How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Airbag Sensor

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Airbag Sensor


August 10, 2022

When your car’s airbags deploy during a crash, it can be lifesaving.

But what do you think about when the price of replacing one is around $200?

Or even more so if that sum was for both sides at once!

With prices ranging anywhere between 400-900 dollars (depending on which model year), there are many factors to consider before making such an investment into safety equipment for yourself or loved ones – especially since insurance may cover some portion thereof depending upon policy limits.

In this post, we’ll discuss How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Airbag Sensor.

The cost of an airbag replacement can vary based on many factors.

For example, the type and age of your vehicle will affect its price as well as how difficult it is for technicians to access certain parts within cars that need replacing or installing in order to do so safely without causing too much damage done during repair work itself!

The average expense falls between $3000-$5000 including all labor expenses but doesn’t let this figure scare you; with some patience (and luck), anything could be cheaper than expected if something goes wrong on the first attempt because not every situation requires such extensive expertise – even though they’re usually really expensive anyway.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Airbag Sensor

What Is An Airbag And How Does It Work?

The airbag is a safety device that’s designed to inflate in the event of major collisions, such as vehicle accidents.

The bag protects people from being injured by keeping them away from the steering wheel and dashboard with its force field protection!

How Does An Airbag Work?

So what’s this thing called an airbag anyways?

Well, it’s not just one thing.

It has three elements: The inflating bag (which usually comes equipped with your vehicle), a sensor to detect impacts and initiate deployment of the device; then there is some sort-of inflation system that ensures all goes according to plan during emergency situations like accidents or fires where you need protection most.

The invention of the airbag is one that has saved many lives.

It’s a fabric that slowly folds and is placed in just about any spot you can think, including inside steering wheels or dashboards which will send out an inflation signal when hit hard by something like an accident – meaning there’ll be more protection for drivers!

Inflations are generally designed to help protect us from the risk of injury in case our cars come crashing down.

When you’re traveling at high speeds, it can be difficult for your body’s natural instincts-the ones that keep us safe when there is no ceiling or wall around us!

To work as expected because they were never trained with this type environment before so now all these new factors need consideration!

Airbags are a crucial safety feature since they help to prevent death and serious injuries.

Modern cars have numerous airbag types, including side bags that inflate when you hit something in your path or curtain protection for those who may not see an object coming towards them before it’s too late; knee dice which protect against impacts from behind due to either driver error (such as distracted driving) or simply being pursued by another vehicleand lastly head/neck crush defenses where there’s no room left between our seats anymore!

The airbag is a life-saving device for drivers.

When deployed, the fine powder it releases keeps your car’s interior cushioned and prevents any damage from occurring by keeping everything still while providing protection that can save you in seconds!

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Airbag Sensor

Factors Affecting Airbag Replacement Costs

The cost of airbag replacement ranges from $1000 to $6000, whereas purchasing an airbag costs between $200 and $700.

Why is the price difference so significant?

Many elements influence airbag replacement costs, including:

Where To Buy

Like any other product, the price of an airbag will be determined by where you buy it.

You may purchase one from the manufacturer or from a junkyard.

The cost and quality of items sold by different vendors will vary.

Buying directly from the producers will save you money by cutting out the middlemen.

It will also provide benefits such as a guarantee of quality and a warranty.

You could get recommendations from friends or family, or seek a dependable supplier through your mechanic.


Replacing the airbag requires expert knowledge, which is not inexpensive.

You could get recommendations from friends or the manufacturer may send one along with the airbag.

Most manufacturers will charge you an extra fee for each hour of labor performed by a mechanic.

Typically, airbag replacement takes one to two hours.

You can negotiate with the manufacturer to charge you a lower rate or get recommendations from your pals.

Parts Being Replaced

When replacing an airbag, other components may be involved, which might raise the price.

The control module that houses the sensor may also be replaced along with the airbag.

Because most airbag sensors are disposable and cannot be reset, they must be replaced entirely.

Wiring connections may also be damaged by the deployment of the airbag and must be fixed.

The retractor pins of the seat belt may also wear down over time, causing them to stick in their retracted position.

They might not offer any more protection if the airbag is deployed at a later date if the retractor pins aren’t reset.

The dashboard may be damaged during deployment on the passenger’s seat, and the seat covers may also rip.

This implies that the additional expense of repairing the dashboard and seat covers is unavoidable.

Number Of Airbags Being Deployed

Airbags have been standard since the 1960s on automobiles, which have airbags in all seats.

Airbags were formerly only available in the driver’s and passenger’s seats, but modern cars include extra airbags such as curtain, knee, and side airbags.

Multiply the price of one airbag by the number of airbags being replaced to get an idea of how much you’ll pay for the whole replacement procedure.

The more airbags that need to be replaced, the longer it will take to complete the work because each one needs to be removed and replaced individually.

You’ll have to pay more for the whole procedure if you hire on an hourly basis.

You may negotiate a better deal with the mechanic by offering him a high discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more concerns about airbag replacement, this part is for you.

I’ve tried my best to answer any additional questions you might have:

Is it possible to drive a car without airbags?

It’s not a good idea to drive a car without airbags because your body won’t be protected in the event of an accident.

It’s unlikely that someone would buy a vehicle with no airbags, much alone drive one.

Is It Possible to Replace My Airbags?

To replace your car’s airbags, you don’t need any permission.

If you have the necessary experience and technical understanding, you may save money by replacing the airbag yourself.

However, if you don’t know enough about it, seek expert help to complete it.

Because the airbag replacement procedure must be done correctly, it necessitates training and experience.

When installing, you might inadvertently deploy the airbag, resulting in a significant waste of time and money.


An airbag is a necessary component of your vehicle’s safety system.

When a car crashes, the airbag inflates to protect your head and upper body from striking the steering wheel and dashboard.

When an airbag is deployed in a vehicle accident, it must be replaced.

If you buy a car without an airbag, you’ll need to install one as well.

Replacing the airbags on your automobile will cost money.

If you have the technical knowledge or hire a competent car mechanic to properly install the airbags and provide you with the needed protection in the case of a vehicle accident, you may exchange them.


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