who makes supertech oil

Who Makes Supertech Oil?


March 23, 2022

We all have a degree of caution when we consider items with the greatest value and definitely, a question arises in the mind who makes Supertech Oil.

Companies that were previously unknown to many people suddenly rose to prominence, largely on the strength of their high-quality goods and long track records of delighted consumers.

Although motor oil isn’t very costly, cars are, so generally, a great number of users spend some more dollars on branded oil instead of risking engine damage.

The oil made by Walmart is one of a kind in the realm of motor oils, since it performs effectively yet isn’t produced by any well-known business. Warren Company International, who makes Supertech oil, however also Pennzoil and ExxonMobil.

Who Makes Supertech Oil Originally?

who makes supertech oil

Warren Oils is the single company that produces Walmart oil, according to most sources.

However, I conducted some research and discovered that Pennzoil and ExxonMobil also make Walmart oil. Because you can’t tell who makes Supertech Oil in your area, it’s difficult to obtain it.

In the subsequent sections, we’ll get through a quick summary of the manufacturers in more detail.

Famous Oil Company

motor oil

In 1976, Irvin Warren (née Irwin), who had previously worked as a screenwriter, launched the firm. With just two staff on board, the business is controlled from a modest location in North Carolina.

From 1991 to almost 9 years onwards, Warren acquired five more packaging firms, significantly increasing its scope of operation. In 2016, Trail Creek

The Warren is a large, well-established oil and gas firm with operations in Dunn, Texas; Arizona; Pennsylvania; Illinois; and Alabama. There are approximately 400 workers and it exports its products to over twenty nations around the world.

The Warren Company produces a variety of LubriGold, Coastal, Warren, and other products.

  • Engine oils for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with heavy-duty engines.
  • Transmission fluids, gear oil, auto transmission fluid, power fluid, and tractor fuels are just a few examples of Driveline solutions.
  • Hydraulic fluids used for industrial machinery are manufactured in a variety of ways.
  • The wide selection of antifreeze, chemical cleansers, brake fluids, oils, and additives is only the beginning.
  • Oils, fluids, and other liquids for cars, trucks, SUVs

Many of the companies and items mentioned here may be familiar to all. Warren Oil Company, for example, produces a wide range of products, but you can find who makes Supertech oil or see them just about everywhere because they get an exclusive agreement with Walmart otherwise are not putting their items on Amazon.


ExxonMobil Company

It is a well-known fact that the multinational corporation ExxonMobil, which earned $178 billion in sales in 2020 and offered employments more than 70,000 people? It manufactures a very popular motor oil on the market: Mobil 1.

In 1999, Mobil and Exxon were combined to form ExxonMobil. However, both companies had used the previous name since at least the late 19th century.

John D. Rockefeller establishes Standard Oil in 1870 with his business partners, becoming the first significant oil company in the United States. The firm was dogged by both the public & the government for its business practices, giving it a monopoly in the American market.

US Supreme Court divided Standard Oil into 34 firms. Jersey Standard, which is now Exxon, was one of them, and Socony which was from New York became Mobil.

Vacuum Oil by Socony was renamed Socony Mobil Oil in 1955, and it became the Mobil Oil Company 11 years later. Jersey Standard, who makes Supertech oil, changed its name several times before becoming Exxon Chemical Company ten years later, in 1965.

ExxonMobil’s track record of breaking anti-monopoly rules, human rights abuses, and ecological devastation through refining and oil spills is a cause for concern.



Since its inception in 1913, Pennzoil has been based in the state of Pennsylvania and was a private company till 2002, when Royal Dutch Shell purchased it.

Today, aside from automobile oil, The red and white labels with an oval shape logo having a red bell over a yellow background are manufactured by Pennzoil.

  • Oil, air, and exhaust filters for automobiles.
  • Synthetic engine oil.
  • Fuel, oil, and other fluids
  • Synthetic blends.
  • Containing conventional engine oils.

Ways to Determine Who Makes Supertech Oil Locally

Although there may be only one Supermex, the oil kept inside the bottle will not be identical all over the country.

Walmart receives packaged oil from three suppliers and distributes it to local shops. By location, it’s not always easy to tell who makes Supertech Oil, so I’ll give you some pointers about how to figure out who produced it.

When you buy something online, there’s no way to know exactly what you’re getting.


The most reliable method to determine whether ExxonMobil has produced the oil is to examine the bottle cover. It’s larger than a typical Supertech cap and should be familiar or identical to Mobil 1 oil bottle caps.


Warren is Walmart’s main synthetic motor oil supplier. Look for a white box on the label to indicate a Warren-made oil. The label may contain an empty rectangle, a number printed inside it, or a QR code.


“Pennzoil-produced oil” is the stamp on the box. It will have a star letter C in it, since it was packed by Constar, on the deep base of the container. Warren may, however, utilize packaging from Constar if they get short of their stock, so look for a white rectangle embossed over the labels to verify or debunk either Warren are the source.

Who Makes Supertech Oil Cheaper Than Others?

Who Makes Supertech Oil Cheaper Than Others?

Walmart and Amazon may purchase goods in such big volumes that the maker may offer them a nicer price than anybody else, which is why they are less expensive. They priorly have warehouses and retail outlets prepared to store and then sell these items.

Store prices are so low that they do not have to spend money on brand promotion. The store not only buys these goods for less, but it can also make a profit by selling those in a lower space and still turn a profit.

Store-brand items are less expensive than other alternatives owing to several variables, including low costs and lack of premium features. To maintain a competitive market, companies attempt to disguise the source of their goods with uninteresting names and drab labels while also attempting to conceal where they were produced.

I’m a convert now. You’d never buy another Mobil 1 if you could be confident that the oil in the bottle by Supertech was identical to that of the top-rated brand. It was simply more expensive.

Furthermore, if ExxonMobil believes that selling oil to Walmart would damage its reputation and income, it will never sell oil to Walmart if not necessary. Store brands, on the other hand, are a wonderful method to save some dollars while still obtaining high-quality goods.

Supertech Is the Best

Supertech Lubricant

It is a superb lubricant for your automobile. It’s safe to use and won’t harm your vehicle. It comes in many SAE grades, with various options to meet a broader range of engines.

The most important exam for engine oil is how well it performs throughout a comprehensive maintenance plan. I discovered hundreds of pleased clients who had used Supertech for thousands of kilometers and only complained about one or two bottles being leaking. The majority of the major evaluations on the product page concerned a delivery since these clients got leaking containers.

What a 300,000-mile engine will look like after using Supertech for 200,000 miles, is a mystery. If you click on the comments box beneath it, you’ll only read nice things about Supertech.

The fact is that engine oil brands aren’t all that different. If you’ve ever compared the bad oil with the good one, you might notice a difference over time, but most of the oil brands—Supertech is also one of them—are still unsure of the range when it comes to these distinctions.

The most essential item to remember was that changing the oil is more crucial than the brand of oil you use. Exceeding the guaranteed mileage stipulated by the oil producer puts your engine at risk of irreversible damage. You may obtain better safety than with any other brand in the same price range if you change your oil more frequently.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to quality.


The API Donut, which has the words “Resource-efficient” inscribed near the bottom half, “API service” inscribed about the top, and in the center is oil grade– for example, SAE 5W-30. The API is a non-profit organization that aims to promote petroleum industry standards.


The API Starburst design is a two-star rating, with an “American Petroleum Institute certified” star in the middle and the words “For Gasoline Engines” in the center.

The ILSAC certification is a third-party authentication that verifies the oil meets ILSAC’s most recent standards and isn’t only safe for engines, but also improves fuel efficiency and emissions. It’s indisputably a great oil brand, as it meets both API and ILSAC standards.

Oil Comparison: Supertech vs Competitor Brands

Supertech vs Competitor Brands

Several comparative studies are comparing Supertech to other car manufacturers, such as Supertech vs Castrol, or vs Mobil 1, Supertech vs Amazonbasics, etc.

Although many comparisons are meaningless, most of them are. Because the minor variances in test outcomes don’t accurately represent long-term usage within the engine, it makes no difference which oil wins these short-term competitions.

We recommend that you change your engine oil every 3,000 kilometers. I’m not talking about the type of oil here, but rather how often you replace it and don’t put your car under excessive strain.

I’m not intending to delve into further detail because, in my opinion, the majority of tests provide useless information and I’m not a specialist.

Supertech’s Advantages And Disadvantages

After knowing who makes Supertech Oil, the easiest approach to knowing if this oil is appropriate for you is to see the pros and cons and find how they fit the vehicle and your particular driving style.


  • Engine oils that are less expensive than other alternatives.
  • Ensure that it meets the ILSAC and API criteria.
  • It’s suitable for small automobiles, SUVs, and trucks.

Supertech oil is less expensive than Mobil by a substantial margin, and the lower price is the most compelling factor in its favor. How much less does it cost? The same grade and quantity of 5 liters of full synthetic 5W-30 Supertech currently cost $17.12 online, whereas Mobil 1 costs $22.37. That’s a $5 savings, which isn’t much, but if you change your oil every 3-5 thousand miles, it’ll add up over time.

Supertech has been certified to meet all of the required criteria by the API and ILSAC standards, making it suitable for use in any vehicle.


  • Most popular companies at the high end.
  • Oil changes are frequently done at mid-range intervals.
  • In high-performance automobiles, it doesn’t function well.

Supertech is great, but it isn’t the best. Even in simple engines, super-premium OIL maintains its advantage over Mobil 1, Valvoline, and Castrol despite keeping a big lead.

Supertech’s change interval is 10,000 miles, depending on how you look at it. It’s still less than you should wait to change your oil, but certain engines are built to run on the same oil for far longer. In those situations, it’s preferable to use long-life alternatives from other manufacturers.

To Summerize; It Can Be Good For Your Vehicle

Overall, Supertech is a good choice that is primarily produced by Warren Oil Company. It has received a lot of praises from multiple long-term clients, but I’d still question whether I’d want to save a few dollars each year versus Mobil.

However, if you’re on a budget and especially if your car isn’t worth much, utilizing Supertech and other Walmart filters and oils is an excellent approach to save money on maintenance.

We have now responded to the most frequent issue, who makes Supertech oil? Warren Company has been in operation since the 20th century, and it has proven itself to be a success by producing and selling high-quality lubricants at an affordable cost.

The small difference between Supertech and other oils like Mobil 1 distinguishes it. Because you may get it at a lower price, the oil stands out. The oil fulfills all of the criteria for American motor oils, ensuring quality. Always make sure you get the appropriate grade for your car.


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