How To Turn Off ABS Light

How To Turn Off ABS Light


April 11, 2022

ABS faults should not be treated lightly, but the ABS light may come on without any system issues in certain situations. In those instances, if you ask how to turn off abs light,  unplugging the warning light can take only a few minutes.

On a Dodge Grand Caravan, merely removing the battery and letting the computer drain fully is sufficient to reset the ABS light. The warning should be gone after you reconnect the wires.

The ABS light should be reset in the quickest time possible, but it isn’t always effective, therefore we’ll look at several techniques and reasons that the ABS light spins on in this post.

Resetting ABS Light

The first approach is to remove the battery and clean the car’s computer memory.

This technique doesn’t always work, but it is the quickest and simplest & best to try if you want to learn how to turn off abs light.

Checking The Fuse Box

How To Turn Off ABS Light

The third option is to check your Dodge Grand Caravan’s fuse box. It’s located next to the battery in the engine compartment. Remove the cover and check each of the fuses with a test light. Simply touch the two naked metal spots on the fuse to see if the lamp comes on.

Remove the blown fuse using the fuse clip. On one side, you’ll see an omega-shaped metal wire (Ω).

When a wire is broken, it indicates that the fuse has been destroyed and must be substituted. Replace it with a new fuse of equal quality and continue looking until you’ve gone through all of the fuses

Fuses are simple to replace and require no special tools. When one goes down, you’ll want a few on hand. Having a box of extra fuses in the trunk can assist you to get back home if your Dodge’s windscreen wiper, lights, or other electric-powered systems stop working on the road.

How To Turn Off abs Light With No Troubleshooting Messages

How To Turn Off ABS Light

The following approach may seem strange, but it’s worth a shot since some Caravan drivers claim to have benefited from it when they are perplexed by the question of how to turn off abs light.

It’s especially beneficial for perplexing phantom error messages that diagnostic equipment can’t identify. This implies the ABS light may come on after a trip to the mechanic and your automobile is being analyzed and repaired.

  1. Turn your vehicle on and hold the brake pedal down.
  2. Turn the steering swirl completely to the right, place the gear in reverse, and inch backward.
  3. Put the shifter in drive, then straighten the steering wheel while moving forward. Drive at a very slow pace.
  4. Let go of the brake and then press it again as you turn the steering wheel to the left when you’re traveling straight.
  5. Repeat the process in order. The problem should go away once you release the brake pedal.
  6. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times if the error persists.

What exactly is ABS?

How To Turn Off ABS Light

Keeping aside the issue how to turn off abs light, first, we need to understand what is ABS. ABS is a type of anti-lock braking method that uses sensors to determine when the brakes are used and released on automobiles.

In 1978, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch collaborated to develop the first ABS usable in cars. It’s one of the most significant developments in vehicle safety and accident prevention, along with three-point seatbelts.

ABS is a brake system that senses the amount of pressure you put on the brake lever. When you apply too much force to the brake lever, the wheel will completely lock up, which can be hazardous and result in a fall.

The same applies to cars; instead of losing stability, however, the driver loses control.

The problem is compounded by the fact that latched wheels skid like a sled. While driving in heavy rain or snow, the treads of the tire will rapidly fill up, reducing their grip considerably.

ABS instantly applies the brakes in a short sequence. Wheels will spin and you’ll observe how to lock it separately, eliminating the danger of skidding.

ABS is not only important for improving the brake’s performance, but it also allows you to drive while steering. You may stop and change course away from an obstacle in front of you at the same time if one appears.

When changing wheels on snowy or damp roads using ABS, new sections of the tire come into touch with the surface to prevent tread filling and sliding.

Assume that the road on the right is covered in snow, while the road on the left is clear. When the circumstances are ideal, your car’s ABS system will take care of the braking for you automatically.

When brakes are applied to a car without ABS to the left, it spins out of control and towards the left because the left wheels have greater friction and therefore brake stronger. A vehicle with ABS will stop evenly despite its grip differences.

Why Does My ABS Light Come On?

How To Turn Off ABS Light

If the ABS light blinks, it indicates that there is a problem with the system. The ABS light illuminates when the system detects an issue.

ABS problems like how to turn off abs light are prevalent, and we’ll go through some of the most prevalent causes, but getting your Dodge fixed by a dealership or an expert mechanic is your best option for detecting and resolving an ABS malfunction.

A diagnostic tool can merely identify the problem and save you time and money on superfluous repairs.

The ABS module is typically located in the engine compartment and is connected to the traction control system. The cost of replacing it ranges from $400 to $700, depending on the model year. In addition, labor will set you back an additional $100, in addition to any diagnostic charges.

ABS malfunctions are also caused by low brake fluid levels. A hydraulic system is typical in which a pump pushes hydraulic fluid toward the cylinders and compresses the brake pads.

During a downpour, the brake pedal will gradually become less sensitive, eventually necessitating a total loss of brakes. The presence of low fluid levels will be signaled by the activation of the ABS and brake lights, so you should address them as soon as feasible.

It’s possible that one of the rear wheel speed sensors has gone bad, which is known as an ABS failure. Clean and inspect the ABS reluctor, which is behind the brakes and includes gear teeth that can be damaged or filthy, as needed.

Then take your Dodge for a drive to see if the issue has been fixed. You could also try replacing the speed sensor yourself, but it’s impossible to know for certain why it’s not working.

ABS or traction control may be disabled manually in some cars, which will activate one or more caution indicators on the dashboard.

The Dodge Grand Caravan does not provide this function, despite the fact that it is another problem with a different vehicle to consider. Now the problem arises; how to turn off abs light. Simply restart the ABS by pushing the correct button, and you’ll be good to go.


Is it possible that worn brake pads compel the ABS light to come on?

The ABS module is responsible for the brake warning light and its associated illumination, but the brake system is independent of it.

If your brakes are out of commission, the ABS light should come on, but modern automobiles have wear sensors that will turn on the brake warning light if required.

Is It Secure To Drive A Vehicle With an ABS Light On?

I’m not sure. I do, however, utilize a diagnostic tool to check my Audi’s ABS module bi-monthly for ABS faults, but the warning light is always on.

Slam on the brakes hard in a major and apparent stretch of road. Rather than indicating a genuine problem, the ABS indicator light may be a phantom error code if you notice it functioning on all four wheels.

The most crucial thing to remember is that if your ABS breaks down, you could be held responsible for an accident. This alone is enough to ensure that your ABS is functioning properly and securely. No matter how to turn off abs light, you need to see the ABS control first. 

What Is The Average Cost Of Repairing The ABS System?

Differential drives are far more complicated and expensive to build than conventional transmissions. The expense of each unit varies, but it’s typically around $20-$150 per device. To get the best deal, shop around for a bargain.

ABS modules are rather expensive, ranging from $400 to $700. Don’t be fooled into paying more than is necessary for a diagnostic check; some businesses charge $100 just to discover an ABS problem.

For approximately $200, you may buy your own diagnostic device that can help you with the problem, how to turn off abs light and it is compatible with a variety of Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler vehicles.


It’s possible that turning off the ABS warning light isn’t as simple as you might think. Even though an oil service light is more of a reminder, the ABS light comes on as a caution that something isn’t operating correctly.

If you’re sure the issue isn’t there, one of the techniques described above should work well in resolving the ABS light


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