Are Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Safe? (with Proof)

They absolutely are NOT!

And when someone who loves to wear an open face hears this, they almost get offended for some reason!

Let me explain to you with logic and proofs why the Open Face helmet design is inferior to especially the Full-Face helmet.

First, you must agree, that at some point in your life, you are GOING to get into an accident or at least a minor fall. And when that happens, do you think you’ll be safe if your face, which is the most common thing that hits the ground, is half exposed? 🤔

I don’t think so!

Helmet Impact Zones
Source: Dietmar Otte, Hannover Medical University, Department of Traffic Accident Research, Germany.

Here are some statistics of what are the impact zones on a helmet if they’re wearing one, or on the head, if they aren’t wearing any. 😅 Most importantly, if they are wearing a half helmet or open face helmet, which is the main focus of this discussion so we’ll focus on them only.

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As you’ve seen in the picture above, it mentions that more than half of the impact of the fall will be on your face or front area of the head, which is what is exposed in the open face helmet design. Which is the main reason they’re a failure and should be avoided and replaced with a full-face helmet to save your precious “face”.

The name says it all really, “open face” helmet.

If your face is open, what else is there to save? Would you like to have a deformed face for the rest of your life? That is if you survive! Why are you doing this to yourself? Get a full-face helmet and protect it for your spouse to kiss and for your kids to recognize their mommy or daddy.

Besides, if some other part of your body gets damaged, you’ll probably survive. But if your face or the head gets the same amount of damage, it’s most likely that you’ll be missed! 😇

Up to 50% of severe head injuries are fatal. Among people who survive these injuries, about 20% suffer severe disabilities.

Let me also share a graph with you from MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) in which they have something to share with you about how a Full Gear looks like, vs. how a Fool’s Gear looks like.

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Full Gear vs. Fool's Gear

As you’ve also noticed, that they’re recommending nothing less than a Full Face helmet, and they probably have more knowledge and statistics to support their claim than you and I do, so we should listen to their advice and just starting wearing a full face from now on.

And if you feel strange that why I am using such tone in this article, it’s because I am trying to prove to those who say that there’s no difference whether you wear a full face or an open face helmet, or that there’s no issue in using an open face all the time, and they keep on going…

If you were just looking for some information about the subject of whether an open face helmet is safe to ride in or not, I hope you’ve found what you were looking for. And hopefully, you are now convinced that the way to go is to get a full face and wear that as your regular helmet wherever you want to take your motorcycle.


Here are some of the questions that came in my mind that someone would ask me if I was telling them all of this face to face.