All You Need To Know About Standard Motorcycles

All You Need To Know About Standard Motorcycles


February 23, 2022

The oldest style of motorcycles, standard motorcycles have been developed by automobile manufacturers for many years.

An upright riding posture with the handlebar set at a convenient distance from the rider is combined with a comfortable distance between the handlebars.

The foot controls are placed directly beneath or slightly in front of the driver. Modern standard motorcycles have a classic ’60s and ’70s style with improvements for convenience, technology, and performance.

Other standards, such as Husqvarna’s Vitpilen and Svartpilen, offer a unique perspective on today’s standard motorcycle.

The naked motorcycle is a contemporary take on the classic in which form and function combine. The majority of people feel that standard motorcycles with smaller capacities are the greatest place to start out because they offer excellent performance.

Suzuki’s SV650, KTM’s 390 Duke, and Ducati’s Scrambler are all well regarded for their exceptional value for money.

If performance is more your thing, streetfighters save you the trouble of deconstructing a sportbike. Ducati’s Streetfighter, KTM’s Duke range, Suzuki’s GSX-S line, the Aprilia Tuono, and the Honda CB1000R are just a few of the popular streetfighters.

Standard Motorcycle Review

All You Need To Know About Standard Motorcycles

The regular sort of motorbike is a popular choice because it has a basic design and is suitable for a wide range of activities.

It comes in sizes ranging from 125 to 1,000 cc, with the option of adding luggage, a tank bag, an adjustable seat, and it’s an excellent first bike or all-around vehicle to ride.

If there is a fairing on the front, it will not be as large as that seen on some Scrambler models. Because it isn’t very forward-leaning or rearward reclining, ergonomics are fairly neutral.

Seat height is usually in the shorter to middle range and can accommodate almost everyone comfortably. For a great all-around town bike, we recommend the Yamaha SR400.

It’s not too big for a novice rider, yet it’s not overly tiny for an expert either.

Standard Motorcycle Gear And Accessories

Standard motorcycle gear is mostly concerned with classic design features while also incorporating modern safety elements such as CE-certified protection.

Modern standard helmets have improved airflow and more protection in the event of an accident, among other improvements.

The motorcycle market is fueled by aftermarket parts, which is just as true for basic accessories and modifications. The standard motorcycle has a lot of inherent flexibility that allows it to be easily turned into a scrambler, tourer, bobber, or cafe racer.

Two or three bolt-on modifications may completely transform the appearance, feel, and sound of your standard bike.

Standard Motorcycle Buying Tips

All You Need To Know About Standard Motorcycles

The greatest standard motorcycle is the one you ride yourself. When selecting the finest regular motorcycle, or any other vehicle, there are a few things to think about.

What will you use it for?

Are you expecting the bike to perform well on all kinds of terrain or just on asphalt and highways?

Do you want a basic motorcycle for a first-time rider, or are you an experienced one?

What do you want the bike to look like?

These are only some of the questions to consider before making your selection.

2019 Standard And Naked Motorcycle Models

All You Need To Know About Standard Motorcycles

The term standard motorcycle has come to refer to any type of bike with a more upright seating posture. The bike is most likely a standard, whether it has clip-on or handlebars.

Scramblers, streetfighters, cafe racers, naked bikes, and other similar models fall under this broad category but provide such distinct riding experiences from one another.

The leading motorbike producers are well aware of the significance of this market, yet they continue to produce award-winning standard and naked bikes.

The Monster and Scrambler models from Ducati are examples of the former, while the Streetfighter is a coveted model in the secondhand marketplace.

The popular V4 motor from Aprilia is found in the Tuono 1100RR nid0. CB-series engines with varying displacements are available to accommodate both novice and experienced riders. 

Suzuki’s GSX-R-derived GSX-S series, its more sport-touring-focused Bandit, its naked street bike SV650, and its tiny-displacement GW and TU lines all have standard and naked models in various trims and styles.

The Z125 Pro is a tiny 125cc motorbike from Minimoto, a Japanese company. It’s powered by a single-cylinder engine with sanitary oil lubrication and air-cooled brakes.

The hyper-naked MT-series has a crossplane 1000cc engine in the MT-10, whereas the XSR line is rooted in tradition. Harley-Davidson’s Roadster model competes for this market.

Other European firms have recognized the need for this market as well. Triumph has been making its Bonneville line since the late 1950s, and in recent years it has created some of the finest naked inline-3 bikes, including the Street Triple and Speed Triple.

BMW has its R nineT platform and S1000R in the east of the UK. Husqvarna has two retro-inspired Vitpilen models and a Svartpilen, while KTM’s Duke family is famous across Europe. 

Standard Motorcycles Models In 2022

All You Need To Know About Standard Motorcycles

2022 BMW R NineT/Pure

The R nineT was the perfect bike at the right time for BMW when it debuted in 2014. The back-to-basics boxer, which leverages the brand’s long history in tradition and racing, has proven to be a success with the growing cafe ride/retro-classic bike market.

The R nineT employs the previous-gen air/oil-cooled engine, which has a more conventional appearance and a fuel tank that is similar to the sporty R90 original boxers of the 1970s.

It has a classic round taillight/headlight and a traditional square tail light. The R nineT has attracted a significant following, spawning three additional versions: the Pure, Urban G/S, and Scrambler.

The Pure model is a cheaper version of the R nineT with a thethen 44mm fork and Brembo axial-mount front brake calipers, and a classic 2-into-1 exhaust instead of the stylish twin stainless steel muffler on the standard R nine T.

2022 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR First Ride

The Speed Triple 1200 RR may not be the ultimate superbike we’ve all been waiting for Triumph to release, but there’s nothing wrong with its performance.

As I chased old racing buddies on track, popped wheelies out of the slower corners, and slid into the chicanes, that’s my overall impression of the new Speed Triple as a sportier variant of Triumph’s classic triple.

It’ll never lap as quickly as a 1,000cc sports bike if you’re looking at lap times. It’s a fantastic bike for the pure enjoyment of flowing along a track. It’s one of the most enjoyable sportbikes available if you put it on the road where it belongs.

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