how to turn off stabilitrak

How To Turn Off Stabilitrak


August 2, 2022

How to turn off Stabilitrak?

What is it?

It’s a standard feature in a lot of new cars these days.

Stabilitrak is a traction control technology that assists automobiles in slippery circumstances.

It controls the vehicle’s power.

Using Stabilitrak, however, has several downsides.

The low power may not be effective in muddy conditions.

How To Turn Off Stabilitrak

As a result, many individuals wonder how to disable Stabilitrak.

The technique varies by car model, but all need a button combo to unlock the doors.

Stabilitrak can aid people in various situations, but it’s crucial to know all of its capabilities.

This piece aims to provide all of that and more.

Traction Control VS Stabilitrak

This may be the most often requested question in this context.

Traction control and Stabilitrak are frequently confused by the public.

For the simple reason that Stabilitrak, as its name implies, assists in maintaining the stability of the vehicle.

Traction control is also included to some extent in this.

Because it serves to reduce the likelihood of spinning and sliding, you could say that Stabilitrak is traction control.

Disadvantages Of Disabling The Stabilitrak Function

Driving in slick conditions is made substantially safer by the traction control system, which is the sole technology on the vehicle that greatly minimizes the likelihood of skidding and spinning.

How To Turn Off Stabilitrak

If you have ever driven on a slick or snowy road, you are probably aware that maintaining control is far more difficult than it is on a dry highway.

Because of the traction control, the car can provide you with greater control over the road surface you’re on.

The risk of driving with it turned off is not worth the benefit in terms of driving performance.

Ways To Disable Car Brands’ Stabilitrak Feature

Because many manufacturers are utilizing the system in their most recent releases, they have integrated the functionality in a variety of ways.

It does not affect the functionality, however, the process for enabling and deactivating it varies from one brand to the next.

This will provide a list of the leading vehicle manufacturers as well as for instructions on how to disable the Stabilitrak system on their automobiles:

1. Ford Cars

In the case of corporations like Ford, which manufactures dozens of various automobile models, there is a possibility that the technique will differ from one company to the next as well.

The one I’ll be discussing has the highest success rate of any of them.

The Stabilitrak can be switched off by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Press and hold the traction control button, which is located on the steering wheel, for a few seconds. It should only take a few seconds to press.
  2. Then hold and press the control button for a few seconds to complete the operation. This will disable the traction control system, and you will be set to go after that.

Isn’t the procedure straightforward?

Some other Ford automobiles, however, do not fall within this category.

You must be able to detect the Stabilitrak sensor for them to proceed:

  1. Navigate to the car’s menu and look for the steering wheel controls.
  2. There will be a black arrow on the steering wheel that must be pressed to proceed.
  3. Go to the menu and scroll down. We’ll be making some adjustments to the settings.
  4. There will be an accept button on the screen. Following that, you will be presented with a new menu that contains further options.
  5. Continue to scroll until you find Driver Assist. To turn it off, simply click on it.


You have finally completed the deactivation of the Stabilitrak feature in your Ford vehicle.

Only one of these will apply to your vehicle out of the two.

The second option is that it requires you to investigate the vehicle’s options.

You might come across some other characteristics of functionality that are useful to you.

2. Toyota Cars

Among all the automakers on our list, Toyota is the one that provides the most user-friendly method of shutting off the Stabilitrak system.

Maybe you did not expect that this company would be at the top of the list when it comes to preventing a vehicle’s vital functions from being turned off or turned off.

Furthermore, it has both positive and negative aspects.

These are the further details on the steps:

  1. For a few seconds, hold down the VSC button.
  2. Step 2 does not exist! The function was turned off with a single click of the mouse. When the VSC is turned off, you will see the words TRAC OFF immediately after. A confirmation that the function has been disabled is provided by this icon.

Probably, Toyota didn’t dissuade or warn people from removing this vital safety function because it made the process so simple.

Regardless of how you look at it, it’s the best out there.

3. Volkswagen

Founded in 1937, Volkswagen is one of the world’s leading automotive corporations.

Since it has firms such as Lamborghini, Audi, and Skoda under its belt, you may anticipate some features to be consistent across all of its vehicle offerings.

A feature like Stabilitrak is one of these.

Let’s go over the procedure for disabling the traction control system in Volkswagen automobiles step by step:

  1. With the transition to push-start functionality in most modern vehicles, one feature that has been carried over from the previous ignition approach is the accessory mode. Rather than starting the engine, it turns on all of the vehicle’s electronic components and systems. For the next steps to work, you must first enter accessory mode.
  2. Make sure all of the warning lights are turned on. For those who aren’t sure where they may be found, look for the button with the red triangle on it.
  3. The exciting part is about to begin! Five times depress the accelerator pedal. In accessory mode, the car will move at a slower pace than normal.
  4. When the car has advanced five feet, press the brake pedal to bring it to a stop.

Everything has been said and done.

It is straightforward and will only take a maximum of 5 minutes, even though it is slightly more difficult than with a Ford vehicle.

The same procedure must be used if you want to switch Stabilitrak back on again later.

In rare cases, it has been reported that automobiles do not allow the traction control to be turned off entirely.

It is to believe that businesses are making wise decisions.

The same can’t be said for certain automotive systems, such as stability assist, which cannot be turned off completely.

Consequently, you may drive with confidence, knowing that the appropriate systems are in operation without compromising your driving experience.

4. Dodge, FIAT, Jeep, And Chrysler

Finally, the Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler vehicles are included on the final set of automobiles that can have the Stabilitrak technology turned off: the Grand Cherokee.

All of the manufacturers listed above have made the procedure of turning off the feature so simple that they can compete with Toyota in this regard.

All you have to do in any of the vehicles from the aforementioned manufacturers is hold down the ESC key for 6 seconds.

Your vehicle’s traction control will be turned off as a result of this action.

5. GMC And Chevrolet

You’re probably asking why both of these businesses are located in the same section of the website.

Chevrolet and GMC are both owned by General Motors.

Some characteristics of both vehicles are similar, one of which being the Stabilitrak system.

In the case of cars such as the GMC Sierra, the Stabilitrak technology is activated until the vehicle reaches a specified speed restriction.

The feature has been turned off by standard, but you can enable it.

Regardless, we’re here to talk about how to disable the feature.

As a result, whenever you travel at or above 56 km/h, the function will automatically turn off.

It is not possible to entirely disable it.

So, Why Is It That The Procedure Isn’t More Straightforward?

If a corporation, such as Toyota, makes the procedure of shutting off the traction control feature as simple as pushing and holding a button, the likelihood of it being mistakenly turned off increases dramatically.

The bare minimum they should do is hide the item deep within the menu structure, forcing people to hunt for it.

The majority of users aren’t even concerned with whether or not the function is enabled.

Because of the greater safety, they decide to leave it in its default state.

Consequently, the process should be made more difficult, similar to the one seen in Volkswagen automobiles, where you must adhere to a specified set of regulations to turn the feature off.

Turning On The Stabilitrak Light

Because the functionality is not intended to be enabled and disabled repeatedly, there is a potential that it will malfunction.

As a result, a traction control light will illuminate the instrument panel.

How To Turn Off Stabilitrak

In these types of situations, it is recommended that the sensor be reset to eradicate any problems.

This is a list of a few of the factors that can lead to the light turning on:

1. Malfunction Of The Sensor

Stabilitrak relies on sensors to determine speed and steering angle, therefore if one of those sensors gives a false reading, the feature will activate, as seen by the light on the instrument panel.

Sensors of this type typically necessitate a reset.

However, they can fail at times.

Getting a new sensor as soon as feasible is recommended in circumstances like these.

2. Controller Is Defective

Stabilitrak does not communicate directly with the sensors.

Instead, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), receives the signal and then transmits it to the vehicle.

Improper decoding and transmission of data might result from poor PCM operation.

The fault is more likely to occur when the vehicle is driven in harsh conditions.

There’s a risk of a faulty connection as well, although it’s unlikely.

A malfunction with the Stabilitrak system should not be a concern if no work has been done near it.

Instrument panel lights can’t be turned off unless sensors and controllers are fixed.

As quickly as feasible, these issues must be addressed.

Where Can I Find A Stabilitrak Fuse?

When it comes to this, every car is a little different, as is every manufacturer.

Fuse removal may be necessary, but it should be avoided at all costs.

That’s because it’s generally part of the ABS, and removing the fuse could cause it not to work.

Your best option is to disable Stabilitrak using a manner that is suitable for your vehicle without impacting any of the car’s key functions.

In What Way Can I Fix My Stabilitrak?

There have been instances of the Stabilitrak function malfunctioning without notice or explanation.

This is to be anticipated because it is a sensor-based product.

Regardless, there is a technique to reset the system so that it no longer bothers you.

  1. Turn off the car.
  2. For at least 20 seconds, do not start it. To be on the safe side, turn it off for a full 30 seconds.
  3. The notification should have gone away if you put the vehicle on “standby” mode.

Glitch removal is the simplest and most dependable way to fix a computer system because it is based on electricity.

Get your car checked out and mended if the warning light is still on if you still have it.

Whether or not the repair costs a lot of money is up to the individual.

All of this is dependent on what exactly is wrong.

Auto-Shutdown Of The Traction Control System

This section will examine a common issue.

The Stabilitrak feature in their automobiles has been disabled without their knowledge.

As a result, the quick loss of power could cause a crash.

A sudden misfire may indicate an engine issue.

When the Stabilitrak system malfunctions, the instrument panel lights flash.

If you’re driving, pull over as quickly as possible.

It requires a running engine, therefore if there is a problem, it is deactivated.

To diagnose the issue, you must purchase and install an OBDII reader.

It is most likely a faulty spark plug.

Once you’ve done so, the functionality will start operating immediately.

If the issue persists, you’ll need to have the engine inspected by a mechanic.

This procedure can be used to inspect your spark plug.

The fix doesn’t have to be expensive.

A new system should cost no more than $200.

This pricing includes labor and new parts.

If you live in an area with slick roads, you should make repairs as soon as feasible.


Stabilitrak can be turned off, and hope that you find the answer to your question.

Every major American manufacturer was addressed in my research.

To receive the information you’re looking for if your car manufacturer isn’t on the list, you’ll need to get a service manual for your exact model number, which may be accessible online.

As a result, this advice is relevant to most vehicles equipped with the Stabilitrak system.

As a driver, you’ll be less likely to lose control of your vehicle if it has this feature.


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