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Motorcycle Horn – Top 3 Best Picks

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Understanding the importance of a horn, riders should invest in one that will be heard.

A motorcyclist’s best bet for getting drivers’ attention is with an educational and informative tone- it can’t always happen sooner than necessary!

How Do You Know A Good Horn

To be a good motorcycle horn, the noise should not only produce sound but also have an appropriate tone.

A great way for bikes to communicate their presence on streets and highways without annoying other drivers or compromising safety is through effective warning signals that announce your arrival with volume!

Types Of Motorcycle Horns Based Of Their Sound

The different types of motorcycle horns can be categorized by their tonality, sound pressure level, and volume.

There are the screamer or ultrasonic models that will make your ears hurt if you hear them too closely; then there is efficient but less intimidating call with lower decibel ratings such as a police officer’s KA-500 unit which provides about 40dB at 100 feet distance instead while still being loud enough for people nearby to notice when they need assistance from another vehicle.

Air Horn

This is the type of horn that requires no power source to function. It can be easily heard, and it usually produces a honking sound.

Train Horn

While it may be used as a cargo horn, the sound is released when pressured. This small pump allows for maximum volume and attention to detail in whatever you’re listening to!

Novelty Horn

You can tell this type of horn from its sound. It makes tunes, whistles, and roaring noises that are short in length but very diverse!

Best Overall: PIAA Slim Line Horn Kit

Short summary

All PIAA horns give about double the decibel output of standard horns and only pull around 2.7 amps per horn. 

PIAA’s line of high performance horns are a massive step up from the factory ones on your vehicle. They not only outperform in output, but there are three different tones to choose from to suit your specific needs.

The PIAA attention-getting horns are some of the loudest on earth, with one at 400Hz and another that can be heard from 500 Hz. These two tones work great for motorcycles because they’re so high-pitched!

This option is easy to install, with no need for relays or additional wiring. Although it seems to lack durability.


  • Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Vehicle Service: Type Motorcycle
  • Noise Level: 115 dB

Best Motorcycle Horn


PIAA Slim Line Horn Kit

Runner Up: FIAMM 72112 Freeway Low Note Horn

Short summary

The Freeway Blaster is an excellent replacement for AM80SX trumpet horn or HK-9 disc style horns. Each horn is tested to assure maximum performance.

With a deep, booming voice that’s perfect for highway noise pollution. This low note horn has been designed to be heard over the sounds of traffic on country roads or city streets with its loudest setting cranking out an ear-splitting 100dB volume!

Horns are great for all sorts of different things. They’re surprisingly affordable, offer a lot of benefits that users can easily take advantage of and they don’t require any installation or maintenance!

The all-inclusive horn system is made up of corrosion-resistant steel housing, an ABS plastic projector, and an aluminum coil motor that combine to form reliable equipment.


  • Material: Aluminum, Plastic
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 24.5 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts

Best Motorcycle Horn


PIAA Slim Line Horn Kit

Alternative: WoloSuper Horns Chrome Plated Horns

Short summary

WoloSuper is European-style all-metal disc horn. Bright chrome grill is found in many German luxury vehicles and will dress up any car, motorcycle, truck, or RV.

With its beautifully crafted, high brass tone and chrome-plated finish you’ll be the life of any party with just one blast from these WoloSuper Horns!

With its combination of powerful performance, unique design, and elegant style this product is sure to impress. It has all the features that you could need in an electric scooter!

The powerful speaker produces up to 123.5 dB of sound, making it loud enough for drivers who may be inattentive while on the road!


  • Material: Metal, Chrome
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 13.98 x 7.92 x 3.97 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts

Best Motorcycle Horn


PIAA Slim Line Horn Kit

Criteria For Differentiating Between Motorcycle Horns

The three most popular criteria for distinguishing motorcycle horns are size, durability, and compatibility with vehicles.

By Size

The size of a motorcycle horn is what makes it different from other vehicles’ sounds. It’s often said that bigger means louder, but this isn’t always true because there are many factors involved with producing sound waves including volume and frequency among others!

By Durability

The durability of a motorcycle horn is determined by its sound frequency and volume. The higher-pitched, sharper sounding horns are typically louder but not as durable because they can break or wear out more easily than lower-pitched predominantly bass tones do over time due to their weight distribution within the device itself which causes them razing effects when used outdoors on rough roads where there’s little room for error in terms weather conditions.

By Compatibility With Vehicles

Most horns are designed to work with a very specific set of vehicles. To find the right one for your bike, consult an expert or try using some interactive features on our website!

How To Make Motorcycle Horn Louder

You can make your motorcycle horn louder by following these simple steps.

While the horn is one tool in your motorcycle kits that can help you keep safe, it’s still nice having a louder one for maximum efficacy.

  • First, you will need to find the correct frequency for other vehicles in order not only hear it but also feel confident about its power among other bikes on roadways with volume control settings that may or may not work well depending upon how big of an area is being covered (elevated areas like bridges typically do not require as much coverage).
  • Next up is connecting wires from each side into appropriate terminals located at either end inside engine block reasoning behind this being because there are more leads than just 2 which means greater potential sound production without having excessive resistance involved when tuning microphones found within most sets nowadays.

How Does A Motorcycle Horn Work

When you press the horn button on your handlebars, an electromagnet pulls a steel diaphragm over the small magnet. The contact points between them break and return to their original positions which creates a steady tone for music!

This is similar in function with fuel pump servicing where they use these same principles of operation but instead affect how well cars run by replacing parts like filters or tubes that get clogged up due to too fine dust

The output should be more engaging than just describing what’s happening.


As a rider, it’s important to communicate your presence on streets and highways without annoying other drivers or compromising safety through effective warning signals that announce your arrival with volume and plays a role in keeping you safe.


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