how to break a car window quietly

How To Break A Car Window Quietly


August 10, 2022

If you’re going to smash a car window, you probably don’t want to draw attention to yourself, so you probably wonder how to break a car window quietly?

If you’re going to break your car window, you probably don’t want anyone asking you why.

When it comes to rescuing yourself, it’s best to have some sort of window breaker or an emergency hammer.

Auto parts stores sell these for a reasonable price.

Here Are 9 Ways On How To Break A Car Window Quietly

How To Break A Car Window Quietly

You should be aware of the many methods for breaking glass silently in an emergency.

Here are the most effective and time-tested methods for breaking one without much difficulty.

This allows them to operate in peace without making the high-pitched noise that a shattered glass would generate.

1. Spark Plug

Children and dogs should never be left alone in a vehicle.

During the heat, you will witness numerous people trying in vain to crack open the window.

This is because they try to break the window with anything they can find.

Car windows are composed of tempered glass, which is stronger than conventional glass, thus they do not work in cars.

That’s why a spark plug is more likely than a hammer to break.

Spark plugs are microscopic components in the engine bay that send electric sparks to the combustion chamber.

To break the window, the spark plug has a ceramic core in the center.

Small enough that a spark plug smashes the glass but a hammer doesn’t.

The automobile glass is difficult to break, but when it does, it bursts into pieces.

The low density is due to the rapid cooling of the glass during manufacture.

Decompression occurs because the exterior glass is colder than the inner layer.

The interior half splits readily when a spark plug is thrown at it (with the ceramic towards the glass).

So, how to silently break a window with a spark plug.

To break the glass, toss a ceramic piece at the edges with all your might.

Compared to the glass’s center, they shatter easily.

2. Emergency Hammer

The emergency hammer is an unexpected addition to the toolbox.

This is a tool that may be utilized at any time to help you.

The hammer has a metal point on one end and a seat belt cutter on the other.

The emergency hammer does a great job of shattering windows, and it does so silently.

I’d also like to know how to crack a car window from the inside.

Even while the tool can be used from the outside, it is most effective when utilized from within the car.

Again, the margins outperform the center.

3. Porcelain Bit

In an emergency, a porcelain bit or any other small, sharp instrument would do.

Due to the production process, the glass has a low density, which makes it vulnerable to sharp things.

How can you slam a window from afar?

It’s porcelain.

Throw it from a distance at one of the corners and watch the glass break.

4. Standard EMT Device

Another option for quickly breaking windows is an EMT gadget.

It is used by police officers and other emergency professionals, such as firefighters, to smash windows.

This can be used to smash any sort of glass, including windows.

Duct tape should be used to hold the window together due to the noise caused by the glass cracking.

Hit the glass in the middle and watch it shatter.

Make it even quieter by putting a thick blanket under it.

Like the emergency hammer, it is likewise reasonably priced.

5. Hit The Edge

If possible, avoid hitting the windshield and rear window.

The enemy’s temptations will not sway them if time is of importance.

Repairing them is also excessively costly.

The front windows are the most vulnerable.

A vehicle hammer would be useful if you have one on hand.

But anything sharp will do.

Strike hard at the car window.

Heavily fracturing at the sides and corners.

A car’s window is weatherproof.

Then you should never use a blunt object on them or hit them in the core.

They can take even the hardest hits.

That way, no glass would be shattered.

6. Automatic Center Punch Tool

Plumbers and carpenters use this to drill holes in metal or wood.

It is easy to use.

It’s like the center punch, but without the hammer.

The lower surface area of the impact produces less sound, yet it is quite effective in breaking glass.

Gently unclasp the spring and press it against the glass.

The punch effect quiets the glass.

The spring’s energy is enough to shatter the glass.

It is reasonably priced at any hardware shop.

7. Use A Duct Tape

Do you have time to wash your car’s windows?

So, you’re curious about how to break glass without shattering it?

Consider duct tape. In addition to being less messy, this method of car glass smashing is highly successful.

Tape the inside and outside of the window if possible.

You’ll need a lot more than you think.

Pre-ordering a few is therefore advised.

Crush your glass with whatever you have handy.

The tape muffles the sound of cracking the glass.

Worry not about the glass shards because the tape will catch them.

8. Cocktail Method

There are only a few methods that have been proven to be truly successful.

However, what if you only have basic tools?

You can get a better, quieter result by using a combination; the quieter it is, the better it is.

Anything to attract the attention of the next-door neighbors.

  • Duct tape the entire window to get started. It softens the blow and collects the shattered glass, so it’s practically noiseless.
  • Place a large blanket or soundproof blanket under the window to keep the noise at bay. There will be no more noise.
  • Use a hammer and a cushion to break the glass one piece at a time.
  • The duct tape will hold the glass in place, allowing it to fall on the soundproof blanket without making a peep.

9. Soundproof Blanket

Soundproof blankets don’t help you break the glass, but they do a better job of dampening the noise than any big blanket.

Attach a soundproof blanket to the bottom of the window.

To break the glass, place it on top of it and smash it with a hammer or other tool.

Ideally, you want to hit it on top of the blanket so that it covers the interior of the glass.

To reduce sound pollution, a soundproof blanket is used.

How To Break A Car Window Quietly

Safe Glass Breaking Precautions

While the thought of saving someone may cloud your judgment, you should take extra care with your eyewear.

After all, it’s sharp and you may easily get harmed.

Identify The Type Of The Glass

It’s critical to recognize the type of glass you’re going to break.

For example, safety glasses cannot be smashed like a car window.

Two layers of safety glasses with a plastic layer between them.

They are quiet and easy to break.

If none of the following tools are available, use a hammer.

Gear To Keep You Safe

Protective gear such as gloves, boots, and glasses should be worn.

But in an emergency, none of these are available.

If feasible, wear jackets, long-sleeved shirts, gloves, and/or shoes.

Before doing anything, protect yourself.

Clean Up

Breaking glass is messy, but you must first secure it.

Assure that no one steps in the area to avoid getting hurt by the glass.

First, check sure no children or pets are near the automobile.


While I hope you don’t need to smash your window, emergencies happen.

And if that means breaking a window, go for it.

Better still, have an EMT gadget or an emergency hammer to crack the car window.

You may be rescuing a child or a pet stuck in a heated car.

In these circumstances, a porcelain bit would be useful.

No one knows why it usually cracks a window without making a sound.

If you want to clean up the mess, use duct tape and a soundproof blanket or thick blanket.

Protect yourself and those around you first.

Finally, before driving, check your automobile for shattered glass fragments.


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