Motorcycle Handlebar Bag - Top 3 Best Picks

Motorcycle Handlebar Bag – Top 3 Best Picks


February 23, 2022

A motorcycle handlebar bag is a storage bag that attaches to the motorcycle’s front wheel or motorcycle handlebars. It is typically used by bikers to carry items such as spare clothes, tools, food, drink, etc. while riding on their motorcycle.

With motorcycle handlebar bags, it lets you put the weight of your necessities directly on your motorcycle instead of putting it all in different places.

It’s very common to find people who do not know much about motorcycle accessories complaining about why they are so expensive.

They overlook the fact that motorcycle accessories are usually costly because they are manufactured using high-quality materials.

Top 3 Best Pick Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

The Nekid Motorcycle Handlebar Bag


​This motorcycle handlebar bag can be attached in multiple positions on the handlebars or windshields. The Bungee Cord tie-downs are provided with this motorcycle luggage set to provide extra stability.

It also features a rain cover flap designed into the motorcycle luggage that will protect the contents in wet weather conditions.

It is made from nylon and ABS plastic. Likewise, it can hold up to eleven liters of storage and has a quick-release motorcycle handlebar attachment point. This motorcycle grip has a waterproof design and an adjustable shoulder strap for convenience and ease.

It comes with many features such as smaller mesh pockets, two main compartments, reflective piping, and a carry-around hand strap.

The strap is made from high-strength Nylon webbing that will be able to withstand the weight of various objects such as books or electronic devices. For added safety, there are three colors to choose from: red, yellow, and black.

Kaser Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

Kaser Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

It’s made from heavy-duty polyester with a waterproof design. This motorcycle grip features a quick-release system and dual overhead straps for added convenience. It has a ventilated compartment to keep your goods free of moisture, which helps to prolong their lifetime.

The Kaser Motorcycle Handlebar Bag set has several storage options. It can hold up to thirteen liters of luggage. The bag has two main compartments as well as smaller pockets outside the main compartments for small items such as keys or phones.

The four exterior pockets are designed into the sides of the handlebar bag. This makes them easily accessible while keeping them out of view from those who may be passing by.

It has dual storage compartments separated by a zippered front compartment made of heavy strength materials, adjustable metal double D-rings for stability, and side release buckles for added safety.

Reflective piping on the back of the bag enhances visibility at nighttime or in low light conditions.

This motorcycle handlebar bag looks good on any motorcycle, yet there are some disadvantages to it as well. Some people might feel that this motorcycle handlebar bag is too heavy for their needs.

Other people pointed out that there wasn’t enough storage space in this motorcycle handlebar bag.

The WISEUP Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

The WISEUP Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

This is made from Nylon Mesh, which offers excellent ventilation throughout your bag.

When installed on the handlebars of a motorcycle, this bag can hold items up to nine Liters. There are two main compartments as well as smaller pockets outside the main compartments for organization and convenience.

The exterior pocket is mesh, which gives it added breathability. You don’t have to worry about sweat or moisture damage while carrying your goods. There is also embroidery and customized logo service available. It meets airline travel luggage specifications!

The Motorcycle Handlebar Bag was originally designed to meet traveling airline luggage specifications. It has amazing benefits that have been found by its customers.

The handlebar bag not only works great as a travel bag, but also as a storage device on your motorcycle for those who love adventure.

Important Things To Consider

Important Things To Consider

A few important things to consider when buying a motorcycle handlebar bag. These are all based on opinion and personal use, so your experience may vary.

Some points here will be obvious, some not, but this is what I look for in my experience with them.

  • Durability: Make sure it’s made out of appropriate materials that you feel comfortable strapping onto your bike’s handlebars. You want to make sure that whatever material is used, does not stretch or give too much, especially if you’re carrying tools or other items inside the pannier. You do not want it to rip or tear when strapping it onto the motorcycle’s handlebar and/or while you’re riding your motorcycle.
  • Functionality: This is a little subjective depending on what motorcycle handlebar bag you get. This point ties into strength because if it does not feel strong enough to carry an “x” amount of weight, then chances are it will not be useful. If it cannot hold up under pressure, well.
  • Size: This varies per motorcycle handlebar bag. The main thing, though: make sure that the bag you’re looking at will fit your motorcycle’s handlebars with room to spare. You do not want it too small, nor do you necessarily want one that is larger than what you need.
  • Capacity: Make sure it can hold your items for everyday riding and then some in case of emergencies. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a smaller compartment or side pouches with zippers for tools and other tiny things that could be lost easily.
  • Price: Make sure to look around for motorcycle handlebar bags because prices vary a lot both online and offline! Sometimes motorcycle handlebar bags go on sale or have discounts, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Practicality: Make sure the motorcycle handlebar bag can be used for motorcycle road trips, commuting daily to work. What’s the point of an awesome motorcycle handlebar bag if you can’t use it? Always check reviews online.
  • Type of Motorcycle: Make sure to always look at the specifications of the product if you’re not shopping online and around town for different types! Sometimes items can be universal, but they’re for specific motorcycles. Such is the case with charging ports on most motorcycle handlebar bags.
  • Aesthetics / Design: Some people like plain black motorcycle handlebar bags while others want designs or pictures on them to show their personality. But make sure that the design looks nice and has enough detail.



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