Sena 20s Evo Vs 30k

Sena 20s Evo Vs 30k


March 17, 2022

Sena is the undisputed global leader in outdoor communication systems, especially motorsports.

With continuous innovation in Bluetooth technology, Sena has been able to keep riders connected with several gadgets and accessories.

Two of Sena’s most innovative products are the 30K Mesh Intercom Communication System and the 20S Evo Bluetooth Communication System.

Our review would compare the two look at the similarities and differences to make an informed choice if you are about choosing either of the two.

What is Sena?

Sena 20s Evo

When you think of motorcycle communication, one name readily comes to mind: Sena Technologies Inc. Founded in Los Angeles in 1998, Sena innovates and manufactures devices and products and distributes them.

Sena is a global innovator that produces Bluetooth Devices and helmets for motorcycles and bikes and other outdoor communication needs. The communication devices are often perfect for outdoor use.

Sena’s products are designed for specific services, including industrial settings, where two-way radios, intercom systems, and of course, Bluetooth stereo headsets are used to achieve seamless communication in large workplaces. Sena also serves outdoor purposes, allowing adventurers to stay in touch with each other while on the fields, having fun, running, or climbing outside.

To help achieve this, it provides Bluetooth devices, headsets, and cameras that allow the users to keep tabs on everyone at every time. Sena is popularly known for its bikes and motorcycle headsets. With a Bluetooth intercom, Bluetooth phone pairing, and excellent audio systems, Sena ensures bikers can always stay connected with their helmets on.

Sena changed the motorcycle game forever with the popular communication headsets. With its mesh and Bluetooth integrated helmets, complete with a camera and several accessories, riders could move while staying connected on the road.

Sena provides these devices, primarily headsets, cameras, and adapters, which makes available seamless video and audio connections for users. While our focus is on Sena’s 20s Evo and the 30k devices, Sena produces several other excellent devices, including the 10C EVO 4K Ultra HD Camera Bluetooth Intercom Headset, the 10C EVO Helmet Clamp Kit, and the 30K Dual Mesh Networking Communication System.

We begin with a 20s Evo overview.

Sena 20s Evo overview

Sena 20s Evo Vs 30k

When riding your motorcycle, you want to remain connected and entertained in comfort. That was the thought of Sena when they created the Sena 20s. Further improvement built the 20s Evo. For example, the 20s use the flip-up antenna while the Evo has shark fin; the range of the 20s is about 1 Mike, while the Evo reaches 1.2miles, which is about 2 kilometers. But, they still share similar features.

The 20s Evo is a lightweight (only 61 grams) Bluetooth headset advanced in technology yet, easy to use. It has fewer buttons and is multifunctional and multitasking. You can navigate playlists, dial your radio, and answer phone calls with one control.

The Sena 20S Evo Motorcycle Bluetooth communication system is fitted with accessories that make Bluetooth communication top-notch. With an in-built FM radio, the 20s Evo supplies high-definition quality sound and can pair with as many as nine Bluetooth devices. The last device you paired with can be reconnected by simply shaking the Bluetooth headset, and you’re on!

It uses the innovative Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows up to eight participants in the intercom. While eight people are on, they can all speak simultaneously without affecting the system. The audio also remains perfect, and the reception is clear. With a mile range of 1.2 miles, the Sena 20s Evo is fitted with a shark fin antenna, ensuring the signal is sharp and uninterrupted.

Users of the 20s Evo speak of its excellent noise control allowing for maximum concentration when ongoing communication. However, not to be cut off from what is happening around you, when listening to music, you can still increase the volume of the external mic to allow you to listen to what is going on around you.

So, depending on your choice, you can enjoy the noiseless sound with zero interference or allow some external noise to filter in, especially when you are in the city.

Connecting your 20s Evo to Bluetooth devices has to be the easiest task. By just holding down the primary button for a couple of seconds, you can easily pair with the devices list displayed. As noted earlier, you can pair with as many as nine devices.


  • Excellent range
  • Water-resistant
  • Fast charging (2.5 hrs to fully charge the dead battery)
  • Excellent battery life (of up to 13 hours talk time)
  • With fewer buttons, it is easy to navigate
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to pair with other devices, including Android and Apple


  • Has no mesh technology
  • Features are ideal for only group rides
  • The range is quickly limited by obstruction

Sena 30k overview

Sena 30k

If you’re already used to Sena devices, you will find the 30k equally delightful. With the same features such as built-in FM radio, audio multitasking, and noise control, the 30k is an improvement. Users would find the mesh technology quite exciting, with features designed to make riding even more fun-filled.

The Sena 30K takes Bluetooth innovation in Motorcycle communication to the next level and simplifies communication for riders. Fitted with Sena’s new mesh technology, the 30k lets riders stay connected in groups in an intelligent way.

Sena created the Mesh Intercom to provide seamless communication without congregating through a subgroup. That means, with mesh technology, users can automatically connect without having to pair devices.

The Sena 30k also has the excellent Bluetooth connectivity that all Sena devices are known for. Mesh and Bluetooth indeed coexist in the 30k and can pair with up to three other Bluetooth devices. Once a Bluetooth-only device has connected to the 30k, it is automatically linked to the Mesh network. That is an easy way 30k and 20s Evo can interact.

Also, you can operate in the public or private mode. When in public mode, with just a single click, this feature allows you to immediately connect with as many riders using the 30k headsets as possible. Provided they are within a one-mile radius. In the private mode, you can connect with a maximum of 16 riders.

The private mode keeps the connection going within an unbelievable range of five miles. While on private mode, mesh technology allows unlimited guests to listen in on the group conversation.

However, the mesh intercom is not the only thing that makes the 30K tick. Earlier, we talked about its Bluetooth features. 30k thus allows for both mesh and Bluetooth to operate, offering more comprehensive connectivity.

Its Bluetooth intercom range stands at 1.2 miles, which is the same range as the mesh intercom when in a closed mode. When the mesh is in an open mode, the range of the intercom can reach 5 miles (8 kilometers)!

The 30k has advanced noise control features such that while intercom sessions are on, background and external noise are filtered out. Of course, you can decide to alter this to suit your preferences. With the 30k, you can also use the voice command feature for specific functions.

The battery life of the Sena 30K is also potent, with a quick charge. For every twenty minutes of charge, you have a talk time of 5 hours on Bluetooth connectivity and 3 hours on mesh intercom. It also comes with a mobile charging port. What else could you want? Oh, we must also mention that the Sena 30K can connect with a Bluetooth user or mesh to share or stream music.

Sena 20s Evo Vs 30k


  • Mesh technology
  • Long-life battery
  • Charging on the go
  • Music sharing capacity


  • Drains battery life easily
  • Drops intercom when using the phone for calls
  • Audio multitasking only works with the Mesh technology
  • Malfunctions when wet
  • Not loud when speed exceeds 50mph


Let’s make a simple comparison of the two products based on specifications.

Number of riders

The 30k is a clear winner in this category. With an unlimited number of riders supported, it is head and shoulders above the 20s Evo, which can support a maximum of eight riders. The more, the merrier, you say?


In this regard, the 30K is also a clear winner. With the mesh intercom system (2.0) and Bluetooth 4.1 technology, there is room for several riders to connect. As for the 20s Evo, it runs on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Although users enjoy it perfectly, the temptation to go for something more advanced tips more people to 30k.


Sena 20s Evo Vs 30k

In terms of range, again, the 30k wins clearly. The ability to support communication for up to 5 miles (depending on conditions) keeps riders together for longer. For 20s Evo, the maximum range is 1.2 miles, depending on certain conditions.


The 20s Evo edges this category. Although both devices are waterproof, the 30k tends to malfunction when wet, and the productivity reduces. For the 20s Evo, it keeps working perfectly even in the rain.


High definition speakers are available both for the 20s Evo and the 30k. It’s a tie. Fair enough.

Battery life

We knew the extra features of the 30k would have their disadvantages.

The battery.

Although it has a fast charge rate, the battery is also quickly drained. The problem with such battery weakness is that you’ll need frequent charging. To solve the problem, there’s an option of mobile charging.

However, the 20s, Evo has no such issues. With a charging time of 2 hours, you’re good to go for as long as practicable. We give it to the 20s Evo in this category.

Voice command

Both 20s Evo and 30k have the voice command feature. However, 30k has more voice features that push it ahead of its rival.

So, there’s the comparison. Let’s look at their similarities.


Sena 20s Evo2


Although the 30k is slightly heavier than the 20s Evo, they both have the same bold design and can be categorized as having similar weights.


Although 30k has slightly advanced technology, both can run on Bluetooth.


Both devices have fast charging abilities and last longer than most devices. For example, a simple 20 minutes charge of the 30k gives a talk time of up to 5 hours depending on which connectivity is used.


Most of the features on both devices are the same. In-built FM radio, voice commands, audio multitasking, and noise control are standard features with 20s Evo and 30k.


The significant difference between the two has to be the connectivity. As a result of mesh technology, the 30k can connect an unlimited number of users (believed to be up to 30,000, which is where it got its name from!), while 20s Evo can only connect a maximum of eight users at a time.

Of course, the 30k is also more expensive than the 20s Evo.

Which one do I choose?

The choice is down to the number of riders you want to connect with. If you’re only seeking connection with a few riders, then go for the 20s Evo. It has excellent features. If you have no wide community you wish to stay connected to, we recommend you don’t go for the 30k.

This is because, despite the more advanced technology, the only advantage it has over the 20s Evo is the number of riders you can connect to. Many users who “upgraded” to the 30k without genuine need for a wide network often did not enjoy the experience.


We have reviewed Sena 20s Evo vs. 30k. We found both great products, with excellent connectivity and reasonably priced. Making a choice shouldn’t be difficult if you know what you need. 

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