How Much HP Does A Camshaft

How Much HP Does A Cam Add?


April 21, 2022

We’ve all wanted to get more power out of our engines at some time or another. No matter what displacement or horsepower it has now, a little extra is always a good idea.

Most people have concluded that they should replace their camshaft based on internet debates and YouTube videos. It’s a good idea since updating your performance camshaft increases horsepower, but how much hp does a cam add?

Camshaft modifications are not a one-size-fits-all solution for performance. While camshafts do provide horsepower, the increase is usually less than 10% and in some cases as little as 5%.

The 50-100 horsepower boost mentioned frequently can be obtained with additional modifications at Stages 1 and 2.

Camshafts are the drive components responsible for converting power from the engine’s cylinders into rotational force that is transferred to the wheels. In this article, we’ll look at how camshafts operate and why replacing them with a more powerful version improves power while also increasing horsepower. Continue reading if you want to learn more!

What Is The Camshaft And How Does It Work?

About Camshaft

The camshaft is a rod that may be lowered or raised at the bottom or top of the engine. It includes precisely cut cams that are meticulously coordinated with each other to open and shut the cylinders’ valves.

The camshaft for a pushrod engine is located at the bottom of the block. The camshaft drives a chain of rods that extends toward the valves and actuates them, as the name implies.

An overhead camshaft is a type of camshaft in which the camshaft is positioned at the top of the engine. An overhead camshaft engine has two camshafts, one for exhaust valves and one for intake valves.

In contrast, a four-cylinder engine has two intake and two exhaust valves per cylinder. In a 16-valve four-cylinder engine, there are frequently four camshafts; each one has four sets of four cams and two exhausts and two intake valves.

A dual-cam design employs two camshafts with eight cams on each.

Is There A Link Between The Camshaft And Power?

The power of an engine is generated as a result of burning an air-fuel mixture after it has been properly combined and pressurized.

Because the intake valve is opened and closed by the camshaft, changing its operation may result in a more oxygen-rich combination with improved ignition strength.

The stock camshaft was created with long life, better performance, and fuel efficiency in mind. Because the high-performance camshaft does not affect the amount of petrol sprayed into the cylinder, it only adds 10 to 20 horsepower to the engine.

If you think about how much hp does a cam add, you find some interesting things. The engine is constantly changing to extract more power. The new camshaft will be restricted by the fuel injectors. When you install improved valves, improved fuel injectors are required.

To distribute and expel all of the air, you’ll require a better intake and exhaust manifold. You may gain up to 50-100 horsepower after that, but will the overall upgrade be worth it at that point?

Replacing The Camshaft

Upgrading camshaft

You’ve undoubtedly absorbed a large amount of information about do-it-yourself maintenance and repairs by reading DIY maintenance and repair articles.

However, you’ve also learned that I don’t teach what I don’t understand or at the very least how to explain it correctly.

One of those tasks is to replace the camshaft, particularly when a bespoke camshaft is required.

If you want to replace the camshaft, look for a trustworthy mechanic and find out how much hp does a cam add. This article will show you how much effort and expertise it takes to change the camshaft.

How Much Do You Need To Pay To Replace The Camshaft?

Aftermarket camshafts vary in price depending on the brand and type of vehicle; the typical range is $200 to $600, but prices may quickly escalate with more advanced options.

Camshaft kits that include all of the components you can change as well as the camshaft are also available. Because this operation is labor-intensive and tough, mechanics may charge $1000-$2000 for it.

How Much HP Does A Cam Add?

camshaft and valves upgrade

Replacing the camshaft for a boost in performance is both time-consuming and ineffective, especially if you have an older car.

The efficiency of the powertrain deteriorates with time due to wear and the accumulation of dirt and carbon deposits. Cleaning out the system manually or using fuel additives will provide more power back to the engine than a new camshaft does.

It’s not a terrible option to choose a high-performance aftermarket alternative over expensive stock camshafts if you must replace the camshaft.

If you want to know how much hp does a cam add, and want to make more power from the engine, go all out and replace many parts, from intake to exhaust. You may begin by removing the exhaust catalytic converter and adding a new exhaust manifold depending on your state’s laws.

Modern vehicles have emission restrictions, therefore removing as much of it as feasible allows the engine to breathe more freely and create more power. It’s something we’ve previously discussed in-depth, so go take a look at it if you haven’t already.


1. What Does A Stage 2 Camshaft Give In Terms Of HP?

Stage 2 requires not only a new camshaft but also an updated intake and exhaust system, as well as remapping the ECU. If you want to judge; how much hp does a cam add, it can be estimated when both stages are completed, you may expect to see a power increase of 20-25%.

2. What Is The HP Increase Per Stage 3 Cam?

Although the final output for this stage is approximately 40% greater than the stock setup, you’ll need to finish Stage 1 and 2 modifications as well as a mild big bore in the engine.

3. Does A Camshaft Improve Engine Performance?

Yes, depending on the configuration, a camshaft may provide 10 to 20 horsepower. To get the full benefit of a high-performance camshaft, you’ll have to replace other components such as the intake manifold, exhaust system, injectors, and valve heads.


Although it is not difficult, the expense of replacing the camshaft makes it uneconomical to do so at home.

As a result, I advise against upgrading your camshaft until you need to replace the stock one, and while you’re there, upgrade a few other components to get more power.

Wondering how much hp does a cam add, here’s the answer, a high-performance camshaft alone will not provide you with a power increase greater than 10%.



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