Top 3 Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets Buyers Guide

Top 3 Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets – Buyer’s Guide

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Kids motorcycle helmets; when it comes to the safety of your children, there is nothing more important than their own heads.

To help keep them safe while riding their bikes or motorcycles we recommend that you invest in one (or two!)of these great motorbike helmets!

We’ve put together an easy guide on how to determine which would be best suited for your little ones based on our research and experience with various types from top brands.

Best Overall: WOW Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Short summary

With ABS Shell and Multi-Density EPS Materials, this helmet provides full protection for your kids from the impact and meets & exceeds DOT standards.

The helmet has an advanced aerodynamic design which makes it lightweight and stylish. The unique feature of this product is its plastic shells made from thermoplastic alloy, making them both durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The best thing about this is that it not only ensures increased stability but also works on reducing the force caused by wind resistance. In case of impact, your kid gets full protection.

The inside of this helmet is cushioned and it feels very comfortable to wear. The protection that you get from such an awesome product cannot be beaten.

This motorcycle helmet has a great ventilation system. There are three holes on the front, two at the top and back of the head which provide ample airflow for your skin to stay cool during summer or warm on winter days without getting sweaty inside.


  • Advanced Aerodynamic and Stylish Designs
  • Heavily cushioned and comfortable interior
  • Seven Ventilation Opening System
  • Removable and Washable Liner and Pads
  • Quick Release Buckle

Best Kids Motorcycle Helmet


WOW Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Runner Up: TCMT Dot Kids Motorcycle Helmet

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The best thing about this product? It can be packed up easily after use which makes transportation simple when you’re ready for another adventure on two wheels.

The TCMT is a lightweight, yet protective helmet that will keep your little one safe while they enjoy their first taste of motorcycle riding. The design features an adjustable strap and comes in sizes small to extra large so it’s sure to fit any head.

The helmet is designed with a kid-friendly, durable, and UV protective finish. It has adjustable straps that are easy for children to wear as well as many vents which ensure their head stays cool in hot weather or during exercise sessions like hiking etc., the modular flip-up design protects eyes from debris on roadways while riding an off-road vehicle (ORV).

The helmet isn’t just padded, it’s cushioned! The inside of this bad boy is so soft and comfy; you’ll never want to take it off again.


  • Light weight extremely durable composite shell
  • Heavily cushioned and very comfortable interior
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Well vented all purpose product for summer or winter riding
  • Well vented all purpose product for off-road riding
  • DOT Safety Standard

Best Kids Motorcycle Helmet


WOW Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Alternative: Youth Kids Offroad Gear Combo Helmet

Short summary

You just can’t miss with this combo; helmet, gloves, and glasses. 

When it comes to protecting your child, there is no safer option than an offroad gear combo helmet. For some of the best protection against falls and traumatic injuries around town.

The helmet is one of the lightest around, weighing less than 3 pounds. It’s also highly comfortable and ensures your kid has their best chance at safety with you on bike rides or even just cruising through town.

You can easily wash the inside padding of your helmet with ease. The gloves come free and will match up to their size, but if you want another pair then just let us know.


  • Resistance to impact
  • Well vented all purpose product for summer or winter riding
  • Well vented all purpose product for off-road riding
  • DOT Standard
  • Lightweight extremely durable composite shell

Best Kids Motorcycle Helmet


WOW Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Factors To Consider When Getting Kids Motorcycle Helmets

There are a number of factors that you will need to take into consideration when getting your child’s motorbike helmet.

The first is their size, construction, safety certifications, weight, and age because these can all have an effect on which type would be most suitable for them as well what speed they’re able or willing to ride at without feeling overwhelmed by the lack of control over its directionality while operating various types of vehicles such as bicycles included.


The first thing you need to do when shopping for kids’ helmets makes sure they fit. If the helmet doesn’t provide a good, secure fit then it won’t serve its purpose and there will be problems with wearing it- so measure your child’s head before buying! You can also search within ranges of sizes or compare what works well with different children depending on how many riders are in this family.

The size of kids’ helmets varies depending on their age: newborns wear small ones that fit right over their heads (and won’t fall off), infants can use medium or large circumference shells while toddlers might need slightly larger models up until about 4 years old when they should be able to fit shape bridges comfortably with room left over if desired.

Safety Certifications

With the invention of motorcycle helmets for children, parents can rest assured that their little ones will be safe while they ride.

The certification process ensures only high-quality products meet safety standards and are approved by authorities in different countries around the world as well as at least four sizes available to fit any head shape or size.


The visor on a kid’s motorcycle helmet is there to protect them from the sun, but sometimes it can be hard for little riders with their heads shaved.

The great thing about these helmets though is that they come equipped not only in black or blue color options (which will do just fine), this type also includes vibrant shades like pink so you’ll always find one perfect match no matter what gender your child may belong to.

Adjustability Of Helmet

The adjustability of kids’ motorcycle helmets is always an important factor to consider. It’s easy enough for your child or even yourself to change out the size if needed, but what about someone else? What will they do when it comes time for them to try on their very own lid.

Thankfully there are some great options available so no one gets left without protection just because that sure doesn’t sound like fun does it.

The Number Of Vents

The number of vents on a kid’s motorcycle helmet is one thing to consider when buying. The more airflow, the better. The number of vents on a kid’s motorcycle helmet can be limiting.  It may protect them from falls and other traumatic injuries, but it makes for hot days with little airflow.


Teach your child how to ride a bike and you will create an achievement for them that cannot be compared with anything else in life. As they learn, so do safety rules which makes this experience more enjoyable because it is something worth living by.

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