Bagger Motorcycle - Top 8 Best Picks!

Bagger Motorcycle – Top 8 Best Picks!


February 21, 2022

What’s the best bagger motorcycle? What are some of the best all-around touring motorcycles, based on customer satisfaction?

The Cycle Trader has put together a list that combines owner feedback with exclusive data to come up with eight of the top baggers. The rankings are based on 2011 model-year bikes for which at least 50 Cycle Trader customers responded to our dealer survey.

We used this dealership network because it represents nearly every brand and carries more than one bike in each category. That allowed us to get an accurate picture of how buyers regard their machines, regardless of whether they were purchased new or used.

Let’s take a look at what we found!

Harley Davidson Road King Classic

Bagger Motorcycle - Top 8 Best Picks!

The Road King Classic is a popular choice among Harley buyers because of its reliable air-cooled V-twin powerplant and low seat height.

The Road King is one of the few motorcycles that you could go on a 500-mile day ride without feeling too sore or tired from an uncomfortable seat or rough ride.

Plus the overall style and look of the bike make it stand out from other bikes in its class. The Road king’s riding position is just about perfect for most riders, offering a relaxed yet upright seating position making it easy to get comfortable on long rides.

This motorcycle has become a favorite among bikers because of its simplicity but also its reliability at an affordable price for a cruiser-type motorcycle. Click here to find out more about the Harley-Davidson Road King

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic

Bagger Motorcycle - Top 8 Best Picks!

The Electra Glide is one of the most popular touring motorcycles available. And it’s easy to see why: well designed, reliable and practical at an affordable price.

The bike has the great power that you would expect from a Harley-Davidson. From the outside, its classic, clean design makes it stand out among other bikes in its class.

It’s got plenty of storage space for all your gear when you’re traveling across the country on longer rides (even if you don’t need it). Click here to read reviews or check out pricing

Honda Goldwing GL1800

Honda Goldwing GL1800

The Goldwing has been known as the ultimate tourer for over 30 years. This bike has a very low seat height making it easier to reach the ground even if you are vertically challenged!

The Goldwing is powerful, great-looking, and equipped with an audio system that is hard to beat. Some riders have found the bike to be too bulky, so take a test ride first before committing to buy one of these beasts just in case! Click here for reviews or pricing on this motorcycle.

Honda VTX 1300 S 

Bagger Motorcycle - Top 8 Best Picks!

The VTX 1300s is perfect for those who want the comfort of a cruiser but prefer something lighter and more agile.

This bike offers plenty of power without all the bulkiness found on other cruisers such as the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide which gives it an edge even compared to other Honda’s.

You don’t need to be 6ft tall to ride this bike either, with its low seat height it is easy for just about anyone to handle. Click here for reviews or pricing on this motorcycle

Indian Chief Vintage

Bagger Motorcycle - Top 8 Best Picks!

The Indian Chief has stood the test of time and this model offers everything that you would expect from a classic-looking cruiser. It features comfortable seating, powerful motors, and all the storage space needed for your next adventure.

There have been some complaints about reliability issues but as long as you keep up with regular maintenance then you shouldn’t have any problems! When you’re ready to take a test ride click here  for a dealer near you

Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic LT

Bagger Motorcycle - Top 8 Best Picks!

The Vulcan Classic is a great choice for anyone who’s looking to move up from the smaller 800 Vulcan.

The bike has plenty of power and an upright seating position that will keep your back pain-free on long rides even though you are sitting up straight (unlike the other bikes in its class).

If you’re looking for storage space, this is not the bike for you unless you bring along some saddlebags, but if you’re only planning on riding locally then it should be perfect! Click here for reviews or pricing

Suzuki Boulevard C50

Bagger Motorcycle - Top 8 Best Picks!

This motorcycle offers everything that riders have been asking for when shopping around. It’s got plenty of storage space with built-in saddlebags, comfortable seating, and all the power that you need to have fun on weekend cruising adventures.

This bike will appeal to both new and veteran riders with its affordable price tag. Click here for reviews or pricing on this motorcycle

Yamaha V-Star Silverado 650 YPVS

Bagger Motorcycle - Top 8 Best Picks!

The Silverado is a great choice for anyone looking for a great-looking, reliable comfortable cruiser that can keep up when the roads are twisty. It offers plenty of power without being too big or heavy making it easy to handle.

Perfect for almost anyone who’s interested in buying their first motorcycle!

Difference between a bagger in a touring bike?


  • Longer wheelbase for greater stability
  • More storage capacity with saddlebags
  • Better handling
  • Comfortable for rider & passenger
  • Factory warranties typically cover a lot longer on a touring bike vs a standard motorcycle


  • Expensive to insure
  • Requires more frequent service intervals
  • Expensive to purchase
  • Higher seat height & weight make it less nimble for beginners or riders with a shorter inseam
  • Less storage capacity for personal items and less maneuverability than a standard bike


This is not professional financial advice, all reviews are based on the personal experience of many people. We do not work in the motorcycle industry nor have any intention of doing so in the future so please don’t ask about laws regarding motorcycles or gear.

Everything said here is based on the reviews collected on third-party sources to ease people so that they can make their final decision about buying their favorite bike.

Please remember that we don’t take responsibility for baby brands’ credibility and all. So if you disagree about any opinion shared here, you can freely present that in the comment section.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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