Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves - Complete Buyer's Guide

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves – Complete Buyer’s Guide

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If you’re like us, there’s nothing better than getting out on that open road while it’s cold outside. There’s no doubt about it though, while riding in the winter is exhilarating, it poses some unique challenges to bikers not faced during other times of the year.

Extreme temperature changes combined with the elements can take their toll on your hands during long rides. The worst thing you can do if your hands get too cold is simply to ignore them and tough it out. Doing so could lead to serious conditions such as hypothermia! That being said, oftentimes gloves just aren’t enough to fully protect your hands from extreme temperatures while riding, which brings us back around to heated gloves.

Heated gloves are a great way to stay warm, regardless of how cold it is outside. Even if you have the warmest gloves in the world they won’t keep your hands completely insulated from harsh temperatures. Many heated glove manufacturers tout their products as being able to keep your hands up to 30 degrees warmer than usual, which is definitely something that can be appealing for many riders regardless of weather conditions!

The best thing about Heated Clothing Australia is that by insulating your hands you’ll also be insulating them from road shock too, making riding over rougher surfaces much easier on your joints and back overall. We’ve put together this handy guide with some research done on our part regarding the best motorcycle heated gloves currently available on the market for every budget.

Best Overall: Gerbing 12V X-WARM Combo

Short summary

Gerbing is known for making high-quality heated clothing, so it’s no surprise they made the top of our list for best motorcycle heated gloves. This particular set combines some of Gerbing’s most popular items into an all-in-one package.

First off, each glove contains four heating elements that have been strategically placed on the back of your hand and along the inside of your fingers to ensure maximum warmth.

That being said, you can also purchase these gloves without any heat if that’s what you desire. Second, up is their patented Thermal Shock Grip Technology which uses materials embedded with microparticles that create a strong grip combined with extreme softness and flexibility.

Other features include a waterproof shell which is 100 percent windproof as well as breathable, stretch panels for increased comfort, 3M Thinsulate lining, removable snap-on cuffs with reflective accents, Kevlar stitching plus a full one year warranty from Gerbing.

These gloves are available in sizes small through extra large and come in three different colors: black/grey combo with red interior, grey/orange combo with red interior, or all black.

As far as pricing goes these gloves won’t break the bank either at under one hundred dollars. If you’re looking for premium quality heated gloves that don’t break the bank then this package from Gerbing is definitely what you want to be looking at.

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves


Gerbing 12V X-WARM Combo

Runner Up: Heated Clothing M12 Gloves

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Milwaukee heated clothing is another great brand that specializes in turning your current favorite pair of gloves into heated motorcycle gloves. 

Their glove liners are made to fit snugly under any type of mitten or glove so they can be worn underneath even the heaviest duty winter weather gear.

To use these liners all you have to do is activate them using their wireless remote (included with purchase), which works on a 20-foot range, and then attach it anywhere on your person via their elasticized band.

The best part about these liners though is that not only will they keep your hands warm while riding but you can also use them while snowboarding, hiking, hunting, or any other cold-weather activities.

The lithium-ion battery pack included with the purchase of these liners is rechargeable and will give you up to ten hours of warmth per charge. They’re available in sizes small through extra large and come in three different colors: black/grey combo, all black, or pink/grey combo.

As far as pricing goes they’re not much more expensive than Gerbing’s heated gloves making them great options if you are on a budget but still want well-made products that will last.

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves


Gerbing 12V X-WARM Combo

Alternative: BlueFire Sleeve Heated Glove Liner

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Another fantastic brand when it comes to manufacturing high-quality heated clothing is BlueFire.

Each of their products is produced in a way that makes them extremely easy to wear and still able to be used for their intended purpose no matter if you’re riding your bike, snowboarding or simply going for a walk on a cold day.

Their 12V L 2 Sleeve Heated Glove Liner Combo Set is no different, providing you with everything you need to stay warm while sporting gloves thanks to not only providing you with liners but also an attachable external glove too.

The liners included in this package are made from 100 percent polyacrylic while the outer shell is composed of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. Both liners and the outer shell come equipped with four pockets where you can insert heating pads in order to provide yourself with hours of warmth.

The gloves themselves come in sizes small through 3XL and are available in seven different colors: black/red combo, all black, grey/blue combo, pink/grey combo, red/black combo, camo green, and yellow/gray combo.

As far as pricing goes these gloves won’t break the bank either since they’re currently under forty dollars and come backed by a full one-year warranty from BlueFire.

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves


Gerbing 12V X-WARM Combo

Best Motorcycle Heated Gloves FAQ

How to choose heated motorcycle gloves?


The first step is to consider the type of gloves you’ll be using them with. If they’re your main pair of gloves then all you have to do is make sure they fit snugly under the ones you intend on wearing. However, if they’re going to serve as a liner then it’s best to go for liners that are slightly larger than your gloves.


Next, you’ll want to consider the temperature you’ll need them at since the temperature they produce will vary widely depending on which ones you choose. Most heated gloves can be adjusted anywhere from ninety degrees Fahrenheit up to one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

So if you’re only going to need them in moderately cold weather all it takes is purchasing a less powerful pair if you feel like they’re overkill. On the other hand, if you want more power then look for ones that have more heating elements on them which are usually located in between your fingers or at the back of your hands where they can be more easily transferred to your wrists.


The last thing to consider is how often you’ll be using them and how often you expect to charge the battery. If you are only going to use them on occasion then one charging session a day will more than suffice but if they’re going to be used for all-day use or even several days in a row make sure that either the batteries are removable or that you purchase an extra set so you can have one charging while the other is in use.

Remember to always plug in your batteries when they’re not being used no matter what type of heated gear they are since that will help to keep them from draining all their power. While riding try to limit how often you turn them on since that will reduce the likelihood of battery failure and make sure they’re turned off when you get to your destination since running them while not in use will also reduce their lifespan.

As far as prices go it’s best to expect to pay at least under one hundred dollars for a decent set that won’t break after several uses, charging sessions, or even after being dropped on the ground. If you’re willing to spend a bit more than that then you will be rewarded with higher quality and thus longer-lasting equipment.


Gerbing 12V X-WARM Combo


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