351 engine

Ford 289 vs 302 and 351 Engine – What’s the Difference?


August 10, 2022

The Ford engines that come to mind when one thinks about small blocks are likely the 289,302 and 351 engine.

These powerful motors power many Mustang models including high-performance ones like the Shelbys GT

Mentioning other makes doesn’t make this any less true so don’t worry!

Displacement is not always the best differentiator.

However, it’s an important factor in certain engine types such as the three we will look at here:

The first example of this type…

351 engine

The 289

The powerful and reliable small block from Ford is one of the most popular engine designs in history.

The 289 CID, 4.7L V8 made its debut with an outputting powerplant that ranges anywhere between 221 horsepower or 271 THC!

The Shelby GT350 is one of the most famous Mustangs ever made and it’s no surprise why.

Carrol took his passion for racing cars to create this iconic model with enough power under its belt; quickly becoming an industry leader in terms of stats (and speed).

A custom-built 289 block engine delivered306hp which was later replaced by302 horsepower before being tuned down

The 302

The 302 small-block and its predecessors, the 289 engine had little variation except for stroke measurements.

With a three-inch length, it is one of the most iconic car engines in history not only because it lasted 27 years but also due to the high nickel content within the block which results in durable metal construction that withstands abuse while producing good power output over time

The Mustang, once again taking center stage and stealing all of the attention from other cars in its class with a powerful motor that would go on to be known as “the 5.0,” made an unforgettable name for themselves when Ford started production at their Boss facility back around 1969-70; this was definitely not your typical 4 cylinder engine!

The Mustang 5.0 has been a success in law enforcement, with police departments across America pushing the vehicles to pursue speeders and other criminals on our highways

Data showed that this particular model performed so well because it was able to track down offenders while also providing protection for its drivers against Zimmers’ popular bulletproof tires.”

351 engine

The 351

The Ford 351small block was a revolution in engine design.

Displaced by years of production from the 302, this new chimney- compared to its underpowered predecessor -displaces nearly four times as much air with almost no loss and offers power that ranges between 250 horses when equipped without any bonus mods or 280 HP at cruising speeds thanks exclusively Intelligence Feeding Network (IFN) technology!

The Ford 351 was one of the most popular engines in America during its time due to how reliable it could be.

This is because changes were made not only at home but also abroad- with improvements coming from both practices combined together making this an even better product than before!

The 351 is a beautiful engine that despite its age still has enough power to move cars.

It’s often confused with the more modern V8s, but these two engines have differences in their operation and parts compatibility; for example, an auto-transmission will not fit onto one of these models without major transmission modifications being made specifically just so it can be driven around town effectively again!

The Ford 351W was a unique engine that stood out from other engines due to its tall height and long stroke.

This made it fire at different points than most others, but this also gave the car more power!

The Ford 351C was a very rare and sought-after engine for its time, running only five years before being replaced by another model.

The better flowing cylinder heads, as well as more durable crankshaft, made this an ideal candidate to build on if you were looking into performance engines in the early 1970s

The Modified engine series is a part of the same family as its Cleveland counterpart but features some differences.

The most notable difference between these engines can be found in their stroke lengths – while both have 3 inches, Ford’s modified version has been given an extra 1/2 inch for increased power output!


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