Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

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Our cell phones have become part of our everyday lives and we always want them to be constantly under our watch so we don’t miss out on important communications and updates.

Mounting your cell phone on the motorcycle allows you to get traffic updates on the routes you are traveling. With a securely mounted phone, you can also get directions that lead to your destination in real-time.

That’s why we carefully selected the best phone mounts that will enable you to drive comfortably with your cell phone mounted firmly.

Best Overall: Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount holder

Short summary

The Ciro Smart Phone/GPS Perch Mount Holder comes without a charger. But it’s all fine, as you can always purchase a charger if you need one.


The Ciro Smartphone holder is designed to be quick and simple. When you want to lock your smartphone, you can just flip the lever and it will be locked into the secure rubber molded fingers.

It fits devices from 2-1/8″ to 3-1/2″ wide and has a left and right control perch mount with a 1-11/16 to 1-11/16″ vertical bolt spacing from one end to the other. The ambidextrous design makes it convenient for use by anyone.

Search no more for the best motorcycle phone mount 2022. With this beautiful phone mount design by Ciro, you can be at peace as you ride your bike knowing that your cell phone is firmly secured. Once you have adjusted it to fit your device securely, all you need do is just flip the lever and your device will be properly locked in.

Ciro should be on your radar if you are looking for a quick and simple motorcycle phone mount. The ambidextrous design allows you to comfortably make use of the device either placed on the right or left-hand side.

The product comes complete with a smartphone holder assembly, aluminum perch mount, 1/4” -20 x 1-3/4” socket head bolts, 1/4″-20 x 2 socket head bolts, and 6 mm to 1.00 x 50 mm socket head bolts. Ciro’s product is arguably the best cell phone mount for motorcycle but it has one downside. It doesn’t come with a charger. You will have to buy a separate charger.


  • It can be adjusted easily
  • Has a lever lock for secure holding


  • Does not have a charger

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount


Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount holder

Runner Up: RAM Mounts X-Grip Phone Mount

Short summary

RAM Mounts X-Grip Phone Mount comes with RAM Snap-Link Tough-Claw. It can also be mounted on ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or utility task vehicles and bikes.
The special hardware included in the pack consists of an optional tether, glue tube for rubber caps, rail/tube clamp, and more.

It also features standard size RAM X-Grip and 3/4″ RAM Snap-Link Socket that can be connected to the small version of RAM Tough-Claw base. However, it is not compatible with RAM double socket arms.

This product is one of the most popular phone mounts currently used by motorcycle owners. The RAM X-Grip is designed to hold phones of different sizes. It uses spring-loaded X-shaped arms that can hold your cell phones at 4 different contact points.

For extra security, you should make use of the glue provided to stick the rubber caps to the steel arms. The optional rubber tether can be used when you know you are going for a rugged ride. It provides added protection for the device.

The design of the small version of the RAM Tough Claw base makes it quick and easy to clamp square, round, and odd shaped bars and rails ranging from 0.625 to 1.5 inches outer diameter.

There are also rubber pads that protect the mounting surface and stable gripping. It is compatible with multiple devices, including iPhones, Samsung phones, and Google Pixel.


  • Comes with a wide range of mount options
  • Good fit for multiple devices including 7″ tablets


  • Mounting and unmounting can be slow

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount


Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount holder

Alternative: Rokform Motorcycle Cell Phone Perch Mount

Short summary

Rokform Motorcycle Cell Phone Perch Mount fits most Harley’s, Metrics, and Indian Cruisers. If it fits well on these motorcycles, then you know it will fit most types of motorcycles.

This mount secures your phone via a quad tab twist lock, which means your phone is not going to move or shake unless you move it yourself. It also has a built-in magnet that is available for extra security and anti-vibration. This is obviously one of the best magnetic motorcycle phone mount products currently in the market. 

This unique Rokform phone mount was designed to fit most types of motorcycles. It will fit in perfectly, whether you have a Harley Davidson, Metric, or Indian Cruisers. It is very easy to install and you don’t have to be bothered about the tools for installation because they are already provided along with the product.

Considering that different riders have different preferences, this special phone mount has been designed to allow you to adjust the view to either portrait or landscape. Who says you can’t have the best magnetic motorcycle phone mount?

The Rokform motorcycle cell phone perch mount has a built-in magnet that is available to guarantee extra security for your device. The magnet also serves an anti-vibration function. The cell phone perch mount comes in either black or polished aluminum colors. This should blend well with your motorcycle since most motorcycles usually have those colors on them.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with tools
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Metric and standard hardware available
  • All aluminum construction
  • Anodized finish and low-profile design


  • Does not include phone case

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount


Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount holder

Alternative: Roam Handlebar Bike Phone Mount

Short summary

Roam Handlebar Bike Phone Mount is a universal phone holder that fits on different motorcycles; from mountain bikes to motorbikes. It is an adjustable phone holder for motorcycles, bicycles, electric, and mountain bikes.

It can hold different phone types, including iPhones. You can also mount navigational devices that are up to 3.5” wide. The bike phone holder is adjustable and it can fit into different handlebar sizes from 7/8” to 1-1/4”.

Securing your device with two points of contact, the ROAM Handler Bike Phone Mount is designed to keep your devices safe in any kind of situation. The product has been designed with premium quality plastic material and a silicone net to keep your phone safe, regardless of the terrain you ride, whether that’s on the mountain, desert, hills, or valleys.

The silicone net prevents cracks or breaks, which happens to rubber materials. It is compatible with iPhones and all Samsung Galaxy phones. It is also a great fit for some other phones of similar sizes.


  • Can be easily adjusted
  • Durable materials


  • Flimsy ball joint in some products

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount


Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount holder

Alternative: Sanosan One-Push Motorcycle Phone Mount

Short summary

The Sanosan One-Push Motorcycle Phone Mount is very easy to install. You can install it in about 15 seconds or a little more. And if you are fast enough, you can also automatically lock and release it in about one or two seconds.

It has a red high-speed secure switch that allows you to ride very fast without fear of damage to your mounted device. Sanosan did a great job with this motorcycle phone mount by providing bike accessories. That means you don’t have to make any extra purchases.

If you need a motorcycle phone mount that can be installed in no time, then go for this Sanosan product. It is not just fast and easy to install, but it also firmly secures your phone to your motorcycle. The best part is that you don’t need any tool to complete the installation.

It is majorly compatible with products of iPhone, Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, and any cell phone with a size ranging between 4.7” and 7”. This allows most types of cell phones to fit into the mount without much hassle.

360 viewing rotation is possible with this phone mount. It allows you to choose your best viewing angle, whether it is a portrait, landscape, or any slant view of your choice. As the name suggests, you can tightly secure your phone with just one push at the top of the cell phone mount.

Another push also at the top of the mount can release your device. This is why it is easy to mount and unmount your phone in one or two seconds. The three strategic parts of this phone mount were designed specifically to ensure that your phone is securely mounted.

The grasping force is increased by the anti-slip hard rubber that has been added to the clip of the handlebar. This will make it very firm and will not let it move or slip loosely.

This newest 2.0 version has fixed the problem of ball-jolt part breaking. If you had a not-so-good experience with the older version, worry no more because this current version has solved that issue. It uses high-density materials to prevent the ball-joint part from breaking. There are four metal arms that are super solid and cannot easily break like the bands and plastics.


  • Tool-free, easy installation
  • 360 viewing angles
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • One-push increases the risk of accidentally releasing your phone

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount


Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount holder

Motorcycle Phone Mount FAQ

How can you mount a phone on a motorcycle?

phone on bike

Mounting your phone on a motorcycle can be done in different ways and at different points. How you mount your phone will largely depend on the type of phone mount you have.

Phone mounts can be placed at fairing mount, left or right handlebar mount, left or right mirror mount, left or right perch mount.

After purchasing the phone mount, carefully read the instructions on how to install the mount on your motorcycle and how to mount a phone on it.

Some phone mounts can be installed in seconds just like the Sanosan One-Push Phone Mount. With this product, all you need is to clip it to the handlebar.

Other types of phone mounts may require some tools and even a guide or instruction manual to properly install them.

Mounting your cell phone to the phone mount is your next step after successfully installing your phone mount.

Using the best motorcycle phone mounts, as suggested in our review above, you can see that the phones are not mounted the same way.

For instance, the RAM X-Grip has a tether and bars to support your phone and protect it from falling, while the Rokform keeps your phone firmly secured using a Quad Tab Twist Lock.

Why do people mount phones on motorcycles?

Cell phones have become necessities in our everyday lives and many people simply can’t afford to have them out of their sight for a long time.

But besides the obsession with phones, there are a few other important reasons for mounting them on a motorcycle: These include:

Navigating to our destination:

With the development in technology, our cell phones have been designed to also serve GPS functions. With your phone securely mounted on your motorcycle, it can serve your GPS needs.

You can just take a glance at your screen to view the directions you need to take. Looking at your phone on the cell phone mount is just like looking at your speedometer.

It is safer to be fast about looking at your phone while on the ride.

Answering important calls and messages:

With your phone mounted on your motorcycle, you will be able to take a quick glance and see who is calling you on your cell phone.

You might have an appointment to catch up with or even an emergency that needs your urgent attention. You can only receive calls when your phone is right before you.

The same applies to text messages. You will always see every message notification when your cell phone is on the phone mount.

And you will decide whether to pullover and read the message (if it is urgent) or wait till you get to your destination.

When your phone is not on the phone mount you might miss out on important calls and messages because the sound from your motorcycle or from other vehicles close to you may prevent you from hearing any sound from your phone, especially if it is in a bag or your pocket.

It is important to mention that texting while riding can be very dangerous. Pullover if you need to read and respond to text messages.

Listening to music:

Riding your motorcycle doesn’t have to be boring at all. Listening to your favorite music during your ride will make you enjoy your trip better.

With your phone mounted properly you can play your favorite music and listen to it as you ride. You can either use the volume of the phone or connect it to other listening devices like headphones.

Just be sure to use the correct volume that will allow you to be aware of your environment. Always remember you are on the road and not in a party hall.

You need more focus on the road so you don’t miss a warning horn.

If you like to listen to music all the time, you may consider purchasing the best motorcycle phone mount with charger so you can charge your phone on the go.

Taking pictures and recording videos:

If you love riding your motorcycle most of the time, you know there’s so much you can do with your phone as you ride. Taking pictures is one and recording videos is another.

Fortunately, many phones come with a high-quality camera like the iPhone products. You can mount your cell phone on the motorcycle and use it to either take pictures or record videos.

Memories are worth creating on motorcycles, too!

Can mounting your phone on a motorcycle damage it?

Mounting your phone on a motorcycle is meant to be a great experience. This is because it allows you to use your device hands-free while you ride your motorcycle.

But there can be some downsides to it because of the kind of vibrations generated by motorcycles.

Some motorcycle phone mounts were designed with dampeners to help cushion the effect of vibrations on the devices.

Dampeners can be helpful, but there are certain levels of vibrations that can be too high for a dampener.

Vibrations from your motorcycle can have a negative effect on your phone in the long run. That does not mean it can damage it in a few rides.

Overall, it is fair to say that constant vibrations may reduce the lifespan of your cell phone.

Do vibrations damage phones?

There is a frequency to all vibrations, which means not all vibrations are the same.

Devices like our cell phones are definitely going to wear out with time. And subjecting it to continuous vibrations may as well make the process faster. The higher the vibration frequency, the faster it is for the phone to experience wear and tear.

Generally speaking, a phone that is subjected to a low-frequency vibration will last longer than a device that is subjected to a high-frequency vibration.

However, the support document released by Apple warns that exposing iPhones to vibrations like those generated by high-powered motorcycle engines can degrade the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and might subsequently lead to camera damage. 

How stable is the phone in the phone mount?

The stability of your phone in the phone mount can only be guaranteed by the type of phone mount that you purchase.

That is why you need the best motorcycle cell phone mount 2022.

When you purchase a cheap and low-quality cell phone mount, you put your phone and risk because it can come off the mount while you are on the road.

But when you pamper your cell phone by getting the best phone mount for motorcycle, you will have a great experience with your phone securely mounted on your motorcycle.

Some of these quality products have double or more layers of protective materials that will hold your phone securely and also allow you to operate your phone comfortably when necessary.

Sadly, the cheap and low-quality phone mounts can easily wear off and break within a short period.

Thankfully, you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list of the best motorcycle phone mount.


It is highly risky and dangerous when you often try to operate your cell phone with one hand while you ride your motorcycle with the other.

To avoid the risk of accidents and phone damages, do yourself a world of good by purchasing the best motorcycle phone mount.

With the best magnetic phone mount for motorcycle, you can have your phone handy at all times as you ride.

However, not all motorcycle phone mounts are created equal. To be on the safer side, consider picking one from the options on this list to enjoy peace of mind while riding.

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Ciro Perch Mount holder

  • Mounting Type: Dashboard
  • Size: 2-1/8″ – 3-1/2″ wide
  • Material: Aluminum and Rubber


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