how to start a car with a bad ignition switch

How To Start On A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch


August 10, 2022

When you’re trying to ignite your car and it doesn’t turn over, it can be frustrating.

You think that there’s something wrong with either batteries or cables but sometimes all this happens because of an ignition switch problem.”

Water damage to your car’s ignition switch is not only electrical.

It also involves a mechanical failure as the connector gets wet and corrodes over time, which causes a buildup of corrosion products inside that can short out wires insulation leading into other parts or even worse: stop working completely!

Loose connections can also cause a switch failure.

A short circuit occurs when loose electrical wires are connected, which results in a variety of other problems including yours and even fires!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to start on a car with a bad ignition switch?

We’re here to assist you!

In this post, we’ll show you how to take care of auto repairs and repair the issue as quickly as possible.

What Is An Ignition Switch And How Does It Work?

The ignition switch is a component of your automobile that most people take for granted.

It’s well-known for starting up, but many individuals are unaware of what occurs when they turn the key or press the button!

Following is a discussion related to the working of ignition, as well as some suggestions for making your car start more readily in the cold.

We’ll also go over how to avoid certain types of issues before they occur by doing scheduled maintenance of your vehicle’s ignition system.

But first, let’s view some fundamentals related to automotive electricity.

Your car’s system is like the one in your home, only with more wires and components.

The key to keeping it running smoothly isn’t hard-to-use equipment; all you need are basic knowledge of how electricity works!

The battery provides power to start the engine.

The starter lashes it with a spark that lights up all of those coils at once, creating electricity and setting off an explosion in your car’s ignition system!

The starter motor is what starts your car.

When you switch on the ignition, current passes from a battery through wires that go directly to this solenoid which causes it to activate and stretch in levers with jaws on both sides of its drive shafts – thus engaging gearboxes everywhere!

With all of this gearing in place, turning the engine overtakes far less effort – so you can power the motor on your own.

And now, I will show you how to shift the key.

A switch transfers current to our car’s ignition coil when turning on your fob and pressing “Start,” causing sparks to enter it generating heat!

The spark ignites a tiny space of air/fuel mixture in all cylinders if everything goes according to plan.

The resultant combustion causes the pistons to move downward, turning the car’s driveshaft and producing power that runs it!

how to start a car with a bad ignition switch

What Happens To An Switch When It Goes Bad?

The most common problem with the ignition switch is water intrusion.

If it gets wet, you could have a corroded and eventually failed component in need of replacement or repair!

Another possible cause for trouble could be loose connections which will create secondary electrical failures throughout the system.

You should get your automobile’s ignition checked once a year to verify that everything is in better working condition and that it is monitored on a regular basis.

However, the easiest method to avoid these difficulties in the first place?

Maintainance on a regular basis!

Symptoms of a Poor Ignition Switch

Sometimes it’s difficult to diagnose car problems without looking under the hood.

You may have heard a knocking sound rising from near the vicinity of your steering wheel, but nothing occurs when you turn the engine with the initiator key (this might be an indication of a problem farther down the line such as a loose connection at one end).

Along with checking for sparks, you should make sure there’s no broken or low-quality insulation on the battery box.

A bad ground can cause excessive current flow which could result in a fire hazard.

When the engine is on, the flickering of lights or electrical equipment might be an indication that there’s too much strain on the system because of a bad connection somewhere, resulting in a complete shutdown.

Initiate a Car with an Inoperative Ignition Switch

Let’s see at some ideas on how to initiate a vehicle with a faulty ignition switch:

Try switching the key around.

It may seem strange, but it has helped me on rare occasions.

Try putting your automobile in neutral before turning the ignition if it has a manual gearbox.

You’re now prepared for the adventure of a lifetime!

Combine one end of your jumper cable to an engine battery, then connect it with another, but make sure they’re both totally charged.

If everything fails, you may be required to call towing services or have your automobile brought in for repairs.

Alternatively, why not try again?

how to start a car with a bad ignition switch

How to Repair a Failed Ignition By Jumper Wires?

Starting a car with an out-of-order ignition switch requires jumping cables.

Begin by double-checking your car’s battery for the +ve and -ve connections.

Connect the adaptor to a power source outside your car, such as at home or in another automobile’s battery or charger pack; the other ends are connected together – red for +)

If you’ve completed the previous steps, your car should initiate without a problem.

Because the material utilized in these jumpers is thin, it is crucial not to allow them to touch when the car is in operation.

How to Get a Car Running with a Dead Ignition Switch

Eliminate the panels around where the battery is placed and unscrew all four bolts that keep it in place.

Then pull these out with pliers if required, and have a look!

The first thing to do is locate a red wire that enters the positive (+) terminal of an automobile battery connection on the left side of the panel.

The ground wire is almost always ignored, but it’s important to make sure your post doesn’t short out against anything else!

You don’t want to mess with your engine if you can help it.

Keep those three things connected and then start up the car again – anything else might fail during the process, which will put everything back where it was before- not best!

How to Use a Screwdriver and Drill to Start Your Vehicle

Remove the cover by prying upon it with a screwdriver.

It’s fastened with two bolts, so it should be simple to remove!

When you turn off your car’s ignition, there are three little holes side by side.

The middle one is switched on and off, while the others simply keep it in position with screws that go through them into their respective slots on either side of an escutcheon (the metal plate).

You may install your tools in any order you like, but it’s preferable to start with the smaller ones and work your way up.

Twist each one of your tools clockwise one at a time by dropping it into one of these holes.

You may now drive your automobile with confidence!

After such an important repair, I send you good wishes for a safe journey home.

Simply make sure everything is replaced exactly as it was before you departed so that no one can tell what occurred.

How Do You Replace an Ignition Switch?

The task of replacing an ignition is not simple, but it may be handled by most people with the appropriate tools and training.

It’s never been easier to generate your own power at home!

All you need are some basic supplies and a little DIY experience.

This device is easy to make, as long as you have some wire and a drill.

All we’ll need are two wires that must be stripped of their insulation, duct tape, or wire coat hangers, and a soldering iron (a combination of lead and tin).

When it comes to your car, you want the best advice possible.

That’s why we’re here!

We can diagnose what needs fixing and repair it with ease in mind – there are no hidden fees or surprises so that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

We know how important this is for our valued customers which is why all of us work together as one team; giving each individual client his/her own personal attention.

Is it feasible for me to fix my own ignition switch?

When you’re working on your car, it’s critical to not only repair any damaged parts but also to ensure that it is as safe as possible by performing the following steps: changing the ignition switch and tightening all loose bolts.

It might appear to be difficult work, but it isn’t when you have the proper tools and knowledge.

Before the start of any job on this critical component, make sure you have all of the required materials!

The electrical system in your automobile is delicate.

When eliminating the previous switch, be careful, and make sure you’re installing it correctly for the best results!

How Can I Keep My Ignition Switch In Good Operating Order?

To avoid difficulties with your ignition switch, you should perform scheduled maintenance on the system every few months.

You can clean up any loose wires or damaged insulation to ensure a solid connection, then check for missed spots that may be grounding out your circuit.

Keep your car in good shape by following these simple ways every time you ride it!

Make sure you take your key out of the ignition switch before removing wires to avoid any potential explosions.

If we can’t work safely because there is no electricity flowing through them and they can’t cause an explosion because of this, I’ll need access without damaging anything else nearby, such as wiring harnesses or other equipment!

Begin by removing four screws holding down this panel using a wrench while keeping a careful watch on everything around you at all times.

Always be careful when working with your car’s electrical system.

It is easy to get hurt if you don’t pay attention and follow these simple precautions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Ignition Switches to Malfunction?

To avoid having issues with your ignition switch, you should conduct regular maintenance on it.

In order to prevent the car from not starting up or operating properly when it’s most needed- during the cold!

Ensure all connections are clean and firmly fastened.

Check for frayed connections or damaged insulation; if necessary, replace as needed.

Before removing the key from your vehicle’s ignition switch, check for any sparks by disconnecting any energized wire while still connected to power!

You may need to remove some panels around the battery location in order to gain access without causing damage to other elements such as wiring harnesses.

Unscrew and remove the negative terminal cable from its post, then do the same for the positive side.

With the battery out of the way, you can now see and access the ignition switch.

Before beginning any job on this critical component, make sure you have all of the required materials!

The most common cause of an ignition switch malfunction is a bad connection.

Check all of your connections to ensure they’re clean and snug before attempting to start your car.

If you still can’t seem to get it working, consider replacing the switch entirely.

How Often Should I Replace My Ignition Switch?

It’s generally recommended that you replace your ignition switch every few years or so in order to prevent any potential issues.

Make sure you consult your car’s owner’s manual or a professional mechanic to get an accurate estimate of how often you should replace it.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Ignition Switch?

The cost of replacing an ignition switch will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

It’s generally recommended that you consult a professional mechanic to get an accurate estimate of how much it would cost to replace the switch in your specific vehicle.

Isn’t It True That A Faulty Ignition Switch Can Cause My Car To Explode?

A faulty ignition switch might harm your automobile’s electrical system, which can lead to further difficulties.

If you detect any problems, it’s critical that it be fixed as soon as possible.


We hope that this article has helped you start your car with a bad ignition switch.

If not, don’t worry!

There are professionals out there who can help and they will diagnose the problem for free so just make sure to take care of general maintenance on all aspects electrical system in order to prevent future problems down the road thanks again for reading.


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