All You Need To Know About Rat Rod Motorcycle

All You Need To Know About Rat Rod Motorcycle


February 24, 2022

Rat Rod motorcycle is in fact an old, modified bike that has been painted with a matte finish (usually black or gray) and may include rust or dents. The motorcycle includes features like chopper handlebars, which are usually too wide for the body of the bike.

Usually, this type of Motorcycle will not have any front fender and may not even have a seat.

There are tons of custom motorcycle shops out there, and if you’re searching for a unique riding experience, then you should try looking into Rat Rod Motorcycle.

These rides often feature an exposed frame design that will give you all sorts of hand-built charm, along with old-school chopper lines.

A Brief History

All You Need To Know About Rat Rod Motorcycle

Since the very beginning, Rat Rod has been associated with depicting elements of impoverishment and neglect in general, which means that the motorcycle was created to reflect this mindset.

The bike often includes things like rusted metals, torn seat coverings, flaking paint, broken parts, etc., usually combined in a way to make the bike look like it was assembled in your backyard.

Rat Rod Motorcycle Style Tips

There are plenty of ways you can personalize your Rat Rod Motorcycle, starting with the paint job.

You should avoid using glossy colors, because it may ruin the patina, but instead go for a matte finish since that will give your ride a more vintage and unique look. You can also change the seat coverings and rims, to match your preferences.

Rat Rod Motorcycle Customization

Customization is one of the main benefits of buying a Rat Rod Motorcycle. If you’re not happy with the way it looks out of the box, you can change pretty much every element of the ride.

For example, you can install a larger front wheel or change the handlebars to give your bike that means look.

Rat Rod Motorcycle Safety Concerns

All You Need To Know About Rat Rod Motorcycle

One of the main concerns with Rat Rod Motorcycle is safety and how it may affect your experience while riding on the road.

We would like to remind you that this type of Motorcycle was not created for high speeds, so be aware of your capabilities and think whether Rat Rod is the right choice for you.

Rat Rod Motorcycle Availability Factors

The chances are that if you want to find a used one, then there is at least one online shop selling it. However, we should remind you that this is a rare type of Motorcycle and it may be tough to find used and in good shape.

You can, however, try your luck or try modifying an ordinary motorcycle into Rat Rod style, because the result will not be that bad!

Rat Rod Motorcycle Costs

If you are thinking about buying a new Rat Rod Motorcycle, then be ready to spend a lot. Most likely, you will have to pay way over a thousand dollars in order to get a nice ride that is up to your standards and looks great.

However, you can always try finding a used one for less than $1000, but the availability of such motorcycles will depend on many factors.

Rat Rod Motorcycle Common Misconceptions

All You Need To Know About Rat Rod Motorcycle

One of the common misconceptions about Rat Rod Motorcycles is that they were created for low quality and lack of care.

There are plenty of people out there who like this type of motorcycle and enjoy using them, but it all depends on your preference and how much time you have to spend on fixing and modifying your bike.

“Rat Rod” Bikes vs. “Rat Bikes”

One of the most important things to remember about Rat Rod Motorcycles is that they are not all created equal. This type of motorcycle often features chopper lines, but there are plenty of other styles out there that are referred to as “Rat Bikes”.

For example, you can easily find lowrider bikes that have similar look to Rat Rod Motorcycles, but it doesn’t mean they are one and the same.

Personalized and Oxidized Motorcycle

If you are thinking about buying a Rat Rod Motorcycle, then be ready for a wild ride. The style is often associated with impoverished and neglected motorcycles that look old and rusted, but it doesn’t mean all of them will fit this description.

In fact, there are people out there who like the idea behind this type of motorcycle and spend years customizing their rides to give them that unconventional look.

Chop Job or Custom Build?

Chop Job or Custom Build

One of the most common questions about Rat Rod Motorcycles is whether it’s a complete chop job or a custom build.

Usually, people want to know if they can buy parts and customize their ride, or if they need to purchase a certain model and body type to create such a motorcycle.

The truth is that the main idea behind this style of bike is to use parts from different models and create a unique ride, so in most cases, you will be able to find all the necessary body parts for your Rat Rod Motorcycle.

Tire Size Overview

Another thing that people are concerned about is tire size when it comes to Rat Rod Motorcycles.

The truth is that you can use any type of tire when customizing your ride, but you should be aware of the fact that this type of Motorcycle often uses wider tires because it gives an off-road look to such a motorcycle.

In addition, tire width is closely related to wheel size, so make sure you know whether the place where you want to buy wheels can fit wide tires or not.

Custom Motorcycle Painting

All You Need To Know About Rat Rod Motorcycle

You don’t have to settle for a plain color when it comes to Rat Rod Motorcycles because this type of motorcycle often features custom paint jobs.

In fact, many people spend an enormous amount of money buying used parts and painting them in order to create a one-of-a-kind design that perfectly fits their tastes and preferences.

“Rat Rod” Motorcycle vs. “Old School” Motorcycle

Even though there are plenty of people who consider Rat Rod Motorcycles to be some kind of an old-school bike, this is not completely true.

Even if you decide to use parts from older motorcycles when building your motorcycle, it doesn’t mean it’s going to look like a piece of junk.

On the contrary, this type of motorcycle stands out with its chopper lines and unusual style, so you will easily be able to tell such a Motorcycle apart from others.

Straight Frame Connection

All You Need To Know About Rat Rod Motorcycle

One of the most important things to remember about Rat Rod Motorcycles is that they use straight frame connections.

This means that all their parts and components are connected without any bends or curves, so it can be a bit tricky to adjust everything when customizing your motorcycle.

In fact, people often use rubber gaskets when assembling such a Motorcycle in order to create a flexible yet firm connection between the main elements of the bike.

Rat Rod Motorcycle Conclusion

If you are looking for a unique yet reliable motorcycle, then Rat Rod Motorcycles might be the right choice for you! It is truly an innovative idea that combines classic looks with modern elements and it will surely attract many fans in the future.

The only major concern here would be safety, so make sure to use your best judgment before taking a ride!

We hope this Rat Rod Motorcycle article was useful and provided you with some valuable information in terms of how it works and what you can expect when you buy/ride one. If you want more, then we encourage you to visit our page dedicated to all things motorcycles.


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