in hand – In the compartment, it is not flat. 

10. STINGER Safety Trigger Guard Protection Magnetic Gun Holder

This holster features a trigger guard as well as the magnetic hold of a holster.

As a result of the trigger being covered, an accidental discharge is prevented.

While this holster isn’t as strong as the others, it still has a good weight capacity of up to 15 lbs, which is plenty for most people.

Each Stinger pistol magnet is coated with a soft rubber coating that helps to keep the finish of your firearm looking as good as new.

This includes Glock, Smith and Wesson, Browning and Walther and Taurus and Beretta, and Sig Sauer.

They also work with Kel-Tec and Heckler & Koch and Remington, Winchester and Mossberg and Rossi.

They also work with FN Herstal and FN Herstal.


  • Installs in confined spaces with ease.
  • Simple to use
  • Trigger guard for added security


  • Different weapons may necessitate a little tweaking.
  • The adhesive’s holding power was questionable.

11. Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

Whether you’re carrying a little or large firearm, this holster will fit the bill.

It’s easy and convenient to use while driving.

It gives you peace of mind when driving because you know you’ll be ready and prepared at a moment’s notice if something happens.

This may be the holster for you if you don’t need any tools to install it.


  • It’s simple to get to even if it’s not displayed.
  • Tight-fitting


  • A separate holster is required.
  • To pay so much for so little

12. AmazeFan Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for Vehicle

The old model was used to upgrade the AmazeFan, considerably improving security.

Exceptional magnets with a magnetic strength of 15.4 lbs.

Not every Sig or 1911 will fit.

Designed to fit all flat-top handguns, the fast and draw holster is universal.

Compact and sub-compact models are included in this category.

This pistol magnet mount is made for speedy loading, so you can get your rifle loaded in no time.


  • Installing this system couldn’t be easier or faster.
  • Withstands rough road travel
  • It’s a great deal for the money.


  • Fits poorly on a rounder dashboard.
  • To put it simply, screws are not the best choice for automotive applications.


Is a holster necessary in your automobile if you have a gun?

You should double-check the laws of your state, however, in California, it is illegal to drive with a hidden firearm in a vehicle.

Either the weapon is stored away or the owner possesses a current license to carry a concealed firearm.

In the context of a vehicle, what constitutes “open carry?”

If a person approaching the vehicle cannot see the pistol and it is easily accessible, it is hidden.

If you have a firearm, you must keep it locked up in a safe or console.

Is a magnetic holster a good idea?

Magnets are only useful when their weight limit isn’t influenced.

Ideally, they will secure your firearm so that it does not move while you are traveling.

My car has a lot of space, but where can I put my gun holder in the car?

Magnetic gun mount cars can be installed in a variety of locations, including:

  • A vehicle’s entry door
  • Behind the occupants of a vehicle’s seats
  • Located below the steering wheel
  • The console is situated to the right of it.

Is the use of magnetic gun holders harmful?

There is a magnetic gun mount car that is strong enough to retain a firearm, but not strong enough to affect its performance.


Choosing the best magnetic gun mount car for your needs among the many options available is critical to its usefulness.

There is a gun safe to fit your needs, whether you want one put under your steering column or in your center console.


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