Detachable Full Face Helmet – Top Picks

Looking for a detachable full face helmet?

After tons of research, we’ve put together for you this list of best detachable full face helmets to choose from and hopefully, it’d be of some help!

Because we couldn’t find any other post on this topic on Google, so we decided to make one ourselves, to help our readers.

Let’s dig in and take a look at these detachable full face motorcycle helmets.

ROCK BROS’s Detachable Full Face Helmet

As you can tell by its looks, this detachable helmet is for kids.

The product seems well-crafted, and it comes easy to use. However, the face shield does not cover as much as an MX helmet. However, it does provide adequate protection.

A customer shares his experience saying:

My 5 yo granddaughter had a life-threatening fall off her bike wearing a “safe” helmet. A freak fall that ended up nicking an artery on a rock. This helmet should alleviate any worry about that same issue ever happening again. She loves it! Bought a similar helmet for her twin brother as well.

Lixada’s Detachable Full Face Helmet

When you put it on, it seems flimsy and cheap but it is actually sturdy. 

The adjustable fitting works for a variety of sizes, it’s soft and it’s easy to take on and off, it’s nothing but a breeze to use, but it’s not as durable as motocross, but it’s still very comfortable.

A customer shares his experience saying:

My 3 year old split his chin while on his strider bike and then reopened the cut a week later. We got this because of the chin protection. First time wearing this and he fell and smashed his chin- the helmet worked great! No chin damage, no more trips to Urgent Care. Highly recommend.

SUNRIMOON’s Detachable Full Face Helmet

It’s a very sturdy helmet. I also like the ability to tighten or loosen up the helmet using the dial. Its rear light is very nice a swell for riding in the dark and not getting hurt.

There is also an integrated light attached, which is controlled by the helmet’s switch, at the back of the helmet.

A customer shared his experience saying:

We are using this bike for my son as he learns on his balance bike. It may seem a little extra to have a chin guard for a bike, but my 3-year-old has a tendency to bust his lips.

If fits well and is adjustable so he’ll be able to keep wearing it as he grows. It looks just like the picture and fits as described. I would recommend it to others for bikes or motorbikes for kiddos.

SUNRIMOON’s 2nd Detachable Full Face Helmet

If you’re worried about its detachable or removable chin piece being insecure, don’t be. It’s very sturdy! And the adjustment is easy and its relatively large range should fit most if not all your small children.

Lixada’s 2nd Detachable Full Face Helmet

Our other bike helmets have much thicker impact absorbing foam than this helmet. The interior padding is very soft. 

While the chin guard locks into place quite nicely and is quite stiff, it would most likely break in a serious crash, so long as it has been subjected to a substantial amount of energy (and only after). 

Because it is a bike helmet with a chin guard, it does not stay as secure on the head as a motorcycle helmet does, so the chin guard cannot put as much impact on the head as a motorcycle helmet can. 

This would make for a good buy if you don’t already own a helmet and want someone who has 2 helmets in one. 

I suggest just getting a dedicated full face helmet if you already have a bike helmet and want a full face.