Bell Rogue Vs Shark Raw

Bell Rogue Vs Shark Raw


March 16, 2022

Getting the perfect helmet is a question that most riders ponder on often. Riders want comfort, durability, and of course, safety!

Many riders also want to make a statement with their helmets. That’s where the two brands we are reviewing come in.

The more protection a helmet offers, the less the comfort.

That is the standard.

But over time, that has changed. Helmet manufacturers like Bell and Shark have fused comfort and safety into great-looking, fashionable helmets. So we have the comfort of the half-face helmet welded into the safety of the full-face.

Bell and Shark are two great manufacturers of helmets and other sports equipment. Bell Sports is an American company that makes motorcycle helmets and bicycles, while Shark is a French company that strictly produces motorcycle helmets of different types and sizes.

Both companies are good at what they do, and two of their products, the Rogue from Bell and Raw from Shark, are our focus. So, get ready for a matchup between two rugged and classy helmets: Bell Rogue Vs. Shark Raw.

These helmets are a hybrid of a half-face, full-face and modular helmet, although they are technically open face helmets. They are both classy, comfortable, and bold in appearance.

Made from solid and durable materials, the Bell Rogue and Shark Raw are two helmets that fit only those that want to go the extra mile and dare limits.

But which of the two is better? Well, that depends on several factors. Before concluding, we’ll consider their safety record, aesthetics, comfort, and durability.

We will start with an in-depth overview of the two helmets. And we begin with the Bell Rogue.

Bell Rogue

Bell Rogue


The Bell Rogue decided to stand alone. That’s because it doesn’t look like any other helmet in design and functionality.

When the Bell Rogue was developed, it was meant to meet the needs of cruiser riders who needed their helmets to always stand out with sensational and wild designs. Of course, it is half-face. Because of this, it has little need for air vents.

The Bell Rogue is an open-face helmet with a muzzle. Some users would disagree and have termed the Rogue a ¾ helmet. But for this review, we term the Rogue an open-face helmet. That’s why you need to wear your goggles while using them.

And, without the muzzle, this helmet is designed to keep you comfortable, especially when you’re cruising. When the muzzle is on, you can also increase the ventilation by simply removing the breath box, a lining that regulates airflow, although there are some air vents in it to increase breathability when you have it on.

Although the muzzle provides extra comfort and added protection in mild incidences, it is not guaranteed to protect your mouth in cases of impact. Technically, the muzzle is not known to contribute to its safety record. However, a great innovation makes the Bell Rogue favored by many users.

The Rogue is made from an excellent but lightweight fiberglass composite shell. This is where the safety of the helmet derives its quality from. The muzzle, which protects the chin, also has an antimicrobial liner.

The muzzle’s liner is soft, keeping the nose and the mouth comfortable. The helmet’s interior is also padded with a removable and washable lining. And just like with the muzzle, it is also antimicrobial and even antibacterial.

Deliberately designed to give the Rogue a fierce look, the muzzle comes in different shapes and is intentionally designed to be intimidating. The muzzles are also adjustable to allow for even greater comfort. A FidLock magnetic connection is added to make it easy to take out or remove the muzzle.

There’s a reason why it is named the Rogue. It is not for the faint-hearted. And we recommend it to you!


  • For a half-face helmet, the rogue offers a lot of protection
  • It has a unique style that stands out from the rest
  • It has D-rings for extra protection
  • It has earpads to allow for speakers
  • Highly innovative muzzles


  • It doesn’t offer full-face protection.
  • Riders may experience some debris settling in the eyes
  • Seems quite large
  • Designed to sit rather too tightly on the head
  • The muzzle offers no protection

Shark Raw

Bell Rogue Vs Shark Raw


The first thing you’ll notice about the Shark Raw is its unique and radical design. Made to look like nothing you’ve ever seen, it offers comfort, quality and great beauty.

And oh, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for paramilitary gear. Guaranteed, this helmet would draw attention to you. So, if you detest being stared at, you may want to look away. But we suggest you read on. Not just for your information, but because you’ll love it!

While for this review, we’ll stick with the name Shark Raw, as that’s what its name has always been, it is worth pointing out that it has been rebranded as the Shark Street Drak Helmet, which better represents what it stands for. Unlike the Rogue, the Shark Raw helmet is a modular open-face helmet.

Because of this, the rider has a relatively generous supply of air from the face. However, there are arrangements for vents just at the top of the helmet because of its modular nature. If you feel you’re getting too much air from the vents, you can quickly close them.

You will also get enough air from the face masks, so the Shark Raw is ideal for those always concerned about air supply while riding.

It is meant for all kinds of adventures and is beautiful. The Shark Raw had a visor in the previous design, but the Street Drak instead has an integrated elastic goggle that offers full vision and a wide range of views. This innovation means the Shark Raw takes vision while riding seriously, a significant plus for the helmet.

Made from thermoplastic polycarbonate/Fiberglass resin to give a strong shell, the Shark Raw is incredibly lightweight, a plus for those who love to ride for long. The helmet has requisite safety certifications in America to be used conveniently. While the outer shell offers protection to the skull, the face is primarily left unprotected in a crash as the facemask is not designed as a shield.

The Raw also has a very comfortable interior that offers excellent ventilation. The interior of the Shark Raw helmet is also removable and washable with antibacterial properties, just like the Bell Rogue. It also comes with Velcro pads for speakers if you want one.

Its micrometric strap, for added safety, has a D-ring chin strap enclosed so that you are guaranteed the helmet won’t fall off, no matter the speed. Also, despite being an open-face helmet, it is pretty quiet, even proving to be more noiseless than some full-face helmets.

One significant advantage of this helmet is that it fits most head shapes because of its oval shape.


  • Lightweight and strong
  • Comfortable
  • It comes with goggles that are resistant to scratches
  • D-ring chin strap available
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty


  • The in-built goggles are tinted and can’t be used at night
  • Difficult to find goggles that can fit with the helmet
  • No protection for the face
  • It could get quite noisy

Now that we have looked at a general overview of the two helmets let’s look at how they fare in safety, comfort, aesthetics, and durability. We’ll grade them both on a scale of 1-10


**When it comes to safety, it is noteworthy to point out that only full-face helmets offer general safety. Moreover, there are no strict safety tests for helmets beyond what the DOT does in many parts of the United States. Both of our reviewed helmets passed the DOT safety tests.

Bell Rogue

The Bell Rogue has passed most safety tests

The manufacturer of the Rogue is well-known for safety. The Bell Rogue has passed most safety tests required for helmets in the United States (it is DOT approved). Despite being a half-face/ open-face helmet, it is designed to offer as much safety as possible.

You are guaranteed smooth rides even at high speeds. It has room for protective eyewear and chinstrap double-D rings which hold the helmet in place at high speed. The Rogue also has neck cushioning to give added protection to the neck when riding for an extended period.

On safety, the Bell Rogue scores a 7.5

Shark Raw

Bell Rogue Vs Shark Raw

Shark Raw also guarantees safety to the rider, and is made of durable yet lightweight materials. As we noted earlier, Shark Raw is certified by the DOT and has a solid yet light thermoplastic shell.

Just like all open-face helmets, it doesn’t guarantee protection for all parts of the head in the event of a crash, but if all safety measures are put into place, you can safely ride with it.

Shark Raw scores a seven on safety.


Bell Rogue

Bell Rogue Vs Shark Raw

The Bell Rogue comes with a muzzle that can be removed. If you want the open-face option, you can detach it. The Bell Rogue looks more like a traditional open-face helmet, but the interior is designed with several options to guarantee comfort. With a polystyrene interior, you can ride for as long as necessary without any pain.

Bell Rogue scores 7 for comfortability.

Shark Raw

A lot of effort has gone into making the Shark Raw very comfortable for the user. From the oval shape, which perfectly fits almost every head shape, to the inner lining, which is antimicrobial and removable for washing, and a ventilation system that guarantees the freshness, this helmet is made to offer comfort for the users.

We score this helmet a 7 for the comfort it offers.


Bell Rogue

Bell Rogue does not come in great color despite all the effort put into making it look great. There are only two real choices: grey and black. The helmet even looks quite traditional, primarily when used without the muzzle. However, that is not to say that it is not a beauty. It is but doesn’t look like one that is out to impress.

For aesthetics, we score the Bell Rogue 7

Shark Raw

When it comes to aesthetics give it to the Shark Raw

When it comes to aesthetics, give it to the Shark Raw. This helmet is available in different inspiring colors and comes in several graphics, including those themed along military lines. If you love the simpler designs, you also have the options available.

The build is designed to draw the rider’s attention, which is precisely what happens many times. Because of the classy and radical look, many have termed the Shark Raw just for show and displays. But the helmet’s durability and comfort suggest the beauty is just a different quality to its excellent performance.

It scores a healthy 8 for aesthetics.


Bell Rogue

The Bell Rogue is made from solid and durable materials and comes with a five-year warranty. Users may complain that the muzzle gets easily wet in the rain reducing its comfortability, yet the Bell Rogue, if well maintained, can last for many years.

This helmet scores 7.5 for durability.

Shark Raw

Coming also with a five-year warranty, the Shark Raw is confident that the materials used to make this helmet guarantee it to last. Made from thermoplastic polycarbonate/Fiberglass, this helmet survives all kinds of weather and is guaranteed to keep you safe for a long time.

For durability, we score the Shark Raw 7

Final verdict

So, what’s our final verdict?

From the opinion of many users, it seems the Shark Raw put too much effort into looking great. It sure is a great helmet and does well in safety and durability, but the Bell Rogue seems to have a better deal for those who wish to ride for a long time, which many riders love.

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