Best Motorcycle Helmet for Wind Noise – Top Picks

Looking for the best motorcycle helmet for wind noise?

After tons of research, we’ve compiled a list of the best motorcycle helmets for you that you can use in windy weather or just to avoid wind noise in general, when riding anywhere, just so you have a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of the best motorcycle helmets for wind noise.

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for Wind Noise

The RF-1200 from Shoei is a DOT and SNELL certified and wind-tunnel tested helmet for aerodynamics. This means it will give you the best riding experience which is quiet, as it passes the aerodynamic testing, which theoretically should give you a quieter riding experience as well as the added protection of being a SNELL and DOT certification on top of that.

Its rear spoiler adds centrifugal force when riding at speeds.

It’ll allow you to keep the wind noise at a minimum while riding, because of its aerodynamic design, while allowing you to hear all the road signals and sounds that you wouldn’t want to miss otherwise.

Although it comes with an exhaust vent at the back, which can either be opened or closed, it is highly recommended that you close them, to get an even more quiet riding experience and less wind noise.

Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet for Wind Noise

It doesn’t breathe as much as you’d think, but that’s a good thing because that’s exactly what we want it for, don’t we? So that it doesn’t produce wind noise, which we want to avoid in the first place.

But still, it’s a great helmet. It will fit good to most people.

You can open and close the safeguard with one hand easily. The visor also clicks right in place and is simple to swap.

It comes with excellent customer support t as well.

My brother reported that he ended up melting some of the rubber trim of the helmet, and spoke to the customer support of the HJC and got a replaced chin guard after a couple of weeks.

You’ll be impressed with its quality as well as the quality of these guys’ customer support, that’s for sure.

You can expect very little wind noise at speeds in excess of 50mph.

Best Arai Helmet for Wind Noise

It’s got an aerodynamic upper vent with toggle control that gives you a wind noise free riding experience. For added safety and comfort, it comes with a 5mm thick and comfortable liner for people with an oval shaped head.

It comes with a pin-lock visor for that fog-free view and much-needed feature it is, especially in the winter season, for those who like to read in winters, like myself.

Best Dual Sport Helmet for Wind Noise

You can ride for hours without the wind noise or wind drag, the wind-tunnel testing it went through pays off! Its dual-layer EPS liner enhances the impact absorption and ventilation. It’s a great motorcycle helmet for wind noise, and it fits great as well, to most riders out there.

It is going to be a huge improvement over your HJC helmet if you have one and want an upgrade to something that reduces wind noise or wind drag. It’s more comfortable and quieter.

It’s not a cheap helmet by any means, but it pays out in the long run when you take into consideration the comfort you’re going to get with it and the annoyance-free experience every time you put it on and go for a ride.