Everything You Need To Know About Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet

Everything You Need To Know About Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet


February 23, 2022

The story of the Stormtrooper motorcycle helmet is an interesting one.

The original was a “real” motorcycle helmet (no offense, but I can’t find any information about which brand it was) and someone decided to turn it into a replica of the Star Wars helmet. 

What Are Stormtroopers Helmets 

These helmets were designed to help dissipate energy, so they provide filtered air and an awesome heads-up display. Unfortunately, their limited field of vision doesn’t allow them to fire blasters more accurately.

Top 4 Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Stormtrooper Helmets

Everything You Need To Know About Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC Stormtrooper motorcycle helmet is one of the most iconic designs in movie history, and it’s now available for purchase!

This white leather-based combat case comes with an inner sweatband that helps keep your head cool during intense rides on two wheels.

Shield & Visor

This helmet has a large eye port that provides better visibility. It’s great for summer riding, and it comes with an anti-scratch coating on the face shield to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while you’re out enjoying yourself in nature.


The Hurricane has been created to keep you cool and dry on even the hottest days.

It features an adjustable forehead vent that allows for airflow from above, as well as two rear exhaust vents near your ears that remove heat-trapping humidity locally within this helmet’s internal lining – all while letting in the fresh air at every opportunity!


This motorcycle helmet is equipped with removable and washable interior cheek pads that can be changed out for various sizes.

The output voice should still maintain an engaging tone, but it has been lengthened in order to provide more information about this feature of the product.

Imperial Stormtrooper helmets

Everything You Need To Know About Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet

The Imperial Stormtrooper helmet is an iconic and historic design, dating back to the original Star Wars films.

It’s designed with an airtight seal that keeps its wearers cool in battle while also protecting them from various environmental hazards including extremely hot weather or cold winters without letting their protective armor down.

Shield & Visor

This collector-grade quality Imperial Stormtrooper helmet has a feature that can electronically change your voice to sound more like the iconic Star Wars characters.


The ventilation system on the Imperial Stormtrooper helmet is designed to cool you down during hot weather.

There are two vents in front that allow airflow through, which will help keep your head at a comfortable temperature all day long.


The inside of an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet is lined with a rubberized material that provides protection against solars and other objects in case you accidentally bump your head.

This lining also muffles sounds, making it difficult for anyone on the outside to hear what’s going inside (or if someone is wearing one).

First Order Stormtrooper Helmets

Everything You Need To Know About Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet

The first order stormtrooper helmet is the foundation for any future loyalty.

This iconic symbol represents the establishment and strict authority, with its featureless face mask that conceals all identity save for an eye patch over one brow.

This allows them to maintain anonymity when tracking down enemies or executing protocol duty without drawing attention from other forces around them through sheer intimidation alone.

Shield & Visor

With a visor that covers the eyes, this is one of many first-order stormtrooper helmets.

The heavy respirators provide protection from heat and radiation but also block visibility so you can’t see where objects are located around your immediate area or even remotely outside it!


The ventilation system on a First Order Stormtrooper helmet is efficient and well designed.

The air flows through the head nicely, but it doesn’t seem like there would be much room for hot or cold weather clothing underneath since all excess heat escapes through slits near either side of the temple piece that are about 4 inches long (10 cm).


The interior of a First Order Stormtrooper’s helmet is designed to keep the wearer safe from injury during an attack.

The lining is made out of metal alloys which can withstand high temperatures, while also providing protection against blades and shrapnel due its solid construction; this makes them perfect for combat situations where there may be explosions involved!

Shadow Trooper Helmets

Shadow Trooper Helmets

With a distinctive angular design, the Shadow Trooper helmet is perfect for those who want to be instantly recognizable.

This black version of their iconic suit can withstand high levels of impact and provides excellent protection against projectiles as well.

Shield & Visor

With a visor like this one, you’ll be able to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. It also has an attached shadow trooper helmet that features mesh covering on all sides and adjustable strap clasps for convenience!


Ventilation is important to the comfort and safety of any wearer.

The ventilation system on a Shadow Trooper helmet allows for cool airflow in hot weather.

It also removing stale moisture/air molecules from within your headgear which can cause headaches or discomfort over time if not properly evaporated by this type of equipment.

What’s The Best Way To Enjoy Your Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet? 

There are two straps that hold this fascinating piece on tight-they’ve been designed with special purposes in mind; one for wearing over clothes (which is what we recommend).

It can be used as an everyday metal cap like me at home after work when my helmets aren’t required/available – but there’s also another style available if you want something more formal.


Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet provides ample coverage with its high-quality construction and snug fit which will keep any dirt or debris kicked up while riding at speed from getting inside.

With ideas from the Star Wars movies and what you now know about stormtrooper motorcycle helmets, you can now fulfill your fantasy of becoming a Stormtrooper Pro Motorcyclist.

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