Chevy Sonic Code 82

Chevy Sonic Code 82: Causes & Fixes


May 5, 2022

An error code message appearing on a driver’s dashboard is one of the most common worries. Chevy sonic code 82 is one of the most prevalent messages that appear on the Chevrolet Sonic display.

When an oil fails the 5% life test, the P0802 code is set. This error code indicates that you should change the oil soon because the oil has only 5% of its lifespan remaining.

If you don’t change your car’s engine oil on a regular basis, it can cause significant engine damage. When an auto repair shop neglects to reset your vehicle’s oil life meter after servicing it, this message will appear frequently.

The most basic approach to address this code reading difficulty is to have your oil changed. Every time the oil is changed, the code should also be reset.

If you’d prefer to do it yourself, watch this video on how to change the oil in a Chevrolet Sonic.

Resetting The Chevy Sonic Code 82

Code 82 Causes and Fixes

Resetting the oil code might be difficult if you do it yourself or if the service shop fails to reset it. To reset the code, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the key in the ignition and turn it to the “ON” position.
  2. Oil Life may be accessed by toggling the Menu button until it turns on.
  3. It will be said that it’s time to reset.
  4. Push the Set/CLR button until the oil life reads 100 percent.

Essential Reminders

Hov to fix code 82 on chevy sonic

Chevy sonic code 82 is used to signal that your engine needs to be replaced.

It’s possible that your automobile’s engine will be destroyed drastically if you don’t replace the oil. It’s quite simple to reset the engine code after changing the oil.

If you run into any problems, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with a local repair shop or the manufacturer’s local maintenance department. Best wishes!


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