Best Half Helmets No Mushroom – Top 7 Picks

Don’t want your head to look like a giant mushroom? Or are you trying to escape that “look at that mushroom head” comment? After tons of research, we’ve come up with a lot of half helmets that make your head look as it naturally looks, and not like a mushroom.

Anyway, try these and you’ll know when people stop calling you a mushroom head. 😉 Don’t worry, not a single human being is seeing you reading this article.

7 Best Half Helmets No Mushroom

Let’s look at these 7 best no mushroom motorcycle helmets that don’t make you look like a mushroom head.

1. Crazy AL’s SOA Inspired

Fans of Sons of Anarchy adore Crazy Al’s helmet because of its look. The mushroom head helmets sold by this brand have been discontinued since 2008. With DOT certification, it’s the perfect helmet for anyone who wants a low-profile helmet.

Helmets like this are light and compact and are much less bulky than other helmets. With this, it provides maximum protection to your head while also being low profile. The quick-release adjustable straps allow you to easily take it off your head. It feels snug on the head and is easily removable.

In its own way, this helmet is remarkable for its small size, which is why it is DOT approved. Thus, it is well-built and beautiful. If you buy a helmet for yourself, begin by checking the sizing guide.

You might feel a bit insecure about the helmet when you first put it on, but after a few rides, the lining will conform to your head shape.

2. Vega Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sun Shield

In addition to being one of the topmost brands of motorcycle helmets, Vega also makes a half helmet that is appropriate for women in addition to men. A dial fit system allows it to be adjusted to fit a perfect snug fit no matter what size you choose.

The helmet is lightweight, small, and has a fully vented EPS liner that is fully enclosed in an inner high-density foam liner.

Furthermore, it features a removable sun visor made from tinted plastic that blocks debris, bugs, and direct sunlight. A moisture-wicking pad is also incorporated to make it extremely comfortable.

Unlike many helmets, this one does not have the mushroom head appearance, which is great. The quick-release feature and one-handed operation are other nice features. It doesn’t feel heavy on your head either.

3. WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half Helmet

There are a few more motorcycle helmets on this list that don’t have mushrooms. This helmet is known for its low profile, head-hugging design, so you won’t be viewed as a mushroom head with this helmet.

Due to its lightweight, you won’t have to worry about a neck strain, so you’ll be comfortable. According to the manufacturers, the helmet is also the smallest DOT-certified helmet currently available. Because of this, the Half Helmet is not only the lightest and tiniest but also the safest.

Featuring adjustable quick-release straps, it can be easily put on and taken off. You will therefore be able to remove the helmet without any problem. When you wear it for the first time, you may think that it feels snug, but it eventually molds to your head. Therefore, this shouldn’t worry you.

Verify your size with the sizing chart to ensure you get the perfect fit, otherwise, you may not get the perfect and snug fit that’s necessary for a secure and safe ride. Finally, for extra added security, there’s a rigid fiberglass composite found in this helmet.

4. Daytona Helmets Carbon Fiber Half Shell Helmet

You can feel protected and comfortable with the Daytona half-shell helmet. An extra layer of comfort comes from the fully lined interior. Additionally, it fits snugly and comfortably on top of your head.

Check the sizing chart before buying one for you to get the right size. In addition, it meets or exceeds DOT safety standards, so it will ensure you are protected at all times, especially of your head, when you are injured. There are a variety of sizes available, thus it can accommodate both the largest and smallest heads.  

Further, it is the smallest low-profile helmet approved by the Department of Transportation, meaning it has been certified safe by an independent laboratory. Because of its low profile and small size, it prevents the mushroom head effect.

Since the chin straps can be adjusted either forward or backward, it prevents the painful pinching or pulling of the beard hair caused by other poorly constructed straps. Another plus is that one finger can easily release the custom lock.

5. Bikeraccess Low Profile Novelty Half Helmet

Since Bikeraccess has been in business for over a decade, this helmet has been changed a lot to achieve the look it has today. Low-profile and lightweight, this device is extremely portable.

A design with minimal padding on the internal cushion makes the helmet sit low on your head, thereby preventing that mushroom appearance. With this helmet, you will not have to worry about it riding up like other helmets with crappy inner cushions, which cause them to sit tight on your head and accordingly give you an odd mushroom appearance that you would not like at all.

Before buying any helmet, make sure your head is properly sized. Get the larger size if the size of your head falls between two sizing brackets.

Furthermore, unlike other cheap helmets, the shell of this helmet is made from high-quality fiberglass, rather than plastic. For increased comfort, the chinstrap is padded, and a quick-release ratchet clip is also included.

6. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield

Those who are not afraid of having some graphics on their helmets will find this no mushroom helmet to be ideal. This is a comfortable, stylish helmet with a premium feel. This small item has no mushroom effect because it is so small. Additionally, it’s lightweight, and it has a drop-down visor, which is a feature that you sometimes forget about, which happens way too often.

This helmet can be adjusted to fit every rebel’s head thanks to a custom dial system. A moisture-wicking liner is used as the liner, so the helmet is much cooler than similar helmets. It is extremely comfortable and has a quick-release mechanism, no problem there. It’s hard to beat the Rebel Warrior if you like Americana graphics.

7. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

This particular Daytona Half Helmet is nearly half the price of our top pick, but it doesn’t have the same build quality. So first up is this Daytona if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash. All Daytona helmets meet the same DOT safety standards as their cousins, and they come with a no-risk guarantee for 90 days. In any case, there’s no reason to not try this brand of helmets if you’ve never tried one before.

The helmets are absolutely awesome, and they may go a long way in preventing you from looking like a mushroom king ever again. This is a narrow and comfortable chin strap. This will blend in perfectly with a beard, especially. Despite being in the sun for a long time, the Daytona Half Helmet doesn’t fade, and the gloss colors don’t go dull. Your helmet will look and feel great even after thousands of miles of riding.