Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia – Top Picks

Looking for the best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia?

I looked it up on Google and couldn’t find any useful posts, so I thought I’d be the one who writes on this topic and helps those with claustrophobia, which is something where the patient feels the irrational fear of confined spaces.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best motorcycle helmets for those who are suffering from claustrophobia.

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia

This is probably the best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia patients. There’s even a reviewer who said that it is best for riders with this condition, let me quote the review here so you can take a look.

This is the best full-face helmet for someone who feels claustrophobic in other helmets. It looks nice and fits well based on the sizing charts available. I can’t speak to whether it is noisy since I use it for riding a scooter.

This is an open face helmet which means it is going to give you the best protection as well.

It also features a visor that you can open any time you feel panicked or scared because of your condition of claustrophobia. Once you’re fine, close it back up, as you don’t want to taste a bug now, do you? 😅 I hate those bugs that just like you to taste them.

Best Open Face Helmet for Claustrophobia

Here’s another great option for you.

It’s an open face helmet, which means it’s going to be less secure, but more of an open and free and more airy experience, which would make it a perfect helmet for those with claustrophobia.

But please, do take note that it is an open face helmet and is less secure and less protective, meaning you can’t be that free in terms of speeding and driving carelessly, so make sure you don’t go over the speed limits.

You can also pull its visor up, but it’s probably not needed as much in this helmet, as you’d have needed in the 1st helmet we’ve featured here, as that one is a full-face helmet and this one isn’t.

It’s design is more than enough so that you don’t have to pull up the visor to feel at ease.

Best Half Helmet for Claustrophobia

Even though it may look like the best one for people with the condition of claustrophobia, out of all the ones we’ve seen so far, but it is sadly the less protective and the most unsafe out of them all as well.

But, you could wear it when riding a bicycle, and when taking your kids to enjoy riding outside, to show them that a helmet is a must.

Other than that, its pretty much a useless helmet, when it comes to protecting your precious head from an injury of some sort.


We basically want your safety first on the road, which is why we’ve placed the safest and the most protective helmet to the top of this round up of helmets for claustrophobia.

You go down to the second helmet, it is more comfortable no doubt for people with the condition, but it is less secure as well, so keep that in mind when picking that one up.

You go down, even more, you go down in the safety department as well, even though you are increasing your comfort as a claustrophobic person.

If you can handle it, get the 1st motorcycle helmet for yourself, or for the person who has this condition. We wouldn’t recommend that last option, you can check out the second helmet if you want to lower down the safety notch a little and get a more comfortable helmet.