plastic trim removal tool

Auto Plastic Trim Removal Tool 2022: The 10 Best Picks


August 10, 2022

This post is dedicated to helping you find the best plastic trim removal tool because it is one of the most time-consuming and aggravating procedures in car maintenance.

Simply cracking a few plastic retainers or exerting some force should be enough to dismantle the object.

It’s possible to get scratches and dents from screwdrivers while working with them, which will make your task much more difficult.

plastic trim removal tool

Fixing the problem is as simple as purchasing a car trim removal kit.

In this study, we’ll take a look at the 10 best kits accessible online and examine their strengths and weaknesses.

The Top 10 Best Selections For Plastic Trim Removal Tool

1. BYNIIUR 88-Piece Trim Removal Kit

The BYNIIUR 88-Piece Kit is our top pick because it combines the best of all worlds in terms of pricing, amount of tools, and overall quality into one incredible package.

To get the job done, this BYNIIUR package has all you need.

In addition to the 11 plastic terminal tools, the kit contains four precision hooks, three-panel removal tools, and eleven metal picks.

In addition, you’ll receive 40 push fastener clips, five of each type.

They are suitable for holes ranging from 4.6mm to 10mm in diameter, which should cover practically any application.

The tools are well-made and capable of performing a wide range of tasks, from removing headlights and speakers to disassembling the entire dashboard.

When it comes to dealing with retention clips, the clip removers are incredibly beneficial, and you have an option between three different tools of varying sizes, including a tweezer-style tool.

Using the wires and metal keys, you can easily remove the stereo unit, while the wire terminal removal tools are useful for maintaining all different types of cables and power connectors.

Although the plastic tools may require some sharpening, they are functional right out of the box and will not leave scratches or stains on the vehicle.

Overall, the BYNIIUR kit is an excellent all-around kit at a reasonable price.

It is recommended.

2. Tresalto 5-Piece Trim Removal Kit

There are only 5 tools in the Tresalto set, but they are the most important and flexible trim removers you can buy for your money.

Door panels, moldings and trims, the dashboard, fasteners, wheel hubs, and other items can be removed without causing damage to the paint or upholstery.

To describe this kit as “professional-grade” would be a stretch, even though it is reasonably priced for what it provides.

However, the tiny size of the Tresalto instruments is their primary selling feature.

Even while the larger kits provide greater value for money, if you aren’t planning on using the tools more than a few times, they will simply clutter your home or trunk.

3. XBRN 456-Piece Trim Removal Set

With only five tools in total, the XBRN set is extremely limited in terms of functionality.

It has simply the most regularly used tools and nothing more.

Spare clips of 18 various sizes, as well as six fastener clips, make up the remaining 451 components of the set.

It is the clips that make this set unique since you can probably create more than one whole automobile using the clips that are included in this package.

If you work on auto trims as a professional rather than as a hobbyist, this package will be ideal for you.

You can still get more for your money even though we’re talking about relatively inexpensive tools if you choose a bundle that includes more items.

If this is your first time working with trims and moldings, having the extra tools will lessen the likelihood of damaging or breaking the old clips.

4. Wetado 200-Piece Trim Removal Kit

Sets ranging from 5 to 456 pieces have been examined, although Wetado’s 200-piece set is one of the more comprehensive possibilities available.

Its 160 clips and 39 tools, as well as the zippered storage pouch, are organized into categories.

In addition to the six most popular sizes, there are two types of wire retaining clips that allow you to maneuver wires for the microphone, dashcam, or phone chargers without having to remove them from the vehicle.

There are 12 molding removers, 3 clip removers, and 4 hooks in the toolset, as well as everything else you’ll need to remove the stereo or navigation system from the vehicle and deal with power plugs and wiring.

As a whole, the Wetado trim removal set is one of the better solutions available, and you should consider investing in one if you plan to undertake more extensive maintenance on your car than is currently necessary.

5. JOJOY LUX Pack of 8 Trim Removal Tools

A total of seven plastic tools and one metal clip remover are included in the JOJOY LUX set, which may be sufficient if you’re only dealing with a few trim pieces on your vehicle.

The kit, like Tresalto’s, provides the fundamental essentials in compact packaging, but the purpose of these trim removal kits is to serve as a substitute for knives and screwdrivers.

The power window control panel, interior lighting, work on headlights, and disconnect clips in the trunk may all be properly removed with the tools included in the JOJOY LUX package.

It is not suited for the stereo/navigation device because it will necessitate the use of specialist hooks and keys to disengage the locks.

Everything else should be covered by this 8-piece set, which should be sufficient.

6. Dualeco 102-Piece Trim Puller Tool Kit

Unlike the Wetado set, the Dualeco car trim puller tool kit contains fewer replacement clips than the Wetado set.

However, while the 60 push pin rivets in 12 sizes would be sufficient for any DIY project, the Dualeco package is burdened by a high price.

At the moment, the 200-piece Wetado set costs the same as the 102-piece Dualeco set, which is not acceptable.

The Dualeco set, on the other hand, may become a better deal if the prices change by the time you read this post.

Once the cost of the kit is considered, it provides tremendous value due to its high-quality tools and ability to be used in different situations.

The set is well-organized and can be stored easily because it is packaged in a zipper storage bag.

7. Tresalto 12-Pack Trim Removal Kit

Tresalto tools are the best for removing vehicle trim.

They come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from a little 5-piece set to a large kit with hundreds of pieces.

This 12-piece plastic toolbox has a wider range of tools, making it more versatile.

This set of tools is composed of robust plastic to ensure long-term use, but they will not scratch, bend, or leave marks on the interior panels or paint of the vehicle.

In particular, the metal clip plier is a fantastic addition because it provides stronger leverage and rigidity while removing old clips.

This 12-piece package from Tresalto has all of the tools you’ll need to work on dashboards, interior door panels, wheel hubs, or moldings.

8. GOOACC 19-Piece Trim Removal Tool Set

All of the tools you’ll need to work on trims and moldings are included in the GOOACC trim removal tool kit.

You can remove any trim piece, retainer clip, or mold with the 19 tools contained in a zipper storage bag, allowing you to work on the problem without leaving a trace.

If you require both the pliers, plastic tools, and stereo removal keys, this 19-piece set is a great value, and it is highly recommended if you need both.

A set of precise tools for working with wires and power plugs will also be provided.

GOOACC’s brand name may need to be updated, however, its tools are unquestionably up to the task at hand.

9. BYNIIUR Trim Removal Set

The BYUNIIUR offers yet another high-quality set of tools.

It contains nine trim removal tools, two clip release tools, clip pliers, forty retention clips, ten glue-on cable clips, eleven car terminal removal tools, four oil seal removal hooks & four-vehicle sealing caps, a foil scraper tool, a magnetic storage container, and a foil scraping tool.

A foil scraping tool and a magnetic storage container are also included in the set as additional accessories.

A total of more than 80 tools and spare clips are included in the carry case price.

The development of novel tools for trim and mold removers is difficult, but BYUNIIUR has succeeded to go one step further by developing fastener removal tools.

They have installed a rubber ball at the leverage point to ensure that the surface on which it is resting will not be damaged in any way.

BYUNIIUR tools are long-lasting and ergonomic, and they offer a good balance between quality and price.

10. MICTUNING 13-Piece Trim Removal Set

Finally, but certainly not least, we have the MICTUNING 13-piece ensemble.

The set comprises 11 plastic trimming tools that are suitable for practically every application, as well as two clip pullers that are diverse in their application.

Carrying and storing all of the tools is simplified with the storage bag — simply clasp the buckles together and fold the bag up.

The tools included in this set will allow you to work on interior trim components such as doorknobs, stereo units, ventilation ports, and a variety of other items.

If you don’t need more clips and are only interested in a few tools to get the job done, the MICTUNING set will suffice.

3 Tips For Choosing The Best Plastic Trim Remover Tool Set

The tools described in this article are all excellent choices, but there are a few considerations you should keep in mind if you want to ensure that the tools you choose are appropriate for your next project.

1. Application

Removers of trim and mold serve very specific functions, and while they may be used to remove various clips and trim pieces, it is recommended to use the appropriate tool for each area of the car.

Investigate what other people are doing to remove the parts before you purchase a pair of equipment – certain operations necessitate the use of wire keys, while others require metal pliers to remove difficult clips.

2. A Few Extra Clips

To maintain the fact that retention clips grow weak with time and are more prone to shatter when pulled out, make sure you have a few extras available at all times.

A set of 500 pieces should be plenty for your needs unless you are establishing your own business.

Five of each type should be sufficient for your need.

3. The Quality Of The Tool

For a variety of reasons, there hasn’t been much discussion about the tool’s quality or durability in the review section.

When it comes to things that are so cheap, you shouldn’t expect too much and you should instead look to customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

There have been tens of thousands of favorable reviews for every product on this list, so I’m confident in their abilities.

According to my theory, the majority of these tools came from the same manufacturer but were labeled and packed in a slightly different manner.

While the mix of tools and spare retainer clips offers enough variety to make each option worth considering, the fact that all of the tools are identical in style and color means you shouldn’t be concerned about a difference in quality between them.

plastic trim removal tool

Car Trim Remover Tools: How to Use Them

It is recommended that you watch a few video guides before attempting to disassemble any part of your car, no matter how little, to learn what tools are required and how to apply force appropriately.

Putting the guide into words would be impossible because defining which tool to use and where to put it is a near-impossibility.

As an alternative, I’ve discovered a pretty extensive instructional on YouTube that can assist you in getting a better understanding of how the most frequent trim pieces are removed.


What’s the best way to remove the car’s interior trim?

Based on our research, we’ve determined that the BYNIIUR 88pcs trim removal kit delivers the best value for money in terms of quality, pricing, and quantity of included tools and retention clips.

A smaller package with only the essentials is an excellent option from Tresalto.

Remove the trim by using whatever you like as a tool.

Trim removal kits abound since they simplify the process while still safeguarding sensitive parts.

A scalpel, a flathead screwdriver, and a butter knife could all be used as substitutes if necessary.

To remove clips, what do you need to do with clip-puller pliers?

The clip remover pliers are simple to use; all you have to do is put the tongue into the clip and then squeeze the handles.

Once the clip has popped, you can move on to the next one and continue this process until the entire panel has been removed.

How do you remove the bodywork from a car without damaging the vehicle?

The plastic trim remover must be heated up before it can be used to remove glued-in trims.

You can use a hairdryer to evenly distribute the heat, ensuring that the materials aren’t damaged.

Except for the riveted piece, the rest of the tools in a trim removal kit will make the operation simple—just insert the tool in its proper location and apply leverage.


Whichever option you choose from the top ten list, you will not be disappointed, however, the BYNIIUR 88-Piece Trim Removal Tool is unquestionably our favorite.

It comes equipped with all of the tools and spare parts you might need, but before you begin disassembling your vehicle, familiarize yourself with the procedures and equipment that will be required for each specific task.


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