Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet - Top 3 Best Picks!

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet – Top 3 Best Picks!

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The first thing to consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet is safety. Whether you choose an open face, 3/4, or full-face helmet for your dog, the best way to keep your pup safe and sound are by making sure it meets DOT standards. No matter what kind of dog helmet you’re buying, make sure it’s DOT-certified!

A few things to look out for in canine helmets are reflective strips (for night riding) and breathable vents (to avoid foggy vision). A leash hole at the bottom is also useful if you want to tie on your pooch while riding. Be careful not to purchase any helmets that claim to be “Bark Proof.” According to many fellow dog owners who’ve tried them, these helmets are anything but.

Most companies claim their helmets have been tested for shock absorbency and when dropped from four feet, they offer the same level of protection as a traditional helmet. Unfortunately, most dogs will chew through it or suffocate if their snouts become lodged in the front of the helmet.

Best Overall: POPETPOP Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Short summary

This Amazon Dog Motorcycle Helmet is a great starter option for any dog owner looking to take their pet on a motorcycle ride.

The helmet is designed with safety in mind, ensuring that your furry friend will stay safe on the road. The helmet includes a removable neoprene lining, which works to prevent head injuries in the event of an accident.

If your dog tends to run around the house, you’ll appreciate that this helmet has 4 adjustable straps. Creating a tight fit can prevent the helmet from accidentally slipping off.

A great thing about this design is that the liner can be removed and washed! Even if your dog enjoys a good roll in the mud, you can simply remove and wash their liner without worrying about damaging your helmet.

The exterior of the helmet is made with high-strength ABS material, ensuring that it won’t crack or break if your dog decides to chew on it. The helmet should fit dogs with a neck measurement of 12 to 14 inches.

Dogs weighing up to 55 pounds can wear this helmet, but it might be a bit large for smaller dogs. If you’re looking for a more snug fit, we recommend the next product on our list!


  • Removable liner
  • 4 adjustable straps


  • Too large for smaller dogs

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet


POPETPOP Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Runner Up: PETLIFE Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Short summary

PETLIFE Dog Motorcycle Helmet is a great option for dog owners who want to make a statement with their motorcycle helmets.

This original design features a lightning bolt pattern that’s accented by the word “Pawsome” written in large letters. There are also small paw prints on the sides, which create an adorable look that your dog is sure to love.

This helmet has a great fit that should be comfortable for most dogs. The adjustable straps allow the helmet to fit a variety of dog head shapes and sizes, so you won’t have to worry about your dog feeling uncomfortable.

The most important thing to consider with this helmet is sizing–make sure you measure your dog’s neck and head before ordering!

If you’re looking for a great way to add some flair to your motorcycle, we recommend the next helmet on our list! PETLIFE has some great designs that will keep you and your dog looking stylish while you’re on the road together.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable fit
  • Stylish design


  • May not fit smaller on dogs

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet


POPETPOP Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Alternative: ILLUME Pet & People Safety Helmet

Short summary

If you’d like to keep your dog safe on the road, consider ordering the ILLUME Pet & People Safety Helmet. This safety helmet has a comfortable design that should work well for most dogs.

It features padded straps and a breathable mesh liner that will keep your pup running around in comfort. The helmet is also designed to fit humans with a small head circumference, which means you’ll be able to wear it too!

If you’re looking for a more comfortable helmet, we recommend considering the next product on our list. The ILLUME helmet is designed with humans in mind–so your dog will be the one feeling uncomfortable.

The 4 adjustable straps are also great if you have a smaller pup. Just remember that the straps are nylon, so your dog may chew on them!


  • Good fit
  • Breathable


  • Might be uncomfortable

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet


POPETPOP Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet FAQ

What is a Doggy Helmet And Why Should I Get One?

Have you ever wondered why doggy helmets exist? Or how they work for that matter?

Here’s the thing, just like humans, dogs can suffer from serious head injuries too. Even if they’re not related to riding motorcycles, but other activities such as jumping off furniture or just being really rambunctious, a doggy helmet can protect them from sustaining serious brain injuries.

What To Look For In Dog Motorcycle Helmets?

What To Look For In Dog Motorcycle Helmets?

There are a few things you should consider when looking for a motorcycle helmet for your dog. We’re going to go over these in-depth so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for both of you!

DOT/SEI Certification

These two certifications are the bare minimum requirements if you want something that will provide decent protection. Most won’t be able to absorb much impact because their surface area is too small and they don’t have a jaw or cheek lining which can increase shock absorption by 45%. This isn’t always the case though because there has been some success with smaller breeds.


One of the biggest reasons why dogs tend to overheat and risk heat exhaustion when riding in cars is because they’re constantly panting. Even with the windows down, it doesn’t help much so you can probably imagine what it’s like when they’re wearing a doggy motorcycle helmet!

The way ventilation features work on canine helmets is similar to regular ones. You’ll find things such as vents or air channels that promote airflow for easy breathing and cooling off.

Waterproof Covers

If you live in an area where your pooch will be constantly exposed to rain, snow, or other wet elements, we recommend looking into getting a waterproof cover! They come in handy and can protect your dog’s head from getting soaked and increasing his chances of succumbing to an illness.


As we mentioned before, a loose helmet can be very dangerous because it can fall off or shift position and cause major issues. Always make sure the straps are tight enough so you have a good grip on your pup but not so much that he feels uncomfortable! We recommend going for adjustable ones. This way you’ll always have a snug fit no matter how much your dog grows/shrinks over time!


Research is key no matter what you’re getting for your dog whether it’s online or in-person! You want to know as much as possible about the product and especially if it has negative reviews (keeping in mind that sometimes things such as sizing can happen). Paintwork is also a factor you should consider as it tends to be subject to fading over time.


Now that you know all there is to know about picking out the perfect helmet for your pet, we’ll go over the price range! Generally speaking, higher-priced items have better quality so if you can afford to go up a bit more in the budget, we suggest doing so.

It’s a much better investment than having to constantly replace a cheaper one because it broke or didn’t fit properly etc. Also keep in mind that if your dog doesn’t like wearing his helmet after a while, he might not want to wear it at all and won’t get the full protection benefits from it. The last thing you want is him getting injured while riding with you!

Where To Find Them?

As far as online goes, there are tons of sites where you can find all sorts of helmets for your pet. If you’re not comfortable with that (or lack the time), we recommend stopping by a local store or searching for sellers on Facebook groups. Some people might even let you try them out before making a purchase!

These 7 factors will help you when considering what product to go with so take your time and select wisely! A quick tip when buying things, in general, is to always read reviews that can be found on the actual product page or elsewhere on the net. If they have both pros and cons, it’s likely because it’s not perfect but still gets done.

  • If possible, try asking people that have bought it before for their opinions or even better, ask to try out the item!
  • If you’re not familiar with the language used by manufacturers, this can prove helpful.
  • If something is too expensive at first glance but has amazing reviews, it’s most likely because of high product quality so keep this in mind when getting ready to buy!


We hope you enjoyed our article on motorcycle helmets for dogs and learned a thing or two about them. If you have any more questions/suggestions feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy riding everyone 🙂


POPETPOP Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Removable liner

4 adjustable straps

ABS material


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