12 Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear - Best For Winter Travel

12 Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear – Best For Winter Travel


February 23, 2022

It may appear that motorcycles and inclement weather shouldn’t mix from the outside. The lack of an enclosed cabin, like a car’s, puts the rider totally exposed to wind, rain, and snow.

And forcing them to deal with whatever weather conditions are present (and before you factor in the additional windchill caused by riding speed).

However, the truth is that with the appropriate clothing and cold weather motorcycle gear. You may ride a motorcycle in almost any condition provided that you can see.

Cold weather gear not only has to protect the wearer from low temperatures, wind, and rain, but it also must be able to do so without restricting mobility or dexterity.

A goal that’s a lot more difficult to accomplish than it sounds. The cold weather riding gear industry is fueled by a continuously expanding adventure bike sector and community.

Which has led to elements and characteristics from conventional snowmobile garb, as well as ski and snowboard clothing. We’ve put up this head-to-toe list of the greatest cold weather motorcycle accessories.

To help you discover some of the finest equipment available in today’s market.

12 Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gears

12 Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear - Best For Winter Travel

1. AGV AX9 Antarctica Helmet

The AX-9 is one of Bell’s most versatile helmets, with a detachable visor and shield.

And four distinct configurations to choose from depending on the environment or weather you encounter. Its neck roll also helps to keep water out.

2. Alpinestars Ride Tech Winter Top

This is the Italian gear brand’s Ride Tech Winter kit’s top half, with the same honeycomb open mesh structure.

Muscle fatigue-reducing compression fit design and stretch ribs as the lower half. The shoulders (and neck and chest) are similarly adorned with Jacquard patterns that are commonly seen on sliders.

And, just like the lower half of this base-layer setup. Astars’ Ride Tech Winter layers allow you to perform a variety of physical activities off the bike.

3. Klim Kaos Jacket

The Klim Kaos is a super lightweight jacket that will keep you warm without weighing you down.

The shell is made of Gore-Tex and has 3m Thinsulate insulation, allowing it to resist the elements with ease. And if black and gray aren’t your thing, don’t worry; there’s also a blue and orange option.

4. Tucano Urbano Handwarm Gloves

The Hardware Gloves from Tucano Urbano are gloves with heating elements along with the palms and fingers. That draws power from integrated 7.4V Lithium-ion batteries stored in the cuff.

Unlike most heated gloves that required a hardwired connection to the bike’s power source. The gloves also feature Primaloft insulation and a breathable, waterproof Hydroscud membrane that keeps them warm even after they’ve been switched off.

The Handwarmer Gloves are touchscreen-friendly and support smartphones and tablets.

As well as D30 palm protection, a visor wipe portion on the thumbs, solid knuckle protection inserts, and silicone rubber print on the palm for improved grip in wet circumstances.

5. REV’IT! Neptune 2 GTX Jacket

12 Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear - Best For Winter Travel

The REV’IT! Neptune 2 GTX Jacket is built to last a season. It has adjustable vents and detachable Gore-Tex and thermal liners for inclement weather.

The outer shell is made of high-density polyester, abrasion-resistant, with a Teflon coating and coated with Teflon polyester ripstop over the shoulders for maximum protection.

6. Held Cold Champ Gore-Tex Gloves

Held is a German-based firm that has more than 60 years of expertise in the moto gear market. With over 60 years of experience in the business, it is one of the most renowned and demanding manufacturers in the sector.

The German brand’s Cold Champ GTX is a sporty take on a riding winter glove that demonstrates Held’s usual high-end construction and material expertise.

It has GORE-TEX membrane, goatskin palms, 3M Thinsulate lining, Thermoplush fleece hand backs, Super fabric reinforcements in important impact areas, and leather-covered hard knuckle protection.

7. Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket

Alpinestars has a long history in the motorbike clothing industry, and it’s well-deserved.

If you’re looking for a durable, waterproof multi-season jacket to serve as your first line of defense against the winter chill, this is one of the finest options available.

8. Ignite Carbon Helmet 509 Delta R3 

The Delta R3 helmet, weighing only 3.55 pounds and meeting DOT and ECE standards (aka road-legal), is a high-end snowmobile brain bucket that comes at an accessible price.

The thick and warm helmet is designed specifically for winter racing. It has a carbon fiber shell that houses a dual-density EPS liner, as well as a cold-weather, breathe box and a strong 12V heated dual-pane face shield.

The Delta R3 also has Pro Series cheek pads and liner, which are secured with a magnetic Fidloc chinstrap that may be easily operated while wearing gloves.

9. Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner

12 Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear - Best For Winter Travel

When the weather becomes cold, it’s critical to keep your core warm.

The Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner is easily connected to your bike’s battery, so you’ll never have to worry about D-cell batteries running out of power when you need it most.

10. Carhartt Force Helmet Liner & Mask

The Carhartt Force Helmet Liner is made of a 92 percent polyester, 8% spandex mix and is intended to slide beneath a helmet to keep the neck and face warm while on the road.

The American brand’s mask is fitted with a fleece-lined interior and utilizes moisture-wicking and antimicrobial FastDry technology. Has flatlock seams for added comfort.

In addition to the Force Helmet Liner in five distinct colors (including two high-viability choices), the company offers the liners in five different sizes.

11. Forma Adventure Boot

It’s critical to find a balance between warmth and mobility while riding in the cold. With a full-on snowmobile boot, you can ensure that your toes never know what temperature it is outside.

But you won’t be able to feel the foot controls either. The Forma Adventure is an excellent example of that middle ground, combining the protection and weather resistance of full-height ADV boots with the flexibility of a road boot.

12. Windproof Softshell Jacket REAX Traveler

This well-made, yet inexpensive mid-layer by in-house gear line REAX has a three-layer 100% wind and waterproof polyester soft-shell and a full fleece thermal inner.

The Traveler Windproof Softshell has hand-warmer pockets, a comfy rolled collar, elasticized cuffs, and YKK zippers throughout. This item can be worn under a larger shell or jacket when off the bike as it looks like your average technical jacket.

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