Duratec vs KO2

Duratec vs KO2- Which Is The Best One!


August 10, 2022

Duratec vs KO2-Which is the best!

Sport utility vehicles and trucks tires might be pricey, especially if you want all-terrain driving capabilities.

A set of four tires may cost up to $1000 each, therefore it’s critical that they endure long enough before being replaced on your vehicle or truck.

A lot of people might think buying cheaper alternatives from places like Walmart would work just fine but this may not always hold true because while their quality remains consistent over time there will still come a point when these begin wearing out prematurely due to something minor happening such as editorial wear.

The two best all-terrain tire manufacturers are Goodyear and BFGoodrich.

They make up their own Duratec vs KO2 lineup, but what makes them stand out from other companies?

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why these wonderful items exist.

We’ll go through them in this post, and we’ll see how they contribute to these amazing items!

To find out which of these two tires is better, keep reading!

We’ve analyzed them based on their tread pattern and puncture resistance.

Duratec vs KO2

Manufacturer Of KO2 Tires

The KO2 all-terrain tires are a great choice for any adventure you may take on your bike.

Made by BFGoodrich, an American company with more than 170 years of history and innovations like their first tubeless tire invention in 1870 – this variant will keep passengers safe while providing them greater durability!

The company is a leader in the industry and has been able to continuously innovate with its designs.

They were also one of few companies that developed radial tires for US roads, which improve performance over time as well as durability since they don’t deflate when punctured as most other types do!

Their latest innovation was an early run-flat design – perfect if you ever need your car on short notice or want peace at any cost while driving through traffic.

The unique tire thread and large white letters on the sidewalls of the company’s off-road tires are two features that set them apart.

These favorites of truck owners have been around since 1990 when they were bought out from under BFGoodrich which operates as a subsidiary now, producing quality products like never before!

Duratec vs KO2

Manufacturer Of DuraTrac Tires

The DuraTrac line of tires is manufactured by Goodyear, one of the largest and most well-known tire companies in America.

Founded 98 years ago on this very land but with operations across six continents today due to their expansion strategy – it’s clear that these guys know how to make a great product!

Despite its many corporate restructurings, Firestone is the only among the large US tire producers to have remained independent into the twenty-first century.

Consumers were in need of safer and more dependable tires following the demise of radial tire production due to a lackadaisical marketing campaign by Goodyear.

The failure (or refusal) of the firm to invest significant money into upgrading their facilities allowed them to compete against other brands that did put effort into innovation, particularly when you consider how quickly consumers switched.

The Wrangler DuraTrac tires are a must for any person who drives their vehicle on rough terrain.

These rugged, yet comfortable and fast-rolling tire have been loved by Jeep drivers since they were first introduced in the late 1970s because of their ability to withstand tough conditions with ease while still being able to provide great performance when needed most!

DuraTrac vs KO2 

KO2 and Duratrac tires are both great options for your vehicle, but there is a lot of information to take into account when making this decision.

In order to provide you with all the facts so that it will be an easy one!

KO2 and DuraTrac tires may seem like great competitors for the same market, but they actually compete on two different levels.

On one hand, you have KO2’s lower prices that can be up to 10% cheaper than competitors such as Avon or Siberian winters; these savings add up when buying modules by themselves!

For those looking at purchasing pre- Borderlands 2 branded kits from Motor Trend Website, this will definitely come into play with their pricing being about $100-$150 less expensive per set of four compared to other brands.

Off-road Performance

The KO2 and DuraTrac are both winners if you’re searching for a tire that can handle any terrain.

While they work differently on various terrains, such as sand or dirt, there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to rocks.

The DuraTrac tires provide better grip in the snow and ice than any other brand of a truck tires.

Even when Ice or tightly packed snow builds upon the surface, they have outstanding traction.

On-road Performance

The KO2 lineup is designed to be the best choice for drivers who need a tire that handles well on asphalt.

The traction, stability, and response of these tires make them perfect in any situation whether it’s wet or dry conditions with superior steering capabilities which help provide better control at high speeds as well!

The KO2 tire is less noisy than the DuraTrac, not just on asphalt but also on dirt roads.

This means that if you want to enjoy your drive without distraction from outside noise then these all-terrain tires will be perfect for what’s important!


Durability is a very important aspect of any tire.

It’s directly tied to performance both on and off-road, so it’s essential for an off-roader who plans on driving his/her truck around all sorts of cruisers alike!

The best way we can think of to show how durable these tires are?

Check out some long-term tests done by fellow enthusiasts-they’re almost universal agreement that KO2 gets beat out by DuraTrac when durability comes into play.

DuraTrac tires have a dire warning system.

As you drive over 50,000 miles on these miracle twin-tire machines they become increasingly less effective until eventually, their performance will degrade so much that even wet asphalt is too much for them!

KO2 tires are the toughest and most durable on-road tires you can get your hands onto.

They’re designed with a much stronger sidewall than any other type of off-road counterpart, making them perfect for navigating through any terrain!


Is It Worth The Money To Invest In Duratracs?

The Duratrac is a great option for people who want to save some money but still have reliable tires.

It’s not as good in all areas, especially on rocks or wet roads where you will probably need something more expensive – like KO2s-but if your main concern is dirt/gravel surfaces then these should do just fine!

Is It Noisy To Drive On A Goodyear Duratrac?

Duratracs may be the noisiest of all tire series.

They make more noise than KO2 tires and it only increases as they wear out!

Is It Safe To Drive On Ice With DuraTrac tires?

DuraTrac tires are a great choice for any type of weather, from deep snow to light rain.

They offer excellent traction on all types and sizes of terrain – even when it’s wet!

Is DuraTrac 3 Peak?

The three peaks of the mountain snowflake indicate that these tires are compliant with all standards for winter performance.

What Does The Term “LT” On A Tire Imply?

When buying tires for your light truck or van, be sure to check the maximum payload.

The LT signifies that these are meant as a fit only on SUVs and Vans – not really what you want if all of yours is loaded up with cargo!

How Long Does All-Terrain Tires Last In General?

The durability of your tires is important to you, which means that they should be able to withstand the test for at least 40-50 thousand miles.

But even with all-terrain rubber, there’s no guarantee for how long it will last after this point; Goodyear guarantees their All-terrain Trac can go 50K but DuraTracts show significant signs of wear & tear making them less effective beyond 40 – 45Thousand Miles.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you live in a cold climate or not! In almost every category the KO2 tires are cheaper, less noisy, and more durable.

And with 4 spares for four DuraTrac prices, it’s hard to beat them as well.


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