Motorcycle Boots for Walking

11 Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking (Top Picks)


June 5, 2021

It’s funny how, for a while, I didn’t know we could use motorcycle boots for walking, too! 😅

Anyway, I’ll share today eleven best motorcycle boots that are so comfortable that you can even walk in them.

Wanna take a look? 😉

The Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking

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Editor’s Pick

Icon Super Duty 5, I believe, looks and feels the most appropriate for walking. If you like some other boots, feel free to check those out, instead.

1. Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot

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With its eleven inches height and style, the Durango harness boots for men are made from the highest quality leather and come with Pool Handles. They are designed to be stylish and extremely comfortable.

In addition to being stylish, these boots are also a great example of what boots should look like. The boots offer adequate ankle support while protecting the leg from debris and mud.

You can choose from five exotic colors, so it will match any biker’s wardrobe and, although there is no removable insole, it remains the ultimate in comfort for legs.

These boots are unique because they are made from premium materials with years of experience from the Durango brand and are available for you to lace up and wear.

2. Icon Super Duty 5 Motorcycle Boots

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I would probably pick this over any other commuter shoe since it is my favorite. My daily commute to work begins with something I can use to ride into the office every day.

There is steel shank and armor plating on both the front and back of the ankle region of this pretty legitimate motorcycle boot.

Despite having a great toe box and heel counter, but at the same time being a functional working shoe, this shoe is incredibly comfortable. My experience with these motorcycle boots has been GREAT and they offer the most comfort.

Underneath the footpeg interface, the tread pattern is soft. However, it is grippable and the style is excellent throughout. There’s a good chance Icon is ripping off Timberland.

A pair of these looks phenomenal under a pair of jeans, especially in brown or weak colorways. It was to see if it has any magic that I ordered the black one. It’s not that big of a deal. If I were to order it again, I would probably order another colorway.

This 11 and a half fits me perfectly, but I usually wear an eleven and a half in almost everything. As you learned in grade school, you tie up the laces of the boot and snap the positive lock buckle over the top. There’s no doubt that this buckle will serve you well for many years to come.

Since it is metal, a user logged more than 15,000 riding kilometers and a lot of hiking kilometers last season, and he doesn’t think it will fail anytime soon. As soon as they’re broken in, these boots are comfortable, and they’re of great quality.

3. Bates Men’s 8” Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe

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Essentially, this boot falls under the heading of “worker style”. Featuring a combination of ballistic nylon and full-grain leather as well as high-quality ballistic nylon, the Bates tactical sport industrial zip shoe from Bates is fully protecting the leg. This boot is the kind of boot that can be worn by any person, regardless of who they work for, whether a civil servant is a postal worker, a policeman, or even a military soldier.

In addition to the extraordinary comfort, this boot also provides a padded collar and tongue as well as a mesh lining to ensure moisture is eliminated from the boot. Whether you are driving or walking, you will always feel comfortable when wearing this boot.

There is one more thing about this moto boot that makes it amazing. It has half gussets on its outer sole to ensure the leg is protected from debris. It is also quite appealing to look at.

4. TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots

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It has ankle and toe armoring, as it is CE rated.

Unlike the iconic Super Duty, this is a full leather bag, although it comes up a little bit higher around the calf, so it gives you the extra slide protection that comes with it.

Inside the boot, the TCX has a fully waterproof lining that makes it one of the much lighter TCXs than its Super Duty counterpart. This sandal weighs only 840 grams, which makes it very nimble.

This shoe looks and feels better than Icon Super Duty right out of the box. It’s easier to walk in and it’s not as clunky.

Classic vintage styling is more the preference here, and I adore how this shifter panel is so subtle that it doesn’t draw attention.

The only thing that they would put at risk is my pride because I’m not in love with the laces. It is quite likely that I won’t notice the laces catching on the bike until I reach the next stoplight when I will then attempt to put my foot down and then topple over. This will probably be one of the most public and embarrassing motorcycle accidents ever.

One of the things that appeal to me about this shoe is how comfortable it is. From the moment you open the package, the leather is amazingly supple, and the ankle is incredibly soft. I am scared by how my foot moves in the heel and toe cups.

New boots are stiffer to me. When all of that breaks, I shall have a shoe that is comfortable and safe, because I know that thick leather, thick sole, and stiff armor will do the trick.

TCX has to sacrifice too much in terms of safety, and I am skeptical that it has done so by sacrificing this much comfort to achieve this.

This is a nice blend between style and protection that I like. It’s not exactly what I’d like.

It provides less protection than I prefer, but if you care less about protection, this is a great choice.

What if I don’t care much about appearances and simply want the most comfortable commuter boots?

My street riding maybe just for fun. A tourER commutes 200 KM a day, that’s for sure. I would like the Alpinestars Newland GTX in that case.

5. Bruno Marc Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

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Those who are driving on a bike or walking can wear them comfortably because they boast a unique style, and the military-style is quite fashionable because of the quality of the faux leather used in their construction. Wear it to work, to the mall, or even to the club. These ankle-length boots also offer the protection of the legs and are not difficult to wear due to their length.

There are many good reasons why this boot has been popular on the web. Some of these include its zip fastening design by the side, its non-skid sole, and its cushioned sole. All of these features also contribute to the reason why there is no stress when wearing the boot. They also come in brown, black, and grey colors, so any biker would find them appealing.

6. Forma Adventure Low Boots

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A show-stealer, the Forma Adventure Low boots are sure to stop traffic. Black or brown colors are available for purchase. These boots are made of oil-treated leather. Since they have this kind of construction, dirt doesn’t easily get on them. 

A quick-release buckle and velcro closure are present for securing these boots. There is a gusset to be found inside the boot flap. Their waterproof ability is due to this. This means that you’ll walk freely in these boots even when it’s pouring. The sole is sufficiently grippy to walk on rough ground. Moreover, since they have added stability on rough terrain, you can use these as hiking shoes as well.

They stay in the mud well, so they are the best motorcycle boots to use when walking. Additionally, the boots have soft, comfortable padding inside. A shockproof PP Mid Dual Flex is located in the center of the sole. From the outside, these boots look very strong. A motorbike’s gearbox can also be changed with no problems. 

Due to their strength, they are more durable when traveling off-road. A quad double density compound is used in the soles of the boots. You can get Drytex tubular lining for slightly over $200. Waterproof and breathable, this liner is a great option.

7. Skechers Men’s Pilot Utility Boot

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In this case, also, the boot has an ankle length that makes them easily accessible to anyone. This particular boot is designed by Skechers, a brand well known for its high-quality shoes. Premium leather upper and reinforced seams make these boots quite durable.

A thick outsole and high traction, a cushioned insole, and a well-padded collar all contribute to the boot’s firm grip.

It is imperative for all to know that these boots lack lower leg protection and toe protection, nonetheless their features are what make them durable and suitable for everyday activities. You can’t go wrong with them.

8. Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Boots

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Perforations adorn these lightweight boots. The abrasion-resistant material used in these boots makes them ideal for motorcycle use. In a well-thought-out manner, the microfiber is incorporated with TPU protectors on the exterior of the boots. Special rubber compound soles are on the bottoms of the boots. Comfort and a brilliant grip are the two goals of this sole.  

The accordion flex of the boots gives you the support and control you need regardless of the type of riding. This shoe provides your feet with a lot of ventilation thanks to its name. On the sides, middle, and upper ends of the toe panels, holes are made for that purpose. The TPR puller is also available along with the front velcro strap.

The heels are designed with counter support to ensure your feet are balanced. Strap closures work with this mechanism. In combination, they provide excellent comfort and support. A plush TPR insert is found in the heel counter. 

Having a flex zone that gives you complete freedom of movement is extremely advantageous. For simplicity, the medial side has a zip, which is protected by a flap. This makes them one of the Best Motorcycle Boots  For Walking.

9. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach Boots

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You should carefully examine the men’s breach boot by Smith & Wesson if you are looking for a combat boot with a military-style. The backpack combines nylon material with hard-wearing leather, and it is long enough to keep your legs both well-dried as well as protected all the time. Additionally, it is equipped with a gusseted tongue, which prevents dirt from getting in.

Among the features of this boot is that it has a board construction, which provides support and torsional rigidity, and a steel shank, which provides the boot with superior strength. The footwear has an EVA midsole, which provides comfort for the legs. In addition, the YKK zippers allow for easy movement into and out of the shoe.

I promise you that these boots are tactical, strong, and eliminate fatigue, but they are not the type of boots produced for fashion.

10. Stylmartin Rocket Boots

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As a result of the hard armor used to protect your feet, motorcycle boots can feel hard on your feet at times. Wearing these boots anywhere and at any time is comfortable. When you take the leather out of the box, it is supple and pliable. It does not need to be worn for a specific amount of time to become soft.

With these boots, you will enjoy the comfort from the very first ride to the very last. The upper strap and laces allow you to tweak the fit. Moreover, there is a zipper on the side where you can easily remove the pants.

Your ankle is protected from any kind of harm by PU protection on both sides. High-quality motorcycle boots that are ideal for walking. An air-permeable liner protects them from abrasion and ensures they keep cool. Moreover, a reinforced shift area and toe protection prevent premature wear on your toes. 

Despite offering numerous features, these boots weigh considerably less than many walking shoes. There is one flaw in these boots, so they aren’t perfect. A zipper can appear bulky and tacky on the interior of the boot. Your leg’s inside zipper is bulky and makes you look a little weird. You can prevent this by wearing long pants.

11. Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots

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Unlike outdoor conditions, these boots can be worn while riding while walking very comfortably. Therefore, this type of boot can be called versatile. They have a very basic style to them. Because of that, you can wear them regardless of your riding style, whether it’s cruising or sport.

They are made from full-grain leather and sit above the ankle. Grey and black are their classic colors. This boot’s matte finish makes it perfect for any occasion. This brand claims its shoes have non-slip lugs on the soles that are oil-resistant. Material like this is typically used for boots used for hunting and logging. As a result, the sole of the shoe will grip anything, even snow, sand, and tarmac.

Ankle protectors are molded out of polymeric on the top, and the padding surrounds them. On the back of these boots is a leather pull strap that makes them easy to pull on and off. It is flexible and durable, thanks to the shank and welt construction. Here, in the upper part of the toe of these boots, there are non-leather shift lever pads. The triple stitching ensures that different areas are resistant to wear and tear.


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