Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beards – Top Picks

Looking for best motorcycle helmet for beards?

After tons of research, we’ve put together a buyers guide for you and a collection of the best motorcycle helmets for beards or for facial hair, that will not cause you problems or discomfort while riding.

Without any more fluff, lets get started with the list of those best motorcycle helmets for bearded people.

Best Protection Motorcycle Helmet for Beards

This 1Storm Modular Motorcycle Helmet looks like it would be the best motorcycle helmet for beards.


Because it has a modular design, which means that the chin is not in the way and wouldn’t cause you discomfort or cause your beard to shove down your throat, as you typically have to experience with full-face motorcycle helmets, they push onto your beard and cause all kinds of problems.

While riding, you don’t want to be in discomfort, as you experience with full-face helmets, which is why we have this modular motorcycle helmet as our #1 choice for those who have beards, so they get the best protection as well as the best riding experience and still not have to cut their beards that they’ve grown so much in love with over the years they’ve been growing it.

A customer raves:

Honestly when you think about the price
Its hands down 5 stars.
I love the built in adjustable sun visor and the fact I can lift the face mask up at stop lights and scratch my beard 😎
Then top it off with a pretty comfortable fit even when I have my headphones in and you get a very impressive helmet for the price.

Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet for Beards

For those of you out there who’re looking for style, or just a less protective helmet but more comfort for their faces with those huge beards and facial hair, this is the best motorcycle for you in that case.

This would allow you to ride even more comfortably than you would be able to ride with that modular motorcycle helmet that we’ve listed as our #1 choice for bearded people.

It’s a less protective helmet, but does the job, especially if you’re just cruising around and aren’t speeding up too much, or are going for tours to areas where there isn’t a lot of traffic and crazy bikers speeding up here and there.

Again, if you want more protection, get the modular helmet we’ve featured as our number 1 choice for people with beards, but if you want more freedom with your beard, you can also look at this open face helmet and purchase it instead.

Half Helmet for Beards

Here’s another one. It’s a half helmet that would be a great choice for those with huge beards, but it is the least secure or protected out of all the above-mentioned motorcycle helmets.

It’s the lightest motorcycle helmet that you’ll find on this list as well, so another layer of added comfort, but that too is at the risk of less protection and security on the road while riding.