how much does it cost to straight pipe a car

How Much Does It Cost To Straight Pipe A Car?


August 10, 2022

How much does it cost to straight pipe a car?

If you want the loudest sound possible from your engine, a straight pipe exhaust is the way to go.

Because of its innovative design, a straight pipe exhaust reduces the pressure on the engine due to emissive gases considerably.

That is all fine and good, but how much does it cost to straight pipe a car?

The typical installation cost, including labor costs, ranges from $1000 to $1500.

In fact, this is an expensive endeavor.

However, the increased sound output as a result of the conversion will reassure you that the upgrade was worthwhile.

Installing a new straight pipe exhaust is not simple.

You will need some prior experience, so you know what you are getting yourself into.

This article intends to educate you on all there is to understand about a straight pipe system.

Normal Exhausts Vs Straight Pipe

The differences between these exhausts are substantial.

Furthermore, as the name implies, the exhaust is composed of straight pipes.

In addition, many of these pipes are made to allow all of the engine’s pollutants to escape, which are present in all-stock car exhausts.

There are no superfluous bends that might decrease the performance of the motor.

There is no muffler on the exhaust you want to investigate, so the sound goes through freely.

There will be nothing stopping the sound from rushing through unrestricted, and you will get to hear the loud noise you’ve always desired.

Advantages Of Getting The Straight Pipe Exhaust

I want to discuss straight pipe exhaust systems, because many of you readers may be aware of all of the benefits and disadvantages of a straight pipe system.

Because I’m new to this, I’d want to explain some aspects so that others who are familiar with it can add their two cents.

The following are some of the advantages of having this exhaust:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Improved horsepower output
  • Backpressure has been reduced
  • Because of the absence of the catalytic converter and muffler, this vehicle has significantly less weight
  • The sound is improved, unfiltered, and aggressive

As you can see, this sort of exhaust system may completely change the way you drive.

It may breathe new life into your old engine.

Truck and jeep drivers that use their cars for towing and hauling will appreciate the additional power.

Straight Pipe Exhaust Kit

Some of you may be uncertain about whether or not you’ll need an exhaust system that is compatible with your automobile.

You’re incorrect!

Straight pipe exhaust systems are usually adaptable across a wide range of vehicles.

This indicates there’s no need to search for a certain one because it will fit your car.

All you have to do is make sure the diameter of the pipe is comparable to your vehicle’s existing exhaust system.

If that’s true, there’ll be nothing preventing you from using it with your car.

how much does it cost to straight pipe a car

The only thing you’ll have to worry about is the brand you pick.

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to vehicle components, just like with any other part.

From poor to outstanding, there are several different types of straight pipe exhausts available.

You should look for one with a good number of ratings and that comes from a reputable manufacturer.

The only way to install it is to do it without any tension, ensuring that there are no problems in the future.

Can The Engine Be Damaged With A Straight Pipe Exhaust?

Many people are now asking this question, and it’s caused them to hesitate before purchasing the enormous exhaust kit.

To address your concern, a straight pipe system will not harm or damage the engine in any manner.

It’s quite simple to figure out for yourself.

There are no turns in the pipes, no muffler, and no catalytic converter.

All of these cuts result in enhanced performance and noise levels.

Even in the long-term, there is no way the engine can be damaged.

Because it reduces back pressure from the engine dramatically, the exhaust is more useful for it.

Again, this solution does not apply to all straight pipe systems on the market.

If you buy from a shady business with poor ratings, you run the risk of damaging your engine.

However, well-known or established companies minimize that danger considerably.

Can A Straight Pipe Install Decrease Fuel Efficiency?

You should notice an increase in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Some people have reported worse performance. I’ll tell you why.

When individuals switch from a regular exhaust to a high-performance one, they want the engine to roar.

The rest of the engine coolant system is not that bad, but step three on the pedal is just too noisy.

When they love listening to loud noise, as in this scenario, you’ll notice a loss in fuel efficiency.

However, if you drive in the same manner and continue to save money, you may see a few improvements.

The difference will not be day and night; rather, the more savings there are, the better.

Torque Loss With The Straight Pipe – Myth Or Not

I can assure you that a straight pipe exhaust has no adverse effect on the performance of a car.

You’ll notice an increase in everything, including horsepower and torque, as a result of this modification.

If you’re still unconvinced, ask someone who has installed and used a straight pipe exhaust.

You’ll hear something similar to this, as well as many positive comments about the upgrade.

As I previously stated, the upgrade is well worth it!

Straight Pipe Vs Muffler Delete

There may be a lot of one who doesn’t want to spend more than $1,000 on a sound increase.

There are other options that you will undoubtedly appreciate.

A muffler delete is one example.

You simply remove the muffler from your car.

There is a marked difference in sound, although it pales in comparison to a straight pipe exhaust.

There’s a good chance that the sound benefit will be greater than enough for your preferences with a muffler delete.

Legal Issues With A Straight Pipe Exhaust

Unfortunately, a straight pipe kit is not legal in the United States.

The main reason for this is that it does not include a muffler.

The general rule in all the United States states is that no muffler should be removed or modified.

gray chevrolet crew cab pickup truck parked on forest during daytime

That is until you attach an aftermarket straight pipe exhaust kit.

That’s correct; this exhaust is completely unlawful.

Unless you want to break the law, it’s better not to use a straight pipe exhaust system.

Furthermore, because of the loud intake noise, you are certain to be pulled over by a police officer in blue.

They may not be happy about it, and there’s a chance they’ll ticket you for disturbing the peace.

Issues With A Straight Pipe Exhaust

A straight pipe exhaust has several drawbacks, including complaints from neighbors.

One of the most typical is that neighboring households were disturbed by the loud noise that woke them up in the morning.

This is something to think about before purchasing a new exhaust system.

Also, there’s a possibility the sound is too loud for your taste.

Before purchasing an automobile with one installed, it is suggested that you test one first.

If the noise is too loud, consider alternative choices such as exhaust tips or a muffler delete to see if they help.

Keep in mind that removing the latter is prohibited.

Time To Install A Straight Pipe Exhaust Kit

If the individual who’s installing it has the required expertise, it should take him or her around four hours to complete the job.

It’s usually a bad idea to attempt welding yourself.

As the work necessitates welding and has other complicated processes, it’s preferable to hire someone with expertise.

You have a significant chance of making mistakes.

You don’t want to see your $1,000 exhaust go to waste.

Hire a professional with enough expertise in the field.

You won’t have to worry about anything going wrong if you do it this way.

It is possible that your vehicle will require more than one visit.

However, this time frame does not apply to all automobiles.

If you have a car with many upgrades already done, expect to wait significantly longer.

Regardless, the wait is worthwhile.

Cost Of Getting A Straight Pipe Exhaust

I mentioned in the opening that a straight pipe exhaust will set you back between $1000 and $1500.

The variance is due to component costs, as well as other factors.

Depending on the car and the mechanic you choose to do the installation for you, it’s quite typical for it to exceed this range.

It is advised not to select the cheapest alternatives since this is a once-in-a-lifetime upgrade.

Installing The Exhaust At Home

If you are not a mechanical expert, I understand that purchasing and installing the exhaust system yourself may save you a few hundred dollars.

Despite this, the incidence of failure is significantly greater than you would anticipate.

Many types of equipment are required for the task, some of which may or may not be present in your toolkit.

You’ll also need a competent instructor to walk you through the procedure.

Because a straight pipe exhaust is excluded from a standard one, the installation procedure is likewise unique.

Every stage of the procedure is a time-consuming activity.

You must be certain that you are capable of doing the task.

To assure that you are up for the task, it is advised that you view at least a few YouTube videos.

The welding procedure is the most challenging.

You must be sure that it is done correctly.

A leak might harm the engine and lead to additional problems that you may not have considered.

I advocate hiring a specialist once again for this task.


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