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8 Most Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts


February 18, 2022

Motorcycle has always been a popular means of transportation for many people, from being a racing tool to being an object of art. Over time, manufacturers have been trying their best to create futuristic motorcycles that would be able to let riders turn heads wherever they go.

Some of these futuristic motorcycle concepts are almost reaching their final stage in every futuristic bike lover’s dream. Others have made it, into the production stage.

Here Are The 8 Most Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts

#1 Moto Terminator by Custom Culture Inc

#2 Moto Terminator by Custom Culture Inc

The futuristic motorcycle takes inspiration from “Terminators” of movie fame. It was done in an attempt to combine futuristic technology with artistry that would reflect Japanese custom culture. The futuristic motorcycle sports wheels’ are made from single pieces of metal shaped into rings.

Some areas are covered completely in carbon fiber. If you have a problem with futuristic motorcycles that do not resemble actual bikes, then this is the gadget for you as it offers a beefy 1,000cc engine.

#2 Kinetik K1 Lightning Rod Concept Bike by Amarok x West Coast Customs

The bike is said to use technology “found in Formula One race cars”. It doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that one of its creators is the owner of West Coast Custom (WCC). He was responsible for making the world’s only street-legal Batmobile.

The futuristic motorcycle is partly electric and internal combustion engine. It combines a Lightning Motor with a Rotrex supercharger to make a 1200cc V4 producing 200hp. Its wheelbase is said to be less than 2 meters while its wheel size ranges from 120mm on the front wheel to 130mm on the back wheel.

#3 Honda FC Sport by Naoki Wakabayashi

The futuristic motorcycle is the version of the Honda RC213V used in MotoGP racing. It features an ultra-light carbon monocoque chassis that comprises just parts, rather than whole pieces of metal, to save weight even further.

The motorcycle also features a swingarm rear suspension system which allows it to absorb bumps and sways. And if you thought its tubular front forks were inspired by MotoGP race bikes, then take a look at its footpegs as they sit on top of the engine itself!

#4 BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 Concept Bike by BMW Group

#3 BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 Concept Bike by BMW Group

BMW Motorrad unveiled its futuristic motorcycle concept at the recent International Motor Show in Germany. It features a futuristic design language that can be seen even from its silhouette. The futuristic motorcycle sports BMW’s typical “Hofmeister kink” and also features a large windshield to protect riders from strong winds.

The bike has an electric motor that powers both its front wheel and can extend 50 miles on one charge. It also makes use of the company’s flex frame platform that provides greater structural rigidity and a futuristic look.

#5 Motojet Rocket Motorcycle by Motojet

Motojet is an American company that made headlines recently when they announced their futuristic motorcycle concept that looks like something straight out of science fiction. It sports spherical wheels that can rotate up to 60 degrees for better stability than regular motorcycles’ wheels. Its frame is shelf-stable and does not need to lean into turns.

On top of that, this futuristic motorcycle can go up to 400 miles on one charge and boasts more than 100hp delivered by a rotary engine. It has a futuristic exterior that features speakers used for playing music. To add to that, it has lights with built-in lasers which act like turn signals.

#6 Airstream Motorcycle Concept by Bryan Thompson

The futuristic motorcycle does not look very futuristic at all but it is still worth mentioning here because of its interesting design. The model was inspired by the classic Toyota Land Cruiser utility vehicle.

This futuristic motorcycle uses electric batteries to power its rear wheel. It has an onboard generator that runs on biofuel, meaning that future riders won’t need to worry about regular visits to gas stations.

This futuristic bike also sports two side pods that can give emergency services like firemen or paramedics access to the rider in case of an accident.

#7 Talos Performance Trike Motorcycle by Talos Performance

#5 Talos Performance Trike Motorcycle by Talos Performance

Talos unveiled not one but two futuristic that appeared as part of their display at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. This futuristic motorcycle is a trike that was inspired by the three-wheeled 1976 Steyer Puch Pinzgauer military all-terrain vehicle.

It even features two of those powerful engines used on Tumbler Batmobiles from the movie “The Dark Knight”. In addition, it has retrofitted modern suspension components and rims.

#8 Organic Transit ELF by Organic Transit Corporation

The futuristic bicycle is targeted at commuters living in urban areas. It offers many benefits for buyers who are interested in saving money on fuel, parking spots, and insurance. The futuristic bike is also environmentally friendly as its electric-assist generates zero emissions.

It has enough room under its hood to accommodate full grocery bags so riders do not have to worry about carrying them around with their hands. Thus, the futuristic bike can be used both for transportation and recreation purposes alike.



Honda NM4 Vultus Concept Bike by MotoBlog

Honda unveiled its futuristic motorcycle concept at the recent Tokyo Motor Show 2014. This futuristic motorcycle is a product of collaboration with the fashion designer duo “Brothers Provocateur”. The futuristic bike features a design that is more suited for an anime movie than real-life roads. It does have some interesting features which are worth mentioning here.

Yamaha PES1 Bike by Motoczysz

The futuristic motorcycle was designed and developed by Michael Czysz. It uses a 100% electric propulsion system paired with a lightweight chassis made from carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, and titanium parts.

This futuristic bike also has a hubless front wheel and can reach speeds of up to 80mph (130km/h). It might not look like something you would be interested in if it wasn’t for its price tag which is supposed to be somewhere around $50,000.

Mission RS Electric Motorcycle by Mission Motors

This motorcycle is a racing bike that features a drive train that can reach up to 135hp and generate 152lb/ft torque while it only weighs 364lbs (165kg). The futuristic motorcycle can go from 0 to 60mph in under 3 seconds.

It has a top speed of 150mph (240 km/h), but its price might make you think twice about buying one. The model is definitely expensive, as a futuristic motorcycle costs more than $100,000.

MotoCzysz E1pc Electric Racing Bike by MotoCzysz

MotoCzysz unveiled its futuristic electric racing bike back in 2010 at the Oregon Convention Center of Portland where the futuristic bike was ridden for almost 10 minutes. Despite being a powerful electric vehicle, it was able to set a new record on the Pikes Peak race track as it reached 46:55 min lap time.

This is 1 minute and 20 seconds faster than its closest electric competitor did. The futuristic motorcycle has a full carbon fiber body and a WP suspension system that can be adjusted through a wireless remote.



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