Reasons WhynLand Cruisers Are So Expensive

Why Are Land Cruisers So Expensive?


May 7, 2022

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a well-known name in the SUV sector, and many individuals have considered purchasing one.

Many people have been put off by the high purchase price wondering why are land cruisers so expensive.

Toyota Land Cruisers are extremely costly because of their high level of comfort and off-road ability, which is greater than any other SUV.

The Toyota Land Cruiser, on the other hand, is one of the most costly vehicles on the market in terms of value retention due to its new models being reasonably priced while still having a large demand for used ones.

I have a lot of experience with Land Cruisers and know what they’re all about. Let’s see if the benefits of a Land Cruiser are worth the extra money. I can speak on the subject with confidence, having recently purchased a Land Cruiser for double the price of a Mercedes-Benz ML of comparable vintage.

Let’s take a look at some facts for finding the answer to why are land cruisers so expensive. 

The Glimpses

Land Cruiser parked in front of the house

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating a vehicle for its appearance. The Land Cruiser has always had a distinct style that is offset by the flavor of an imported automobile.

When you add it all up, you get an SUV that will be noticed and respected on the road, regardless of a model year.

Opulence Elements

If you’ve never sat inside a Land Cruiser, you haven’t experienced true luxury.

Regardless of the model year, you’ll get features that are 5-10 years ahead of the curve. That’s the reason why are land cruisers so expensive on paper than other complete-sized SUVs, especially those made in the United States.

However, no vehicle has ever affected me more emotionally with its interior quality.

Off-Road Credentials

Off Road Credentials

The Land Rover is widely acknowledged as one of the most distinguished if not the finest off-road vehicle ever made.

Although it has disadvantages in terms of weight and size, it can’t compete with specialized Russia’s Lada Niva, smaller Suzukis, or Jeep Wranglers, when it comes to performance. Everything is subject to variation.

The Land Cruiser outperforms every American-made vehicle in the full-size SUV class. The G-Class, which is known for being similar to the Land Cruiser, comes with a smaller, 5-passenger SUV.


This is where we come upon an issue that must not be overlooked. Chad was able to vanquish Libya in the Chadian-Libyan conflict after Toyota became the backbone of its motorized force.

The Toyota Land Cruisers and Hilux pickup trucks have withstood the searing heat, severe terrain, and difficult-to-fix issues for years. Seeing a similar make of automobile that you may buy at your local shop in a military outpost is proof of its dependability.

Significance Retention

How durable is Land cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most durable vehicles on the road. They are one of the most expensive new cars, starting at $86,500.

Now think about why are land cruisers so expensive; obviously, because they’re premium SUVs, Toyota doesn’t produce as many Land Cruisers each year as other types of SUVs.

Combine this with a high demand for used Land Cruisers, and you have an SUV that holds its value far better than others. Old Land Cruisers cease depreciating entirely after a while, and they might even appreciate as they become increasingly difficult to find.


There are a few disadvantages to buying a Land Cruiser. They’re sturdy, but their components must be maintained and updated at some point.

Labor and parts costs are among the most expensive in the business because it’s a full-size luxury SUV. You should never buy an older Land Cruiser since repair expenses will rapidly deplete your funds.

Why Are Land Cruisers So Expensive?

Rapair and spare parts price

Let’s Compare The Land Cruiser To Other Well-Known Competitors To See How Much It Costs.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser – $85,600
  2. Land Rover Range Rover – $92,000
  3. Mercedes G-Class – $132,000
  4. Cadillac Escalade – $77,500
  5. Nissan Patrol – $81,200
  6. GMC Yukon – $52,000
  7. Chevrolet Suburban – $53,000

When compared to the base models, it’s clear that the Cadillac Escalade and Land Cruiser are fairly close in price. Toyota is one of the few remaining vehicle makers that utilize frames instead of unibodies.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a body-on-frame vehicle that is more expensive to produce but offers considerably better off-road performance.

The lack of interior comfort is generally one of the expenses with this, however not with the Toyota Land Cruiser.

If you don’t need the off-roading capabilities, on the other hand, don’t bother why are land cruisers so expensive. Instead, Toyota Land Cruiser may be proved to be extremely costly for you.

What Is The Price Of A Used Land Rover?

Land Rover Price

Why are land cruisers so expensive even the pre-owned Land Cruisers are more expensive than new ones because of supply and demand, however, Car Gurus does extensive research to provide a reasonably precise pricing table.

  • 1999 Land Cruiser – $15,249
  • 2003 Land Cruiser – $19,874
  • 2007 Land Cruiser – $23,567
  • 2013 Land Cruiser – $44,507
  • 2014 Land Cruiser – $51,081
  • 2015 Land Cruiser – $51,251
  • 2016 Land Cruiser – $61,691
  • 2017 Land Cruiser – $69,069
  • 2018 Land Cruiser – $76,071
  • 2019 Land Cruiser – $84,267
  • 2020 Land Cruiser – $91,300
  • 2021 Land Cruiser – $94,531

From the chart, we may infer that a six-year-old Land Cruiser costs half of what it did when new.

With older versions, you aren’t sacrificing comfort; instead, there are fewer technological and convenience features to enjoy. This might be appealing to some consumers since the cost of repairing such components is substantial, and an older model has fewer


Purchasing a used Land Cruiser is only half the battle, and it’s not an easy journey. Repairs may be costly, and I’m speaking from personal knowledge here.

I’ve already spent 10% more on repairs, but new tires will be cheap in any case. But, if you know why you want a Land Cruiser, all of that money will be well spent when you sit behind the wheel!


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