11 Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

Looking for best motorcycle glasses for night riding?

After tons of research, we’ve found you the best motorcycle glasses you can wear for night riding with buddies, or even when going alone for those lonely night rides. 😅

At least I used to do that.

Anyway, let’s kick things into gear.

1. Phillips Safety-Extreme Riding Glasses

Unlike other safety glasses, Phillips Safety-Extreme is photochromic; that is, the lenses are dark when it’s bright and clear when it’s dark.

The polarized properties of the glass provide a yellow/green tint in low light situations, which can be extremely helpful in low light situations. Sunrise to dusk and beyond is protected by this transition

A coating of anti-reflective, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective polycarbonate is used on the lenses, which provides excellent UV protection. The frame and the arms, which are made of polycarbonate, are lightweight and curved for a good fit on the head.

2. Yellow Lens Bifocal Glasses

UV 400, or 100% protection against the sun, is the rating of the Yellow Lens Bifocal Glasses. These yellow-tinted polycarbonate safety glasses have a scratch-resistant coating and have also been tinted yellow.

Black matte frames, ergonomically curved arms, and a matt black matte finish allow for a more comfortable fit under your helmet. Wind and dust should be managed by a thick cushion around the frames.

Bifocal inserts along the inside edge of the lenses provide the USP of these glasses. There are different strengths of these inserts and they are ideal for anyone who wears reading glasses.  You can clearly see the clocks in your inserts, while the bulk of your lens remains untouched.

3. Photochromic Motorcycle Goggles

Look back over your shoulder, and you’ll see that you’ve lost your sunglasses if you’re wearing a half helmet that finishes at the top of your head or lives in a state where helmet usage isn’t mandatory.

People who ride at night or during the day need good goggles and if you can find ones that do both, the better. Photochromic Motorcycle Goggles offer impact-resistant lenses with anti-fog treatment that alter their tint with light.

The goggles feature a wrap-around design for enhanced peripheral vision. A thin strip of foam sponge acts as a windproof seal around the frame. In addition to ventilation aerators, the helmet has a hinged middle section to enhance fit and flexibility.

4. Outlaw Eyewear Fugitive- Day-Night Glasses

Outlaw Eyewear Fugitive Glasses feature an aluminum frame, which makes them not only lightweight but also tough enough to handle life on the road. The protective lenses are also made of 2mm polyurethane ballistic polyurethane, conforming to ANSI Z87.1-2015 impact resistance standards.

Tapered edges on the temples are an interesting design feature of the frames.  When they’re worn under your lid, it minimizes pressure points in the exact places where you do not need them. In the Sunnier States, the glasses offer a transitional lens that goes from clear to dark, according to Outlaw.

5. Rapid Eyewear-Cruise Sports With Interchangeable Lenses

Aviation industry reports claim that the Rapid Eyewear-Cruise Sports glasses are a huge hit with their clients. As far as UV protection and impact resistance go, you can rest assured that the lenses will be pretty darn good.

All black frames have an inbuilt flex due to the composite material. Due to the flexibility of the arm extension and the rubber, this headband can fit most shapes. As well as keeping your peripheral vision shielded, the wrap-around design extends into the lens. The Cruise Sports come with several extras, which makes them a great buy.

There are four interchangeable lenses (amber, yellow, grey, and dark smoked), so you get to choose the one that matches the light conditions.

6. Angel Chrome And Pink Motorcycle Night Glasses

It’s one for lady’s who ride motorcycles and love chrome. Or if pink is your thing, then this is one for you. Wear these chrome and pink glasses when you are riding in the dark, and you will still look cool and stay safe.

Its frames maintain excellent aerodynamics while fitting the rider’s head properly. The same curvy mold shapes both arms, and their smooth design will not dig into helmets when worn with them.

Wearing them during the day is also safe since they come with 100% UV protection in addition to the sweat-proof EVA foam cushion.

The yellow lenses indicate the manufacturer can reduce halo effects from oncoming headlights as well as enhance night vision. A clear lens or smoke lens is also available for the Angel frames.

7. WYND Blocker Motorcycle & Biking Wind Resistant Sports Wrap Sunglasses

Motorcycle safety and performance can be impacted significantly by eye protection when riding at night. Tints that are beneficial for riding in urban areas may harm your vision on darkened rural roads.

For this reason, you should keep in mind that not all of the “night glasses” are appropriate for every situation you may encounter while riding at night. If you plan on riding in specific conditions, you will want to purchase a product that will meet your needs. Consider getting a few pairs of motorcycle glasses you can switch among when the lighting changes depending on where you are riding at night, especially if you ride on rural roads as well as on urban ones.

8. Oversized Choppers Men’s Sport Padded Motorcycle Bikers Sunglasses

It is another fantastic option for riders who ride most of their nighttime rides under the same lighting conditions. There are six different tint options available for these motorcycle sunglasses: clear, black, smoke, brown, mirrored, and yellow midnight. With their wide lenses, these glasses are perfect for riders with wide faces.

9. AULLY PARK Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses

The one you need if you want high quality and versatility. This pair of motorcycle riding glasses comes with 4 interchangeable lenses: a clear lens, a yellow lens, a copper lens, and a neutral grey polarized lens.

For night riding in total darkness, apply a clear lens. For night riding in urban areas, apply yellow and copper lenses and use polarized neutral gray lenses during the day or at dusk. Shatterproof, scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lenses are all used. It comes with an extra hard case, a sports band, and a sports band.

10. MLC Eyewear All-Weather Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

Having trouble choosing a tint? You can get a set with all three included. With a set of 3 clear, black, and yellow lenses, these night riding glasses will keep you safe in all weather conditions. Each one has an inner foam pad to keep out dust and wind, and considering the price, it’s an excellent purchase.

11. 2 Pair Smoke & Clear Biker Foam Pad

Yellow-tinted lenses are best avoided if you ride a lot at night in rural and semi-rural areas with asphalt roads and highways. For the day, you can wear black lenses, and for the night, go with clear lenses.

We’ve covered both bases with this assortment pack. Both clear and black pairs of riding glasses are provided to you–one for nighttime use, and one for daytime use. Similar to all of the other options we have discussed, the lenses are made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate, as well as padding to keep the dust and wind from bothering your eyes. To prevent fogging, the lenses also have vents.