Bell Bullitt vs. Biltwell Gringo S (Which Is Better?)

Bell Bullitt vs. Biltwell Gringo S (Which Is Better?)


June 5, 2021

Unable to decide between the Bell Bullitt vs Biltwell Gringo S?

I’m here to help you decide which is better and why, for your specific case.

Let’s go!

Bell Bullitt vs. Biltwell Gringo S

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Biltwell Gringo S Wins!

I think Biltwell Gringo S is the clear winner here! It costs almost half the price of the Bell Bullitt and weighs less, which means less burden on your shoulders, and on your pockets. 😉

Bell Bullitt

A total of six fitting sizes are available, ranging from extra small to 2XL, as well as three shell sizes. It may be worthwhile to try a size larger than you’re used to – it may be easier to fit a medium Bell Bullitt on a normal-sized head than a large.

The Bell Bullitt’s ventilation has received almost universal praise. A metal mesh intake system allowed air to pass over the top of the head smoothly, keeping you cool during the stifling heat of Summer 2014. 

With its wide aperture and excellent viewing range, the Bell Bullitt provides good viewing distance and low head-turning. Because it is so wide, it almost feels like a helmet that covers everything.

A coin is needed to remove the visor from the helmet, as it is not a quick release. I call that a real retro design, Bell!

As a full-face helmet, you would expect there to be some degree of chin protection, but for its visual effect and to maximize the helmet’s front opening, the Bullitt’s design has reduced the amount of chin protection to a minimum.

In addition to being comfortable and stylish, the suede lining also looks great and is considered a popular choice for most customers. The cheek pads of the Bullitt don’t seem to encroach upon the helmet’s interior space. It is lightweight and comfortable, and Bell EPS foam appears to deliver what it promises.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this helmet is the big circle on the side, on the cream and red model.

Biltwell Gringo S

By adding ECE certification, the Gringo S continues the tradition of protection and style your mom, dad and grandparents would wear. 

A molded ABS shell underpins the Gringo S ECE Helmet. It features a shock-absorbing EPS inner liner, hand-stitched interior padding, and a BioFoam chin bar cushion for added comfort. 

The Gringo S is enhanced with a hinged eye port shield that adds some 70’s F1 vibes for bike riders who prefer not to pigeonhole themselves with the many modern features typically found on full-face helmets. 

Shield Gringo S features simple hinge mechanics, awesome optics, and can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement by users. 

This pair of sunglasses features an easy-to-open snap and tab on the left side of the visor to provide wearers with good protection from road debris and wind irritation quickly and securely. 

Your favorite communication device fits into speaker pockets, allowing you to stay in touch with your friends.


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