Best Motorcycle Helmet for Rain – Top Picks

Looking for best motorcycle helmet for rain?

After tons of research, we’ve put together a buyers guide for you and a collection of the best motorcycle helmets for rain, so that you can still enjoy your ride and perhaps even enjoy the rain along with it, without having a shower.

Without any more fluff, lets get started with the list of those best motorcycle helmets for rain.

Best Half Motorcycle Helmet for Rain

If you’re the type of person who likes to enjoy the sound of rain, while riding slowly on your motorcycle, this is going to be the best motorcycle helmet for you in that case.

I too like to enjoy the sound of the rain, especially when the road is empty and you’re enjoying your bike as well as the rain and its sound, without getting wet.

This helmet will protect you from the rain as well as would give you enough freedom so that you can enjoy the rainy weather and feel the nice and cold air on your face from under the visor.

Although, we only recommend that you obviously wear this helmet in the summer when it’s raining, and not actually in winter, because no matter how beautiful or romantic the weather or the rain is in winter, you still want to save yourself from that flue as well as the cold that comes along with the rain.

If you want to know more a bit about the helmet itself, please check it out on Amazon and read the actual reviews of the people who’ve already purchased it.

It weighs 2.6 ponds, so a very light helmet overall.

We’ve reviewed this helmet multiple times on our site, it comes up in many situations as the solution, so you’ll enjoy riding using this helmet, we assure you that.

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for Rain

If you want a bit more protection from injuries as well as from the rain and its sound, and you don’t like to listen to the rain sound but like to see it actually hitting the road, this is the best helmet for you in that case.

With its clear transparent visor, you’re sure to enjoy the greenery around you that will pop with the rain, and it will protect you from rain splashes on your face as well, that the other one above we’ve mentioned may not be able to do as well as this full-face helmet.

It weighs more though, coming in at 3.74 pounds compared to the 2.6 pounds of the half helmet we’ve featured as the #1 choice for a motorcycle helmet for rain.


Make sure that the helmet you get allows your skin to breathe and is tight enough at the same time so that the water doesn’t creep in. The helmet that covers your face completely, or at least partially is the helmet that you should get for rainy areas or weather.

Both helmets that we’ve featured in this post meet these criteria so you’re good to go with either one of them that you like.

The reason you’d choose one over the other would be that the half helmet gives you more freedom and lets you enjoy the weather more and listen to the rain sounds, while the other full face one doesn’t, and protects you more in terms of safety as well as the water from touching your face and the sound getting into your ears.