how to unlock steering wheel without key

How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key


August 10, 2022

Locking your car’s steering wheel can be such a pain!

It seems like there are always so many things to remember when getting ready for a drive.

First of all, How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key?

And if somebody locks their keys in and then struggles as they try unsuccessfully trying desperately hard to figure out what button does this or that – we’re here with some good news: emergency unlocking tools exist just waiting around on hand at any auto parts store (or even online!).

We’ll go through how to unlock the steering wheel without a key in this post, as well as a few other options.

how to unlock steering wheel without key

Reasons Why Steering Wheels Get LOCKED

One of the major reasons for steering wheel locks is safety.

Don’t get alarmed if you’ve done something wrong; they may simply need to be unlocked!

When you turn off your car and remove the key, it will lock automatically so that no one can drive away.

This is a safety measure executed by automakers to ensure nobody screws up their vehicle while they’re still inside!

After you’ve turned off the ignition and removed your key, your steering wheel locks as a security measure against thieves.

The steering wheel is an important part of your car, as it helps you keep control and maintain steering.

With this feature locked away from would-be thieves by designating them too difficult for breaking through with tools or physical strength; the rate at which people are stealing vehicles in America has been dropping significantly over recent years!

If your automobile appears to be in good operating order on the outside, there are two primary reasons why your steering wheel is not working.

Your steering wheel may have locked up because of something other than the reasons listed above.

It could be that you’re running low on battery power, or maybe there was too much pressure when turning just moments ago and now it won’t unlock again until all these problems are fixed!

how to unlock steering wheel without key

How to Remove a Steering Wheel Lock

There are 3 main ways to remove your steering wheel lock.

Method 1: Use a Key

There are four basic alternatives to choose from.

Option 1: Insert the key and ignite it to start a car

If the tire is properly inflated, you should be able to turn it in the same path as you did before.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember; you may rotate the keys in both directions and it will still work.

Option 2: Try another key

There are a few reasons why your car key may not be working properly.

If you have tried everything and it is still not opening the door, find out if there’s another one available by looking for an extra set of keys that should unlock all locks on this type or model vehicle from Toyota corolla to BMW 3 series!

Or it could be really simple, for example, the battery has failed or you’re using your car too much.

However, newer model cars don’t provide spare keys so this is how method 2 comes into play!

Option 3: Apply WD-40 instead

You may have to clean out the dirt and debris from your ignition port before you can unlock it.

Spray some WD40 around that area, then give everything a good brushing with a soft-bristled brush (be careful not to scratch up those sensitive parts!).

If none of these work tries changing which side of the steering wheel is up – cars usually turn themselves after a while because one end has heavier resistance than another; just make sure both locks are engaged at all times!

If you’re having trouble opening your lock with the key, try gently putting it in and turning back-and-forth until there is some movement.

This may work for some locks but if not then we recommend getting someone professional help!

Option 4: Use a hammer

The key is placed in the ignition and gently tapped with a hammer.

This option may be more than odd, but it still works!

Take care when tapping your hammer against the key, as this can damage it.

Make sure you’re aware of how hard and fast to strike for the best results!

Method 2: By changing the ignition, you may unlock your phone

It is a more technical method, but it’s recommended that you first try the other two options before applying this method.

You might want to find an experienced professional using these techniques because they can get quite complex and detailed-oriented quickly without guidance from someone who knows what they’re doing!

Most significantly, you must consult your owner’s handbook again.

Step 1 – To begin, remove the steering wheel’s column panels using a Phillips screwdriver. Next, remove the screws to secure the steering wheels’ underside.

Step 2 – Release the cylinder lock. To discover the cylinder lock, insert your finger between the locking system and the cover and press down on both simultaneously. Turn the lock clockwise until the cylinder moves backward while you’re doing that. This procedure must be repeated until the lock cylinder is free.

Step 3 – Remove the old key from your vehicle and replace it with a new one. Install a new ignition lock system, then try to unlock it using your existing key. If that doesn’t work, consider using a secondary key; if your car was equipped with one.

Step 4 – Remove the panel screws, then carefully raise and lower each section until the damaged area of plastic is completely visible. Then, one at a time set it back into position.

Method 3: Use Canned Air to Un-Lock

One thing to keep in mind while utilizing this approach is that you should verify the liquid level of the powered steering pump before beginning.

To open your steering wheel, first, spray some electrical cleaner into the lock and then turn on canned air.

This will help remove dirt from inside of it so that you can get rid of all refuse as soon as possible!

Once clean enough for entry with key supremacy (or another method), insert them both together—inserting just one may cause damage due to leverage issues-and try turning clockwise until unlocked or opened automatically depending upon the make/model vehicle.

If you’re having trouble connecting your key with the car, it may be because of jagged teeth.

This can make for an impossible connection and thus need to replace or using another one from what’s sent along upon purchase if applicable ( newer models don’t need them ).

How To Start A Car With A Keyless Ignition Without A Remote

You can’t get your car unlocked without the key, but there is a way to unlock it if you have access.

You’ll need one hand on either side of where the keys would be and lightly wiggle them back and forth while simultaneously pressing the start or stop button with another half – this should release any locks holding down both left corner wheels at once!

It’s time to give your car a little push.

Start by pressing and holding both buttons on the steering wheel, then repeat this step until you hear an unlocking sound or feel it move in response!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Lock Your Steering Wheel Whilst Driving?

Yes, they may be locked; however, this is only done rarely.

The locking mechanism was built with an automatic locking steering mechanism that can be switched on only when the vehicle is not in motion or parked.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove The Steering Wheel’s Restrictions?

The car may be worthless now and if it’s an old model, there’s a good chance that fixing the problem will cost more than just buying another one.

What’s The Best Way To Remove A Steering Lock?

With your left hand, shake the steering left to right and, with your right hand, turn the key in the ignition port from off to on.


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