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Best Motorcycle Cover

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Why do you need to cover your motorcycle? Because you care!

When not in use, so many contaminants can creep into parts of the bike and affect its performance. A standard motorcycle cover would keep the bike protected for as long as you’re away, and you’ll always meet it as fresh as you left it.

Some of the most dangerous elements a good motorcycle cover would protect against include water, dust, rain, moisture, and snow. Even if you keep your motorcycle in a garage, you still need a good cover as moisture, scratches, dust, and rodents can still freely access your bike and may cause damage that will cost you dearly.

When sunlight or snow beats your bike consistently, it degrades the materials faster. If water seeps into your engine, it can cause it to start malfunctioning. When moisture gathers on the motorcycle, corrosion and rust are inevitable. These and more can be prevented by using a standard motorcycle cover.

The risk associated with keeping your bike indoors isn’t as much as when it’s outdoors, so you must never forget that whenever your motorcycle is outdoors, it needs always to be covered. So while you sleep, don’t leave your bike awake with hostile elements to contend with. Get a great cover, and be assured of its protection.

How do you do that? It’s so simple. We have outlined five of the best waterproof motorcycle covers, motorcycle tent covers, and outdoor motorcycle covers. All five would give your motorcycle the best protection, whether indoors or outdoors, from rain or sun, against dust or dirt.

Best Overall: VELMIA Motorcycle Cover

Short summary

Made from heat resistant and waterproof material, the VELMIA Motorcycle Cover is reputed for its ability to protect the bike from the broadest range of elements, including rain, sun, snow, dust, dirt, birds droppings, fruit droppings, wet leaves, and heavy winds.

Winner of several awards, the VELMIA Motorcycle Cover can fit every type of motorcycle. Its material is not just waterproof but also breathable to still allow airflow to the bike and is tear-resistant, giving it long-lasting value. Due to the heat-resistant nature, it has no problems bringing the exhaust pipes under its shadow.

If you need an excellent motorcycle cover that is fashionable and made to fit your bike perfectly, the VELMIA bike cover is what you need. With two elastic hems stretched to ensure an optimal fit and three adjustable securing straps to ensure the cover is well held into place, you have in this product a motorcycle cover that would look custom-made for your bike.

Made from heat-resistant, and waterproof material, the VELMIA Motorcycle Cover is very durable because it is tear-resistant. It is also frost-resistant.

If you’re going to be away for a long time, you need a bike cover that won’t just trap air around the bike leading to condensation and wear. A breathable cover would be a great idea. That’s another reason to choose this bike cover as it has breathability properties. So while it keeps dust and dirt away, it still allows air to seep through, keeping it fresh and clean.

Ultraviolet rays, which soon alter the physical appearance of a bike, are strong enough to filter through several motorcycle covers. But VELMIA is designed to provide a brick wall in that regard. With 100% protection against UV light, your bike will retain its bright colors, and its materials will remain strong. It would look new for a long time.

For all the toughness on the inside, this motorcycle cover has a very soft inner that caresses the bike and leaves no stain or scratch whatsoever, no matter how long it broods over it.

This motorcycle cover is also great for security. It has two reinforced lock openings and space for your license plates to be visibly displayed, especially when you have to cover the bike in a public place. Your bike is also protected in public at night because it has some reflectors just above the vents.

No wonder the respected German Auto magazine awarded the VELMIA the motorcycle cover of the year in 2019!


  • Great, long-lasting quality
  • Quite affordable
  • It fits all types of bikes nicely
  • 100% waterproof
  • Completely prevents moisture
  • Blocks UV light


  • It comes in only two colors: black and silver

Best Motorcycle Cover


VELMIA Motorcycle Cover

Runner Up: Favoto Motorcycle Cover

Short summary

The Favoto motorcycle cover is popular among bike users because it fits different types of bikes, including the long ones. Made from polyester fabrics, it is strong, durable, and waterproof. It protects against rain, dust, droppings, and dirt. As a universal-fit cover, this product goes with virtually any bike you have.

Favoto is known for producing lasting covers for cars and motorcycles. This product has offered bike users premium quality at an affordable price. It retains its firmness and fitness even when the wind blows. With the ability to expand well beyond its size, it also has an elastic cord at the bottom, which provides the perfect fit for your motorcycle every time.

The motorcycle cover also comes with a storage bag that allows you to take it wherever you go. With an approximate weight of 1.5 Ibs, it is not a burden on your bike as you ride. Produced in the classic black color, it also comes with a handy storage bag that makes it easier to take your motorcycle cover anywhere.

This product is 100% waterproof. Offering complete protection against different contaminants, the Favoto Motorcycle Cover is a favorite for the way it fits. Several long bikes hardly get full protection from various motorcycle covers available. But with Favoto, there is adequate protection.

The Favoto motorcycle cover also has three well-designed reflection stripes on the surface to make your bike visible when you park it at night. During the day, the reflection stripes are only for aesthetics. The security features of the Favoto don’t end with reflective strips. It also has a lock-hole which makes the theft of your bike very difficult.

Putting the cover on your bike is very easy and convenient. With adjustable straps that allow you to tie it down and nuclear feature that makes the release instant, you won’t break a sweat keeping your motorcycle safe. Removing it also has no hassles.


  • Very light
  • Easy to put on and put off
  • Classy storage bag
  • Applicable with multiple bikes
  • Waterproof


  • It is not heat resistant, so it can only be used after bike coils down
  • If it stays long on the bike, it may wear down the paint
  • It doesn’t last long enough if used outdoors too often

Best Motorcycle Cover


VELMIA Motorcycle Cover

Alternative: Nuzari Premium Waterproof Motorcycle Storage

Short summary

The Nuzari premium motorcycle storage is cotton and comes in a fashionable red color. Of course, it is water-resistant. However, this product is vehicle-specific and has—different sizes for different categories, including sportbikes, dirt bikes, and extra-large bikes.

The Nuzari premium waterproof motorcycle storage is a durable motorcycle cover of different sizes for different bikes. It is not universally sized and thus has different types for other bikes. For example, the 90×50 inches are sized for the medium (sport) bikes, while the 97×57 inches sized covers are for larger (dirt) bikes.

The extra-large bikes would go for the 104×56 inches size, while Goldwings are known to fit the 108×60 inches size. A luggage strap comes with the covers providing better firmness when winds blow. Whatever the size of the cover, you can be sure of a perfect cover as it comes with a tight, snug fit which ensures that the bike is thoroughly protected even when the wind blows.

One of the brilliant innovations of the producers of this bike is a windscreen protector for bikes that have them. This part of the cover is made with soft cotton to keep the glass even better cared for. The cover also has built-in air vents that ensure that moisture doesn’t settle under the cover in the bike. This way, air can escape through the vents, and the bike’s surface is dry and clean.

Each cover comes with a tight elastic bottom which guarantees that the fit stays perfectly around the bike even when the wind blows. It is also waterproof, so there’s no chance of getting wet during the rains.

Nuzari premium waterproof motorcycle also possesses an interior heat shield that keeps the cover safe even when the exhaust pipe is still hot. It can bear temperatures for up to 150°C. It also has room for certain parts of the bike, like the cable locks and chains, to pass through freely.

Nuzari boasts of a perfectly designed fabric that provides solid protection against dust, water, or dirt. It also prevents scratches and droppings that may compromise the bike’s aesthetics. The makers are so confident of the product that they offer a manufacturer’s warranty if any defects are noticed after purchase. 


  • It fits the bike perfectly
  • Buckle feature makes it easy to fix and remove
  • Very portable
  • Great quality


  • Fades in efficiency after prolonged exposure to sunlight

Best Motorcycle Cover


VELMIA Motorcycle Cover

Alternative: ClawsCover Heavy Duty All Weather Motorcycle Cover

Short summary

The ClawsCover Motorcycle Cover is waterproof protection that prevents rust, dirt, and water from settling on the bike and offers protection from ultraviolet rays that come from the sun.

Regardless of how you use your bike, the maintenance is not complete until you can keep it protected when not in use. It is not just the engine and chains that must keep working like they’re brand new; the motorcycle body must retain its new look. Without good covering, this won’t happen.

Made from 420D solution-dyed Polyester Oxford Cloth, this motorcycle cover comes with a full-year guarantee. It is not just water-resistant but also fade-resistant and survives extreme climatic conditions. So, whether in the rain or snow, the sun or under the winds, the ClawsCover acts as a formidable defense against contaminants and corrosion.

Sometimes, the price a motorcycle cover pays for standing against extreme weather is the gradual deterioration. But this product is designed to last and has an inner coated with weatherproof material, keeping it in perfect condition for as long as necessary. The seams are also double-stitched to ensure that the material endures for longer.

The cover has a fully elastic hem which allows for perfect fitting with the structure of the motorcycle. To guarantee that the surface will remain on the bike and not give way during stormy weather, it has three buckle straps resistant to wind.

For nighttime, this cover has two reflective strap warnings. Further protection is provided with the lock-hole meant to hold the cover in place against theft. The lock-hole is anti-rust so that no part of the bike is at risk of corrosion as well.

The ClawsCover motorcycle cover comes with a storage bag that can be used to keep the cover and a full year’s warranty. Many bike parts fade under the harsh impact of the sun, and very few motorcycle covers can prevent the sun from penetrating.

But with the ClawsCover motorcycle cover, you can leave your bike outdoors, and it would remain clean and unruffled. This motorcycle cover is also tear-proof and fade-proof.


  • Offers protection from UV light
  • Features strong and durable material
  • It comes in Large and Extra Large sizes


  • A bit pricey

Best Motorcycle Cover


VELMIA Motorcycle Cover

Alternative: XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

Short summary

XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover is a waterproof outdoor material that gives the motorcycle the best protection from top to bottom. Compatible with virtually all bikes, this product is made from heavy-duty, non-abrasive, and water repellent Oxford material.

The XYZCTEM motorcycle cover is an excellent choice for many reasons. It doesn’t just keep the motorcycle safe from elements like water and wind; it also can keep penetrating sun rays at bay. It is waterproof, so it won’t allow water to seep through even when outdoors. When it covers the bike, physical, environment, or biological intruders won’t find a way through.

You’ll immediately love this motorcycle cover when you start using it because it can be easily buckled to the bike to give the cover a perfect, firm appearance. The buckle is found at the bottom of the hood, and it safely keeps the cover in place. Three buckles strategically clip the cover in the front, middle, and back of the bike. This also prevents the cover from falling off in times of rain.

It also has a strap that you can further use to keep your cover fastened to your bike. Measuring 6.6ft, this strap is long enough to keep the cover well positioned. These accessories make the bike cover perfectly aligned to your motorcycle and make it easy for it to continue to provide protection regardless of how extreme the weather is.

Regardless of the type of bike you ride, you would find in the XYZCTEM motorcycle cover a product that can fit your ride. The cover is made from high-quality Oxford material, which provides excellent water-resistant properties. To add this function, it is also fitted with a water-resistant coating just to make the protection more guaranteed. It lasts very long and can easily withstand rain, dust, and dirt.

If you want to give your bike the best protection in whatever weather you find yourself in, this bike cover is a great choice. It is also known to offer protection against ultraviolet rays keeping the bike looking ever fresh and clean.

The package comes with a storage bag to make it even easier to move with your bike cover everywhere. The storage bag allows you to have your motorcycle cover in a compact, handy form which can be easily moved around in your bike.

One thing you will also love is the heat-resistant nature of the cover. Apart from protecting the bike from the heat of the environment, the cover itself is strong enough to withstand the bike’s heat.


  • Heat resistant
  • It perfectly covers the bike
  • It comes with a storage bag
  • UV light protection
  • Reinforced lock-hole


  • The water repellent ability is weak

Best Motorcycle Cover


VELMIA Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle Cover FAQ

How well does a cover protect a motorcycle?

A cover can protect the motorcycle depending on its specifications. Motorcycle covers offer protection against dirt, dust, water, and heat. The difference between a frequently covered bike and one that is not is always stark.

The cover keeps the motorcycle neat, new, and corrosion-free. A bike should be well covered outdoors as long as the cover is waterproof and can be well buckled against the wind. If it has additional qualities like UV light prevention, it makes it even better.

Which motorcycle cover is best?

We have gone through the list of several excellent motorcycle covers. While it was a bit difficult to conclude, we believe the qualities of the VELMIA Motorcycle Cover make it stand out. While all the other motorcycle covers reviewed have excellent attributes, you won’t go wrong with VELMIA.

Will motorcycle rust under a cover?

Yes and No.

What causes a motorcycle to rust is when water builds on the metals of the bike. Remember, not all parts of the bike are lubricated against water. Several motorcycle covers have vents that allow for breathability so that vapor is not trapped under the cover to solve this problem.

When the cover stays on the bike for a long time, it often allows water build-up through condensation. As this water settles on the bike, it reacts with air to cause corrosion and rust.

Can I put a motorcycle cover on a hot bike?

The answer depends on the type of motorcycle cover you have. It can cover your bike if it is heat-resistant, even when hot. If it is not, it is only necessary to allow the bike to cool off before putting the cover on it. When hot, the exhaust pipes of your motorcycle can destroy the motorcycle cover.


This article has examined five excellent motorcycle covers which have served several customers for many years.

While many people assume that the only time you need a motorcycle cover is when outdoors, you must have realized that a motorcycle cover is a must-have even indoors.

If you’re yet to get one, you must have been convinced of its importance. Apart from preventing water, dust, dirt, droppings, and chemicals from contaminating the bike, motorcycle covers keep the bike fresh and insulated from scratches and accidental dents.

Your bike would last longer if there is a quality motorcycle cover when it is not in use.

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VELMIA Motorcycle Cover

Material: Heat-resistant, wear-resistant and UV light resistant

Size: 81 x 35 x 47 inches

Fit type: Universal


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