my car shakes when i hit 60 mph

My Car Shakes When I Hit 60 Mph: Causes & Fixes


April 7, 2022

Is there anything odd when my car shakes when I hit 60 mph? If you’re experiencing tremors in your vehicle at a particular speed, it’s possible that you have a more serious problem.

If you’re seeking more information on what causes car shake above 60 mph, whether it’s safe to drive while your vehicle is vibrating, and so on, keep reading for all of the details you need as well as some insider best practices.

My Car Shakes When I Hit 60 mph, Here Are The Reasons

my car shakes when i hit 60 mph

It’s bothersome when your car’s steering wheel or front/rear end starts vibrating at a certain speed, and after a while, it makes your journey unpleasant.

However, this is generally a sign that your vehicle isn’t safe to drive and needs to be repaired. Because the shaking might be caused by a number of components in your automobile, determining its source is difficult.

Common Reasons For Vehicle Shakes

There are a few typical causes for my car shakes when I hit 60 mph. My automobile vibrates at particular speeds if you’re not sure where to begin when it shudders.

There’s no telling whether your car is safe to drive after a simple shake if it hasn’t been inspected by a professional garage, but there’s no harm in looking for some of these common reasons and trying to figure out what’s wrong.


When your automobile runs out of petrol, it might shake when you accelerate. It could also be a sign of an issue with the fuel system or injectors.


my car shakes when i hit 60 mph

You could have a variety of issues that are preventing your automobile from driving smoothly. Low tire pressure is a typical reason for vehicle wobbling. If you’ve recently inflated your tires and noticed any signs of a slow puncture, it’s time to change them.

You could also want to have your vehicle’s alignment checked to see if this is the source of the problem. You may want to replace your tires if they are wearing unevenly and producing a rough ride.

If you follow the instructions for checking your tires, you should detect warning signs of uneven wear, but if you haven’t and the tread on your tires has not been unequally worn down, causing them to lose their form and generate vibration, you will wonder; my car shakes when I hit 60 mph, it’s critical to check them.

Air Filter/ Spark Plug

You may be fortunate enough to discover that your automobile’s rattle is due to a simple problem like an ineffective air filter or faulty spark plugs, which can all be fixed at home.

Both of these problems work in the same way as they regulate and ignite the fuel-air mix within the combustion chamber, causing misfires.


If your vehicle has recently encountered a severe jolt or minor collision, you should check if the suspension and chassis have been damaged. Damage can also be caused by rust and other forms of deterioration in vehicles that are old.

Look for any damage to your suspension system, dampers, shock absorbers, CV joints, control arms, driveshaft, and struts even if there is only a tiny fracture. This might be the source of your car’s excessive vibrations at high speeds.

Repairing A Car Vibration

We now know the most frequent causes when my car shakes when I hit 60 mph, so you should be able to tell what part of your car needs attention. Here are some of our favorite solutions for eliminating and repairing vehicle shudder.

It’s crucial to emphasize that when there is significant damage that requires expert repair, you should never attempt a job you aren’t completely confident in fixing since you might end up causing more damage and creating a bigger problem for yourself in the future.

Replace The Fuel Filter

my car shakes when i hit 60 mph

When you accelerate and the fuel filter gets clogged, your engine might cease to receive fuel, resulting in a major source of car vibration. Other signs of a blocked fuel filter include frequent vehicle stalling and difficulty starting your automobile.

Changing your fuel filter at home with basic equipment such as wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, and pliers may be less expensive than garage repair.

Switch The Spark Plugs

Spark plugs that are excessively grooved or damaged can cause engine vibration.

If they’re filthy or broken, they might produce the same problems, but replacing your spark plugs is a straightforward at-home maintenance task that takes no time. The spark plugs are somewhat neglected in vehicle maintenance, much like changing your oil.

Change The Tires

my car shakes when i hit 60 mph

Although many drivers are aware of the significance of maintaining their tires inflated at the prescribed fortnightly interval for wear, defects, or possible slow punctures, many do not.

One of the most prevalent causes of automobile vibrations above highway speeds is uneven tire wear, so make sure your tires are in good working order and have the correct amount of tread.

Examine your wheels to see if they’ve been straightened and sufficiently tightened; over time, they may have loosened up, posing a serious hazard.


My Car Shakes When I Hit 60 Mph. Why?

The most typical cause of vehicle vibration when driving at high speed is that the tires are out of balance or do not meet the required standards for road safety.

Should I Be Concerned If My Car Shakes?

Vibration isn’t always an indication of a serious problem, but it’s something you should check for if your car begins to vibrate. If your vehicle starts to vibrate, have it looked at immediately since it is frequently an indication of a faulty part that must be repaired right away.

What Are Some Of The Signs That A Fuel Filter Is Clogged?

If your car’s vibrations are caused by a clogged fuel filter, you may observe additional signs such as frequent stalling, difficulty starting the engine, and reduced engine performance.

What Should You Do If Your Car Shakes At Higher Speeds?

If you’re experiencing shaking at high speeds on a consistent basis, you must understand that there are a number of reasons why my car shakes when I hit 60 mph. It’s possible that your filter is empty, your spark plugs are unclean or damaged, or you have a number of other issues.

When I Brake At High Speeds, My Steering Wheel Shakes. What’s The Deal?

The brake discs should not shake when braking, which is a typical indication of bent or uneven wear. This frequently indicates that they will need to be replaced, which can cost up to $400.


If you suspect that your vehicle’s shaking or vibrating issues are signs of a more serious underlying problem, get expert assistance from a mechanic on how to keep it maintained.

We hope you’ve found this guide to be helpful in determining why my car shakes when I hit 60 mph and that you’re better informed about regular vehicle maintenance.


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