Top 8 Best Motorcycle For Women

Top 8 Best Motorcycle For Women


February 24, 2022

Bikes nowadays are becoming more and more accessible, thanks to technological advancements. Not only men, but women too can enjoy the power and performance that a motorcycle provides.

With changing times and norms, ladies too can be seen riding their own bikes on the roads. Among the several kinds of bikes available, a women-specific motorbike can be a great choice for you.

Here is a list of the top 8 best motorcycles for women.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Top 8 Best Motorcycle For Women

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of motorcycles in the world. The brand has been around for more than a century now, and they have earned immense goodwill throughout their history.

When it comes to classic bikes, there are very few brands that can match up to RE’s pedigree.

Known as “Bullet” worldwide (except India), the RE Classic 350 features a thumping 348cc single-cylinder engine producing 23 BHP and 32 NM of torque.

The bike is available in both – fuel injected and carbureted variants – giving you a choice depending on your skill level and budget.

Apart from being an ideal cruiser with its classic looks & detailed finish, this old-school bike is also extremely frugal in nature, which makes it one of the most desirable motorcycles for women.

Royal Enfield Classic 500

Top 8 Best Motorcycle For Women

The story goes that when somebody at RE realized that branding this motorcycle as a 500cc would boost sales by 40 percent, they immediately scrapped all plans for their 250cc model and started working on the 500 instead.

Although still marketed as a 500, this beauty actually displaces 447cc with its single-cylinder thumper churning out 28 BHP and 44 NM of torque.

The throttle response is quick due to the presence of the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system. The gearbox can be switched between either 6-speed or 5-speed depending on your requirements, while disc brakes at both ends provide adequate stopping power.

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 retails for $5,499 in the US and Rs 3,44,000 in India (on-road Delhi).

Harley Davidson Sportster 883 XL

Top 8 Best Motorcycle For Women

The Harley Davidson Sportster is one of the most accessible cruisers on sale today. You can ride this all day long without feeling too tired or aching, thanks to its easy ergonomics and plush suspension setup.

In terms of looks & mechanicals, the Sportster 883XL borrows heavily from its elder siblings – Iron 883 & Forty-Eight 1200.

With an impressive torque figure of 70 Nm on tap in low RPMs, it is extremely easy to ride around in traffic conditions. However, if you want a bit of grunt from your engine, the Sportster 883XL becomes sorely let down by its puny 53 bhp on tap.

Nonetheless, this is one of the best cruising bikes for new riders and women who just want to have fun without burning a hole in their wallets or wearing themselves out.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Although it’s been discontinued everywhere in Japan recently due to Euro IV emissions norms, the 250cc ninja is still an ideal option for beginners looking at getting into motorcycles.

The Ninja 250R is powered by a liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with a displacement of 249cc producing 27 bhp and 23 NM of torque.

It’s very lightweight at just 147 kg, which makes it ideal for both – commuting as well as racing. So if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly motorcycle that will allow you to hone your riding skills before stepping into more expensive machinery, this is the one to pick.

Apart from being an extremely beginner-friendly motorcycle with good ergonomics & sufficient power delivery, it also looks very aggressive in spite of its diminutive size.

The Kawasaki ninja retails for $3,999 in the US and Rs 2,24,000 in India (on-road Delhi).

Kawasaki Vulcan S

Kawasaki Vulcan S

The Kawasaki Vulcan S is basically a cruiser version of the Ninja 250R. Instead of an aggressive stance, it’s got low-slung handlebars which make for relaxed city cruising.

The bike is powered by the same 249cc engine as the ninja, but now it churns out 34 bhp and 27 NM of torque, making it quite gruntier than its younger sibling.

Factor in its lighter curb weight & lower center of gravity to that equation and you have one helluva urban motorcycle on your hands.

The Vulcan S retails for $5999 in the US and Rs 3,44,000 in India (on-road Delhi).

Fazer 150 FI

Top 8 Best Motorcycle For Women

The Yamaha Fazer 150 is the cheapest motorcycle on this list. The reason I’m including it in a list of bikes for women is that it’s an extremely beginner-friendly motorcycle with good ergonomics & sufficient power delivery, while also looking very different from a typical cruiser or sports bike.

So if you’re a new rider and want to make a style statement instead of going for something conventional like the Triumph Street Twin, do consider checking out this bad boy.

It features the same 149cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine as its elder sibling – the FZ16, but now produces 21 bhp and 17.5 NM of torque (vs 16 bhp and 15 NM). This means that, unlike most other entry-level motorcycles which struggle at high RPMs, this one pulls strongly till 6K.

However, the motorcycle is only available in black and white color combinations which can get rather boring eventually if you’re looking for variety.

The Yamaha Fazer retails for $3,799 in the US and Rs 2,15,000 in India (on-road Delhi).

Star motorcycles V Star 950 

Top 8 Best Motorcycle For Women

The Star Motorcycles V Star 950 is a cruiser motorcycle offered by an American manufacturer. It comes equipped with a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, V Twin engine that churns out 73 bhp and 68 NM of torque.

Thanks to its low weight and relaxed riding position, it feels extremely easy to handle for beginners looking at stepping up from smaller motorcycles while not compromising on ride quality too much.

The motorcycle also features a very pretty design which looks even better in person than in pictures (unlike most other cruisers who look dated & mundane).

Unfortunately though, apart from feeling light and having great handling characteristics for city use, the only downside of this bike is its underpowered engine which doesn’t allow you to go all out when riding on highways.

The V Star 950 retails for $8,999 in the US and Rs 4,63,000 in India (on-road Delhi).

Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2 

Top 8 Best Motorcycle For Women

The Honda Shadow Spirit 750 features a 745cc V Twin engine with 62 bhp & 61 NM of torque. It’s one of the best-looking motorcycles in the entry-level segment, thanks to its classic cruiser design.

However, it has poor ergonomics which can get uncomfortable for new riders over longer distances, while acute knee scraping is another downside if you’re slightly taller than average height.

Other than that though, this motorcycle looks gorgeous and feels very easy to ride due to its softer power delivery.

The Honda Shadow Spirit retails for $7999 in the US and Rs 4,13,000 in India (on-road Delhi).


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