All You Need To Know About Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet

All You Need To Know About Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet


February 22, 2022

The Mandalorian motorcycle helmets are made in line with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Some of us might be thinking that is it some kind of combat helmet like what they use in Star Wars?

But actually, no. It’s not a combat helmet but an open face kind of motorbike helmet that looks like Boba Fett’s mask. This particular model is based on helmets worn by real-life Mandalorian Mercs.

The reason is simple; it gives them more protection compared to normal bike helmets while still looking cool and stylish at the same time due to its versatility and design which look classic and vintage at the same time.

The safety features guaranteed by this classic reproduction model make it strong and sturdy enough for daily use. For all the Star Wars fans out there, this is a good idea for an additional helmet that can be worn during your regular bike ride or motorcycle parade.

It’s not just stylish but also safe to use due to its superior venting properties which keep it comfortable for you even during long hours of riding.

Now, let’s have a look at how the Mandalorian helmets are made with proper attention to every detail visible on these helmets like the fully operational visors and numerous vents on each side of this vintage design helmet.

Features of Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet

All You Need To Know About Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet

Light in Weight

The outer shell of the Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet is very light in weight; therefore, you won’t feel any pressure while wearing this vintage-style helmet on your head.

This particular model is based on real Mandalorian helmets used by the warriors in Star Wars movies.

The outer shell of this helmet is made from fiberglass and ABS plastic which makes it sturdier and sturdy to withstand all kinds of weather conditions while traveling on a bike or motorcycle.

Anti-fog Coating

These Mandalorian helmets come with an anti-fog coating inside the visor; therefore, you’ll get a clear vision even during rain or snowfall. Some models are also fitted with an inner sun shield that protects your eyes from direct sunlight or strong headlight beams at night.

You can find some varieties which don’t have these features yet they are equally popular among the bikers.

Helmet visors are removable on some models, but there are few designs that come without any detachable feature on them which means you’ll have to buy a new one in case the visor gets damaged or scratched.

Colors and Designs

All You Need To Know About Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet

These Mandalorian helmets are available in different colors and designs based on your preferences.

Some of these are perfect for daily use while others are designed exclusively for motorcycle parades, bike shows, vintage car shows, or other special events where you’d like to flaunt your style with an extraordinary piece of headgear that makes people turn their heads around when they see it.

This is not just a helmet but an exceptional Star Wars collectible that can be kept safe in its custom case along with other pens, keychains, T-shirts, or mini-helmets which are also made in line with this particular model.

So what are you waiting for?

Invest in this particular model and share it among your friends and family members for an early Christmas present.

This is the list of all the features that make the Mandalorian motorcycle helmet a must-have accessory for Star Wars fans:

Open Face Design

Open face design with large cut-out visor for better visibility during heavy rains or storms. Inner sun shield installed to keep your eyes safe from sunlight, strong headlight beams, etc.

High-quality ABS shell which doesn’t fade over time even after being exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long period of time.

Lightweight Fiberglass Outer Shell

All You Need To Know About Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet

The lightweight fiberglass outer shell makes it sturdy yet comfortable enough to use on a daily basis without any trouble at all. This also saves you from frequent visits to the repair shop due to bumps or accidental slips because of its durability.

Multiple vents on both sides to provide sufficient ventilation in case you want to keep it open while cruising.

Removable inner visor and detachable outer shell in some models which comes handy in regular use or when damaged pieces have been replaced with a new one.

Advantages of getting a Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet

As far as the safety part is concerned, Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet gives complete protection to your head due to its inner lining which has been sewn with extra padding.

This will keep you away from the risk of head injuries because there’s no other helmet available that offers more comfort than this particular model by any means or shape whatsoever.

Apart from that, there are a few models which have extra accessories on them which you can use for cruising on your bike or motorcycle.

Moreover, its lightweight makes it very convenient to carry around without wearing the full set of gear every time, especially on hot days when you feel lazy enough to put it back on again.

Great Aesthetic Designs

One of the main reasons behind its popularity among bikers is that it comes with lots of impressive designs and excellent color combinations which makes it stand out from the rest of the helmets available in the market.

Most of these designs are inspired by cars, bikes, and other related accessories that are manufactured by manufacturers like Harley Davidson, etc.

Apart from that, there are some designs that come with the image of a TIE fighter or an X-Wing on its visor that simply enhances the look of this particular helmet every time you stand against the crowd wearing it.

Lots of personality

One of the main reasons why this particular model has become so popular among bikers and other related groups is its unique design which doesn’t make it look like a standard helmet available in the market.

This makes them stand out from the crowd and look cool at the same time with its unique design that compliments the personality of bikers making them look funky and full of style when they put it on.

Which one is the Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet?

A Mandalorian motorcycle helmet is by far the most distinctive and unique model available along with a variety of custom designs that make it stand out from the rest.

If you like to be different and don’t want to wear a typical black or white full-face helmet, this is the perfect choice for you without making too much of an impact on your overall personality.

A Mandalorian motorcycle helmet is made from top-quality ABS plastic which makes it sturdy as well as durable enough to provide you with excellent protection from head injuries during accidents and collisions.

With so many color combinations available on some models, you can easily get the one that matches your taste without spending too much money on it. This is what makes it the best Star Wars motorcycle helmet available in the market right now.


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