how long do mustangs last

How Long Do Mustangs Last?


April 8, 2022

Since its inception in the early twentieth century, Ford has experienced tremendous success. The Ford Mustang GT is the most famous sports car on the market today.

Many individuals are entranced by the prospect of using one of these cars, whether they’re learning to drive or sitting in one. Many people want to know how much they’d cost to run and, if they ever bought it, how long do mustangs last.

That is determined by how well you care for it.

If you take care of your Ford Mustang, it will last a long time. Taken it otherwise, if you report it tough and store it wet, it won’t last nearly as long in near-as good shape.

For A Ford Mustang, Here’s A List Of The Most Important Regular Maintenance Tasks

how long do mustangs last

Follow the maintenance schedule that came with your car’s owner’s handbook if you want to keep your Ford Mustang GT on the road as long as possible.

The repair process for every model year differs, but if you can’t find it, the subsequent list may assist you in finding typical problem areas. You’ll then have an easier time taking action.

How Long Do Mustangs Last If You Take Good Care Of Them?

The majority of drivers drive their cars about 30,000 miles each year if they are deemed, heavy motorists. Most individuals drive far less than that every year, with the greatest number of kilometers being approximately 50,000 kilometers.

Your Ford Mustang may survive for around 300,000 miles if properly maintained. This does not imply that the automobile will stop operating once it has gone that far.

In theory, the answer to your question, how long do mustangs last is; if you take care of it and your vehicle is especially stable, it may endure thousands of miles in real life, but this isn’t very probable.

Brake Pads

how long do mustangs last

Finding the correct replacement brake rotors and pads for your automobile may be challenging, but it is critical to do so.

Although this is determined by how you drive your Mustang, these typically wear out quickly since people use Mustangs in such a manner as if

Air Filters

Whether you have a standard original equipment manufacturer’s paper air filter and the cold air input or, a drop-in filter, we recommend getting the most when considering how long do mustangs last after changing your air filter.

Increased airflow can extend the life of your car.

Cooling Technique

Cooling methods are approaching their limits because of the strong engines in the Ford Mustang. It is critical to check your cooling procedure before you begin driving.

This contains everything about the procedure, including fluid levels. Every 100,000 miles or so, a coolant flush is necessary for most cars.


Extended engine life is dependent on the quality of your oil. Your car’s owner’s handbook will contain the density and other criteria for your make and model.

Synthetic oil is typically preferable in most Mustangs, therefore using a higher grade if it is within your budget would be ideal.


how long do mustangs last

To improve the operation of your car’s suspension system, consider aftermarket struts and shocks. It’s possible to swap the shocks and decrease the speed of the car if you like the appearance of a low-slung automobile but want better handling.

Mechanical Segments

Every engine has a variety of mechanical features. The Ford Mustang has a highly robust engine that can be subjected to harsh pressures.

If you buy an old Ford Mustang and the prior owner neglected to maintain it, there may be issues with the car’s engine block that you’re unaware of.

If you’re not sure whether or not your vehicle is equipped with park assistance, contact your local dealer. If it’s possible, check out a used version of these before purchasing it to assure that it’s in good working order before worrying about how long do mustangs last.

Wheels, Rims, And Tires

Tires are designed to last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles if driven sensibly. Because most Mustang drivers travel at such high speeds, your tire may go faster than normal.

Don’t forget to have your tires returned every 50,000 miles to avoid becoming stranded over the road with a pair of worn-out rims.

The Ford Mustang’s Regular Service Intervals

how long do mustangs last

In complement to the basic services that must be done on every car every 5000 miles, there are some more important service intervals we recommend Ford Mustang owners follow.

15,000 Miles

After a year, you’ll be around 15,000 miles. It’s still essentially a new car if you bought it brand-new. The first major servicing interval should check the condition of your air filter and guarantee that your wheels are straightened.

30,000 Miles

After 30,000 miles, the fuel filter may need to be changed. Flushing your transmission and power steering fluids may also be suggested by your mechanic. If you find your Mustang aspirated, replace the spark plugs in case it is necessary.

45,000 Miles

Don’t ignore changing your tires before they reach 50,000 miles if you haven’t before.

60,000 Miles

It is recommended that you inspect your vehicle after it has been driven for approximately five years. It also happens when the life of your Ford engine warranty expires.

Replace all of the same maintenance components as at 30,000 miles, as well as any necessary ones, such as hose replacements, belt replacements, brake pad replacements, brake fluid flush, rotor replacements, and an inspection of the HVAC system, and timing belt replacement.

It’ll let you get a better idea how long do mustangs last. 

100,000 Miles

If you reach the 100,000-mile spot with your Mustang, you’ve driven it for approximately eight to ten years.

If you observe the guidelines precisely, your Mustangs will almost certainly be in excellent condition. Replace all of the aforementioned components and inspect and change the spark plugs at 100,000 miles.


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