What is TLC In A Car

What is TLC In A Car?


April 21, 2022

“What is TLC in a car,” asks the vehicle industry’s most common question.

Although car jargon may not be understood by the average person, everyone understands what tender loving care is.

TLC stands for “tender loving care.” Like people, cars require tender loving care. A car does not need to be held or spoken to in order for it to feel loved, but it does need regular maintenance and attention.

Every vehicle requires some sort of maintenance. There’s no avoiding the fact that all cars require attention.

So many people purchase a car only to put it up for sale later. That is why, in the unfortunate event that your automobile breaks down, you must devote considerably more time and effort to it.

If you have a high-performance or luxury vehicle, you will need to devote even more time and care to it.

TLC extends the life of your automobile. The more you take care of your vehicle, the less likely it is to break down and the longer it will stay in operation. It costs too much to pay for the bigger repairs later than it is to get maintenance regularly, so don’t forget to maintain your automobile in peak operating condition.

How to Take Care of Your Car’s Needs

foam washing inside

There are different factors you have to look after while seeing what is TLC in a car. Here’s a list of a few of those.

1. Filters And Oil Changes

So, what is TLC in a car? what is the basic procedure for maintenance that most vehicles require? To begin with the answers to these questions, your oil must be replaced.

This is the most popular of all oil change jokes, and yet many people do not get their oil changed on a regular basis. In general, you should have your car’s oil changed every 3000 miles or every three months, whichever comes first.

Varying alternatives are accessible, depending on the make and model of your car. Synthetic oil is available in some vehicles, which can be replaced every 15,000 miles or more frequently if desired.

When in doubt, go around your car every three months. You’ll also need to change your car’s filters as part of regular maintenance. This is generally completed at the same time as your oil change, so be sure your filters are replaced at least once a year.

2. Rebalance Your Tires

Balance Tire

Rotating your tires will help your car have better handling by maintaining balance and tread on all four tires. Tire rotations should be done every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Even if your tires appear to be in excellent functioning order and you don’t notice any indicators of wear, it’s a good idea to rotate them since you don’t want them to reach that point where you would be appearing as one who doesn’t know what is tlc in a car.

The tires on the front axle of your automobile are responsible for a different function than the tires on the rear axle, and this is why their tread isn’t identical.

The tread on a luxury car’s tires will need to be replaced more often than a lower-performance vehicle’s. Make certain you rotate your tires and preserve their longevity.

3. Keep track of the fluids in your automobile

There are several different fluids to keep track of and maintain, including engine oil. If you don’t care for your engine, it won’t perform at its best.

The more time goes by without you changing the oil in your car, the worse it’ll run. The next thing to keep an eye on is the coolant.

Your engine won’t overheat, rust, corrode, freeze, or crack because of the coolant. Hydraulic fluid is a highly pressurized liquid that is used to power an automobile’s engine and other systems.

Following it comes brake fluid, which is also required. If you don’t keep your brake fluid levels up, you might not be able to rely on your brakes. 

4. Change the transmission fluid

How Often Should You Change Transmission Fluid BMW

Finally, once your vehicle reaches 100,000 miles, Change the transmission fluid. If you don’t care what is tlc in a car If you don’t change your engine’s transmission fluid on a regular basis, the clutches will get much wear and tear.

Fluids are essential for maintaining health, as well as for individuals and automobiles. Always make sure that your car has enough fresh fluids available at all time to keep it healthy.

Have your brake pads and lights checked. It’s an essential component of a comprehensive checkup to have your brake pads looked at. If you detect a noise while braking or if you can feel your brakes beginning to grind, visit a mechanic immediately. 

5. Do you want a citation?

Yes, that is correct; no one else does so make certain your lights are in good working order.

Having dim or non-existent lights poses a safety risk for you and other drivers on the road. If your lenses become dulled, clean them and replace them as soon as possible.

6. Give your automobile’s outside deserved attention. 

Polishing car

It’s simple to tell who takes good care of their automobile and who doesn’t. Don’t be the one who doesn’t take care of what is tlc in a car.

Washing your vehicle on a regular basis can make a big impact. The inside of a vehicle is the more essential element of functionality, but you should also look after the outside.

If you’re going to bother with the inside (which is helpful), then why not do some exterior maintenance as well? If you have a ding or a scratch, try to polish it out. It shouldn’t take long, and it might make a significant difference. This is not really critical, but if you truly want to treat your car with care, you should wax it from time to time.

Make sure your automobile appears to be in good shape. Allow trash to accumulate in your automobile rather than leaving it on the ground or inside. Every few days, go out with a trash bag and make sure there are no items on the floor or seats that aren’t needed.

Ultimately, when someone claims a vehicle needs TLC, it usually means it looks terrible. It’s easy to see that you aren’t caring for your automobile, and it’s also simple to take care of it yourself.

Give your automobile TLC and it will return the favor.

Treat your automobile the way you want to be treated. Make sure you look after your automobile if you don’t want it to break down at inconvenient times.

You will save money by treating your car with great care, you must know what is TLC in a car and you won’t have to be concerned about major vehicle repairs.

You’ll be saving money while also being safer, as a healthy vehicle will get you where you want to go without difficulty. Because you will be more secure, you will also be happier. It’s a wonderful feeling to have peace of mind. You don’t want to worry about driving on a faulty brake, or worse yet, an automobile with bad tread on its tires on a snowy night.

You won’t have to worry if you know what is TLC in a car, and about your treatment if you give it the TLC it deserves. People and automobiles require a kind, caring attention.


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