9 Best Motorcycle Helmets (2021) – Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best motorcycle helmets in 2021? Check out this list that we’ve prepared for you, after hours and hours of compiling it together!

Today the means of motorized transport are very widespread because they make it possible to move more quickly, without however being exhausted or expending energy. The two most often used are the motorcycle and the car. In each case, a device is provided to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. 

We, therefore, find the seat belt which is mandatory in cars, and the helmet which is mandatory for those who travel on a motorcycle. So, whether or not you own a motorcycle, if you often travel with this means of transport, it is in your best interest to choose a helmet for your protection as soon as possible. 

We, therefore, invite you to read on, in order to know how to make the right choice of the best motorcycle helmets at this level and make a good investment.

1. YENA’s Best Value for Money Motorcycle Helmet

This model of a motorcycle helmet is of professional quality, and therefore will be a very good choice to make to ensure your safety on the road. It is available in several sizes, adapts to both women and men, and is also suitable for different types of two-wheeled vehicles. Its manufacturing method respects and even exceeds the standard in force in this field, the ECE 22.05 standard. It was made from several exceptional materials including ABS for the aerodynamic shell, multi-density EPS, etc. It has a dual visor system with sunscreen that protects you from UV rays. It also has an adjustable ventilation system that keeps you cool and comfortable at all times, with a removable and washable liner.

2. A PRO’s Cheap Motorcycle Helmet

This motorcycle helmet that we present to you here is from the A-Pro brand. It weighs 1.25 kg and is suitable for the use of scooter-type machines. It is matte black and available in several sizes. It is made of polycarbonate and is ECE 22-05 approved. This helmet has several interesting features that make it a perfect protective accessory for all motorcyclists. Indeed, it has a micrometric closure system, with rear air extractors. It also has a clear anti-scratch visor to optimize the visibility of the driver and has an antibacterial lining. In addition, with its simple, refined, and at the same time elegant design, it will adapt to all tastes.

3. ASTONE’s Mid-range Motorcycle Helmet

This model of a motorcycle helmet is one of the most resistant that you can find on the market. It is made from polyester for the interior coating and polycarbonate for the exterior. It is sold in a stylish black color that should appeal to everyone. It is available in several sizes and will therefore adapt to anyone. It is a product of the ProtectWEAR brand, which is already enough to attest to its quality and reliability. It has an interior lining that you can remove if necessary, in order to wash it more easily. You should also know that it is manufactured according to the provisions of the European test standard currently in force. In addition, it has an anti-scratch system, a sun visor, and also an anti-fog system.

4. LS2’s High-end Motorcycle Helmet

This LS2 motorcycle helmet is an accessory that you will enjoy using. It comes in a sleek and modern design, which will be perfect for a classic rider or a true biker. It weighs 1.7 kg, and is available in several sizes, to adapt to the morphology of each of you. It is made in chrome color, from thermoplastic type material. You will be able to see several devices there, all installed for your comfort and to optimize your safety on the road. These include the anti-fog screen, sunglasses, and also the anti-scratch screen. You will even be entitled to a micrometric buckle.

5. Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

One of the most popular helmets on the motorcycle gear market, the RF-1100, is being replaced by this racing helmet.

One of the most comfortable and wearable motorcycle helmets, the RF-1200 is regarded as a top-notch racing helmet for its features, durability, and comfort.

There is one thing that this magnificent helmet stands out for, and that is comfort. The interior lining of the RF-1200 is of the kind you’d expect from a Shoei-built helmet. 

Each piece of the helmet’s hypoallergenic lining is removable and machine washable. Additionally, the low half of the helmet’s lining is very soft and comfortable.

The RF-1200”s lightness is also what makes it comfortable, as it is without a doubt the lightest Snell certified helmet available today. 

With the low level of wind noise, some users even forget they’re wearing a helmet.

A motorcycle helmet of this level of comfort is a significant contender in the current market for the best full-face helmet in 2021. 

RF-1200’s increased comfort will make long sightseeing rides more enjoyable, while racers will benefit from a distraction-free ride.

6. Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai the manufacturer of the XD4 helmet also makes a high-quality and premium motorcycle helmet of the same size. Because it’s a higher-end helmet, the XD4 costs more. 

Many believe the quality and feature set of the XD4 make it the top-of-the-line helmet of dual-sport motorcyclists.

In terms of vision and comfort, the XD4 hits the highest marks in all areas of dual-sport motorcycle helmets. The width of the model lets you have a full view all around, just what you need for an adventure tour.

With this motorcycle helmet in your hands, you will be amazed at how sturdy and strong it is. The Aria XD helmets have received a lot of praise for their quality.

Its commitment to the best quality, safety, and comfort has set the standard for adventure touring helmets. The XD4 offers the most one can expect from an adventure touring helmet. And it’s the lid of choice for all ADV tour enthusiasts.

Although not a splurge, but for someone serious about the adventure touring world, the XD4 may be the ideal choice.

7. Bell Qualifier DLX

Our favorite Bell racing helmet, the Qualifier DLX, is the perfect choice for new racers. It looks great and feels great, while still offering great features and ideal for racing motorcycles.

Bell’s Qualifier DLX motorcycle helmet compares favorably to many of the best budget racing helmets. 

This makes it no mystery why Bell’s Qualifier line is such a common sight at races across the pond and across Europe. This helmet strengthens the Bell brand’s trust with this sleek, yet robust, piece of motorcycle safety.

Bell makes the best face shields in the business, Transitions Photochromic. Each Qualifier DLX comes standard with one. That means it will darken when exposed to UV light. 

Even during the overcast, it is usually dark at all points of the day in the Qualifier DLX. Please do not expect the DLX to shift when you go back and forth from overcast to sunlight.

The Bell face shield has a special “Click Release” design that allows the user to alter the face shield’s settings at a single click in a number of different ways.

The Qualifier DLX can be used with the Cardo Q1/Q3 intercommunicator, Cardo Qz, and the original Sena SMH10. Both intercommunications are removable and secured to the left side of the helmet.

Most Qualifier DLX users complain about the noise the system makes. They try to mask the sound with duct tape or wear top hats when outside which prevents air from passing through. 

If there is no intercom installed, the intercom hole is considered a particularly noisy place.

8. O’Neal Sierra II Helmet

O’Neals Sierra II, unlike Arai’s XD4, is the perfect place to go for a comfortable lifestyle and an affordable adventure helmet. 

We understand that different level riders may have different needs. Furthermore, experienced bikers may go through a plethora of different helmets in their lifetime, utilizing some for particular functions, but some for everyday use as well.

All things considered, this helmet is pretty cool. It looks like something from a sci-fi novel, and a star traveler might wear something like it when hopping through dimensions.

On the Sierra II, our favorite feature is the interlocking sun visor. By turning the knob on the left side of the helmet, you can extend a cooling outer visor. 

When you’re done, simply flip the face shield right back on top. A great way to protect your vision for those riders who don’t always feel comfortable wearing goggles.

One fault of Sierra II is that the inner padding is made of mesh. Most riders will not prefer this material, as it can be irritating, and is extremely allergic to it too. Other than that there isn’t a lot that you can complain about.

A rider wants a motorcycle helmet to do everything that he wants, and the O’Neal helmet has made it possible. It checks all of the boxes and has been designed with more than just one great feature. 

For new adventure riders, or for those who want to bring along a spare helmet on trips with friends, the Sierra II is an ideal choice.

9. Bell Pit Boss

Most people refer to these helmets as cruiser helmets because they don’t have as many features as their full-faced cousins. They are made for riders who take their ride leaning back on a chopper, not for those who burn rubber on the highway.

It’s hard to go wrong with a Bell helmet, with their reputation for quality you know you’ll get the best. This isn’t the first time we’ve put this brand’s helmet on our Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2021 line-up. 

It is important that a cruiser helmet first has an appealing look. The Pit Boss has a genuine vintage look, comes in a range of colors, and comes with decals that are durable and can withstand dust and liquids. 

One of the things we really like is the solid matte black paint job. We are sure you will like the look of this helmet on your head. As we know many good friends have gone with Pit Boss helmets for many years now and swear by them.

Its Speed Dial fitting tool is most commonly hailed by Pit Boss customers. A knob placed on the back part of the helmet helps fit it exclusively to your head. 

The Pit Boss is guaranteed to fit perfectly each and every time, and it keeps its shape well no matter your riding style. Most users recommend getting a size smaller than usual to get the helmet nice and snug.

The Pit Boss has another wonderful feature – an easy-to-use sun visor that is a breeze to drop down – meaning that you don’t have to get yourself other gear that you can use without having to wear your goggles or riding shades.

Buyer’s Guide to Select the Best Motorcycle Helmet in 2021

Our selection of the best motorcycle helmets is based on several criteria to make your life easier, whether you are looking for the best value for money, the lowest price or the best performing product, we bring you the best solution. This is only possible thanks to the many hours we have spent analyzing customer reviews, comments, other guides as well as motorcycle helmet-specific criteria.

We also wish to guarantee that all requests for advertising or sponsorship of articles are systematically refused on compare-simplement.fr. Every year, we devote many hours to researching and evaluating the best products impartially.

What are the different types of motorcycle helmets?

There is a wide variety of motorcycle helmets on the market for you to choose from. When deciding which one is best for you, you will need to consider the different types of helmets available and their specific characteristics. You will find among others:

Full face helmets

It is a classic helmet model that completely covers the driver’s head. It therefore offers optimal protection.

Jet-type helmets

Here, the helmets are designed in such a way as to leave the face exposed, which offers a real feeling of freedom, and at the same time reduces the level of facial and jaw protection.

Modular type helmets

To put it simply, helmets in this category represent a combination of the previous two types. They, therefore, incorporate the qualities of full-face helmets and jet-type helmets.

Crossover helmets

This is a completely modular type of helmet, which allows you to add or remove certain elements, to have a jet helmet in summer, and a full-face helmet in winter.

All terrain helmets

These helmets have the particularity of being reserved for a specific use. They are therefore used for hiking, motocross competitions, enduro, etc.

How to choose your motorcycle helmet?

Apart from the type, there are several other criteria to take into account when choosing the perfect motorcycle helmet for you. Here we offer you a brief overview of these criteria, to help you make the right decision and make a good investment.

Criterion 1: height and weight

The size of the helmet allows you to know if it will be able to offer you a good fit and adapt to your morphology. As for weight, it is directly related to comfort, because the heavier the helmet, the more difficult it is to wear. Note, however, that helmets that are too light are generally of poor quality.

Criterion 2: approval

The homologation for a motorcycle helmet is compulsory. In other words, the product must meet ECE 22.05 manufacturing standards. This approval is identified by different letters depending on the type of helmet concerned. Thus, we find the letter J for jet helmets, the letter P for full-face helmets, and NP for modular helmets.

Criterion 3: the level of safety and comfort

A motorcycle helmet must offer a good level of protection according to the user’s needs. It should also be comfortable enough and comfortable to wear, especially if you need to use it regularly.

You may also be interested in parameters such as ventilation, waterproofing and possibly the materials of manufacture of the helmet.

What is the best brand of motorcycle helmet?

Many manufacturers today specialize in the design and marketing of motorcycle helmets. Among them, we have selected the best for you, those who stand out for the quality of their work. So do not hesitate to turn to the different brands that will follow when choosing your helmet.

1. LS2

This brand of Chinese origin has now conquered the European market, thanks to the quality of its motorcycle helmets. It provides you with high-performance equipment to guarantee your safety on the road.

2. Protectwear

This is a brand specializing in the manufacture of helmets and protective accessories for bikers. You can therefore find in its catalog, helmets of superior quality to enjoy a driving experience in complete safety.

3. YEMA Helmet

The third brand in this selection is YEMA Helmet, and like all the others, it has stood out for its manufacturing quality. It makes a point of ensuring the safety and comfort of its customers while offering prices accessible to all.

4. Westt

With West, you can be sure that you are protected at all times on the road because the brand makes it a point of honor to manufacture helmets with extraordinary features. In addition, its products are accessible to everyone.

5. A-PRO

Finally, you can also adapt the products of the A-pro brand when choosing your motorcycle helmet. It offers you a varied range of helmets that adapt to the needs of each of you.


You now know enough about motorcycle helmets to be able to make an optimal choice among the many models available on the market. So don’t wait any longer, because this protective accessory is essential for any driver and user of two-wheeled vehicles.

How do I clean my motorcycle helmet?

Use a sponge, lukewarm water, and soap to clean the outer shell. The dirt won’t resist it. For the interior, the machine washes the foam if it is removable and if the instructions allow it. Otherwise, use shampoo. Finally, clean the visor with a soft cloth, a little water, and soap. In any case, do not use alcohol.

Where to stick the reflective sticker on a motorcycle helmet?

French regulations oblige sellers of motorcycle helmets to provide reflective strips with each model sold. They must be glued on the forehead and chin bar, on the left, on the right, and on the back of the helmet. Failure to put these stickers can lead to a withdrawal of points on the license and a fine.

Do I really have to replace my helmet in the event of an impact or if it has fallen?

It is necessary to differentiate the 2 cases. A motorcycle helmet that accidentally falls off the saddle or table does not need to be replaced. However, you may need to replace your helmet after an impact, depending on the severity of the collision.

Do I have to change my motorcycle helmet every 5 years?

Yes, if you regularly ride a motorcycle. Intense use has an impact on the foams, which end up settling. On the other hand, you could wait longer before replacing it if you take care of it and maintain it regularly.

What to look for when buying a motorcycle helmet?

To rely solely on aesthetics would be a serious mistake. It mainly takes into account the materials used, weight, size, price, noise reduction, ventilation system, chin and chinstrap, visor, and homologation.

Some tips for beginner motorcycle helmet wearers

Replace if scratched.

If your headset screen is scratched, replace it quickly. A scratched screen can affect your ability to see where you are going.

Clean regularly.

Keep your helmet clean by washing it with mild soap and water. Petroleum based cleaners can damage the outer surface of the helmet.

Helmets have a lifetime.

For the safest ride, you should buy a new motorcycle helmet every few years, even if you haven’t been in an accident. And although the helmet still seems to be in good condition.

Open all ventilation ducts.

Partly because of the design elements, some helmets do not fog up for a few minutes after starting a ride, which can affect your visibility and compromise your safety, increasing the risk of an accident. If you have this problem, make sure all vents are open to optimize ventilation and spray anti-fog spray on your visor before any travel.

How to maintain a motorcycle helmet?


The easiest way to clean a flip-up motorcycle helmet is to use a sponge and shell soap. To clean the visors, do not use alcohol. Some removable foams can be washed in the washing machine. Check the presence of this mention in the helmet manual before doing so! If not, use a shampoo to wash away the lather.

Never rub without water or with an abrasive material, otherwise, the helmet will be scratched. Lukewarm water is best used to soften the dirt before removing it. For the visor and inner sunscreen, use a soft cloth and a little water. And change your visor every 5 years.


When drying, place your flip-up helmet in a warm place. But not too much, otherwise you will damage the foam or the visor. And make sure that the foam and its lining are completely dry before putting them back in the helmet. Finally, you can wear a balaclava or ahead to avoid soiling the inside of the helmet. So you won’t have to clean it.

Striped visor

If you rub the visor with an abrasive material, it will get scratched. In this case, its replacement is mandatory. Your safety on a motorcycle depends on the visibility of the helmet. However, a modular helmet with a striped visor is not ideal for seeing the road.