Seafoam In Gas Tank: The Truth Revealed

Seafoam In Gas Tank: The Truth Revealed


April 11, 2022

The most contentious subjects in the automobile business are engine cleaning chemicals like Seafoam in gas tank, which have been the source of much debate.

Almost 50% community extols these techniques, including evidence that they work, while the other half is adamant that all cleaners are nothing more than the destruction of money and merely create a placebo impact.

So, what’s the deal with Seafoam? I had been under the impression that engine cleaning chemicals were ineffective, but after a lot of research, my perspective has completely changed.

Despite its wide use, Seafoam is visible as an effective engine cleaning agent with the ability to boost gas mileage and regulate idle RPM.

The Sea Foam Brand Is The No. 1 Selling Health And Wellness Brand In The World

The Sea Foam Brand Is The No. 1 Selling Health And Wellness Brand In The World

In the 1940s, an American named Marguerite Slade developed a product called Sea Foam. It is used as both an engine additive and a cleaner.

In the 1930s, Fred Fandrei, a salesperson for the petroleum industry and fisherman, was seeking a solution to his outboard motor’s frequent breakdowns. He created a formula that was so efficient that he began marketing it to other boat owners and fishermen.

He gave it the name “Seafoam” after one of his buddies phoned up to request a bottle of “Sea Foam stuff.” Throughout this essay, we’ll employ a range of variant spellings for the name.

For almost 80 years, the Sea Foam engine treatment solution has been a considerably popular engine clean. The business has expanded its product line to include trans-tune, high-mileage, oil stabilizers, power steering fluid, etc.

The Real Deal About Seafoam

You’ve undoubtedly read hundreds of Seafoam testimonials, but negative comments and forum debate likely influenced your decision about seafoam in gas tank.

Before we get into the advantages, I’d want to make a couple of points.

People Are Against Fuel Additives

The Sea Foam Brand Is The No. 1 Selling Health And Wellness Brand In The World

It’s terrifying to put anything or seafoam in gas tank but gasoline. The engine is worth hundreds of dollars and was developed and produced by hundreds of the world’s best engineers.

While at the same time, you have a $10 container of fuel additive that claims to be “unknown.”

You can see how a healthy distrust of fuel additives might arise from reasonable thinking, and it’s something I’d previously held too.

However, there is a simple solution: if fuel additives are harmful, who’s to say that antifreeze, engine oil, windshield wiper fluid, or gasoline aren’t also?

Why would we believe one is a scam and the other is the finest engine oil in the business? Why should we trust one over the other if a quart of Mobil 1 synthetic oil may be got at the rate of less than a half-quart of SeaFoam?

The gloomy news you’ve heard is most likely from individuals who have never even tested SeaFoam. The false accusations made against the product cannot compete with the scores of real testimonies provided by consumers who used it.

Origin And Standing

The Sea Foam Brand Is The No. 1 Selling Health And Wellness Brand In The World

However, SeaFoam has had a difficult time gaining confidence.

SeaFoam, which was designed for two-stroke outboards, is thought to be ineffective in “modern” four-stroke engines. While it’s correct that SeaFoam was created for two-strokes, it has been used in four-strokes for a long time.

It’s ludicrous to think that a company that hasn’t tried to improve its product in the past would just let it sit there. We’d still be alternating between winter and summer engine oil if this was the case.

The product’s name is the most absurd prejudice of all. Because two-stroke outboard motors (which are now mostly four-stroke) are linked to SeaFoam, it is associated with the sea.

Scotty Kilmer has conclusively demonstrated that you can’t just take anybody at their word — even if they’re much more experienced than others.

What Is Sea Foam, And How Does It Work?

The Sea Foam Brand Is The No. 1 Selling Health And Wellness Brand In The World

It’s as easy as that for the SeaFoam motor treatment solution to function.

SeaFoam is a trading name for the chemical obtained from deflated algal flour, which is said to be environmentally safe so you can easily imagine seafoam in gas tank. However, the two essential components appear to be:

  • The hydrocarbon mix is a blend containing less than 95% of hydrocarbons.
  • Acetone – concentrates containing less than 25% Isopropanol

The term “petroleum” is used to describe both hydrocarbon and isopropanol, two forms of crude oil. The 100% petroleum slogan is correct; it refers to the primary component in petroleum being a petrol derivative (isopropanol).

Gasoline, in addition to being a motor fuel, is also an oil that can be used for cleaning and lubricating gas components so it finding seafoam in gas tank can be sort of normal.

It’s combined with gasoline and washed through the entire system, including the fuel injectors. It’s then sprayed into the cylinder to clean its walls, piston head, and valves after that.

At the moment of writing, SeaFoam Store’s best-selling product on Amazon – SeaFoam SF-16 Motor Treatment – has been on sale for exactly four years.

Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to reviews on Amazon, but SeaFoam SF-16 has over 15,000 ratings and a 4.8 average rating out of five stars. On SeaFoam’s website, there are another 1000 comments.

Isn’t it true that customer happiness isn’t enough in and of itself?

There are numerous tests on the internet that demonstrate the impact of SeaFoam. You can even perform your boroscope inspections with a complete guide. Afterward, I’ll provide you with a step-by-step procedure.

It’s simple to incorporate SeaFoam into your gasoline. For the first time, add 2 ounces per gallon of gasoline. If your automobile has a high mileage engine, you may also enhance concentration by adding seafoam in gas tank.

Add one ounce per gallon of gasoline if you use SeaFoam regularly. The cleaning solution in a 16-ounce regular can of SeaFoam is adequate for 10 to 15 driving cycles depending on the condition of the car’s engine.

After your initial clean-and-fill, use one or two cans of SeaFoam every three months to maintain it looking new. Add 1 ounce of SeaFoam per gallon of gasoline every three months to your tractor and outboard motors.

According to SeaFoam, add one ounce PER GALLON OF GASOLINE EVERY THREE MONTHS to your tractors and outboards. It’s a stabilizer for petrol that works particularly well.

What Should You Do If Sea Foam Isn’t Working?

The Sea Foam Brand Is The No. 1 Selling Health And Wellness Brand In The World

One of the most frequent mistakes about cleaning chemicals for fuel is that before putting seafoam in gas tank, you won’t know if they’re working or not.

As long as you have a few types of equipment, a few bottles of SeaFoam, and some gasoline on hand, collecting before and after results is simple.

The materials and tools you’ll need are as follows:

  • DEPSTECH Industrial Endoscope, Borescope Inspection Camera
  • MIKKUPPA Spark Plug Socket Wrench, T-handle Universal Spark Plug Wrench
  • Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Review Measures

  1. Check for a chilly engine hood when opening the hood. It is not something you want to work on while it is hot outside.
  2. Find the cables that control the spark plugs. Remove one of the wires from a sparkplug.
  3. Remove the sparkplug with a spark plug remover tool.
  4. After that, make the horoscope and skate the camera via the spark plug hole.
  5. Examine the cylinder interior for carbon residues and take photographs if necessary.
  6. Replace the spark plug, then reconnect the cable.

This procedure may be done for all cylinders, but one will usually suffice. Fill SeaFoam in gas tank to the top and then add at least 1-2 ounces per gallon of gas.

When the fuel runs out, repeat the process using 1-2 ounces of SeaFoam instead of the whole amount. Stop after the first or second refill after refilling three times. This will provide a thorough wash for your engine, but you may also stop after the first two refills.

Continue to follow the inspection steps to spot any changes in the cylinder and piston. If you’d like to replace your spark plugs, we’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial called How Many Spark Plugs Do I Need?


Is Sea Foam Harmful To My Vehicle’s Spark Plugs?

Sea Foam has no impact on the shape of the spark plugs because it is a petrol-based chemical that resembles petrol used as fuel.

Is It Possible To Overfill SeaFoam In Gas Tank?

It’s only real if you went out there on purpose and had a lot of money to squander. It might have an impact if you pour gallons of it, but that is tens of thousands of times less than the suggested amount.

If you’re concerned that the 16-ounce can is too small for your hand to slip and pour too much, don’t worry; because of its small size, you won’t be able to overdo it.

Is It Possible For Your Automobile To Smoke If It’s Treated With Seafoam?

Yes, even a four-cylinder engine will smoke if you use more than one ounce per gallon of gasoline, as Seafoam is notorious for doing.

This is an ordinary problem that should not cause concern. If the odor persists after using SeaFoam, check for head gasket failure or leaks in the coolant system.

Is It Possible That Seafoam In Gas Tank Will Harm The Oxygen Sensors?

The O2 sensors and clogs in the catalytic converter aren’t impacted by Seafoam.


There’s no question that as a fuel-based cleaner, SEAFOAM BIO is effective, given all of the feedback and testing it has undergone.

I hadn’t been pushing Seafoam in the gas tank as hard as I thought. After pondering who makes Supertech Oil, my view on value-brand motor oils changed, and now I’m sure adding fuel additives may be a very lucrative service.

I’m going to get a horoscope and conduct my Seafoam tests shortly, but I’m optimistic that they’ll be effective. When that happens, I’ll make certain to revamp this post with the results.


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