7 Best Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets – Top Picks

Looking for the best full face Bluetooth motorcycle helmets?

Today we take a look at not only full face helmets, but full face helmets that have Bluetooth functionality built-in as well.

When we looked it up on Google, we didn’t find any posts about helmets that are full face and have the Bluetooth feature as well, so we decided to give this one a shot ourselves and help our readers out a bit.

We’ve already done a list of cheap full face motorcycle helmets before, in case you’re out of budget or just want an affordable helmet, even if it doesn’t have the bluetooth functionality.

With that out of the way, let’s dig into the list and see what we have for you!

Best Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

ILM Full Face Bluetooth Helmet

Out of all the full face bluetooth motorcycle helmets we’ve listed here, this one from ILM is our favorite! It’s red color is attractive as well as more visible on the streets, and it looks stylish as well. On top of being a bluetooth full face helmet.

1. HJC CL-MAXBT II Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Its major downside is that it does not actually include an integrated Bluetooth device, even though it is constructed with excellent protective materials, like injection molded polycarbonate. 

Although the price might indicate otherwise, you shouldn’t expect a helmet that’s waterproof and insulated for less than $150. Even without it, this helmet is still made by a great manufacturer from high-quality materials, and comes at an excellent price. 

This is due to the fact that it comes with pre existing recesses that will accept any Bluetooth devices you choose to use.

2. Bell Qualifier DLX Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Bell’s Qualifier DLX motorcycle helmet is not a Bluetooth-enabled helmet like the HJC above. 

This means that you can connect whichever device you want to it. 

You get an excellent bit of headgear at an incredible value thanks to its super-protective and lightweight ABS plastic and polycarbonate material. 

Besides its subtle branding, blacked-out colorway, and smoke colored visor, it also scores some serious style points.

3. Torc Mako T14 Blinc Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The Torc Mako T14 — named from the sleek seafaring predator — is the first on our list that offers the comfort and protection of its own integrated Bluetooth device. 

A ventilation system was also equipped on the bike so that it could be opened on warm days and closed when it was colder. 

The most impressive feature is that this helmet will offer you a talking range of 200 meters and a talk time of 24 hours. 

One of the many reasons why this helmet makes a steal is just one of many things.

4. ILM 953 Modular Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

With all the Bluetooth features for motorcycle helmets you’d expect from other manufacturers, ILM’s 953 has the details we’ve come to expect from them. 

DOT certification, a thin but strong ABS thermoplastic, and an easily removable washable microfiber liner. However, this product also has a feature that is virtually unique: modularity.

It looks like the 953 is a full-face helmet, but it’s actually a mask you can adjust at the front that opens like a visor for a little fresh air when need be. This makes it easier to get on and off. 

This helmet includes adjustable air vents, noise dampening, and a visor with adjustable fit and height. The front of the helmet can be detachable, allowing this helmet to be worn at 3/4 of its original size as well.

5. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Since 1999, ILM has provided motorcycle helmets with premium protection, breathability, and durability that provide ultimate buyer satisfaction. 

You can get a good-looking helmet for a reasonable price, but also, who doesn’t want to wear something they’re proud to wear.

In addition to a cooling ventilation system, these full-face helmets also have a set of earpieces to keep you comfortable when out on the road. 

The helmet’s design is stable, lightweight and aerodynamic, which prevents user fatigue and allows air to flow over and around your helmet, so you won’t feel it rise in the air when you’re traveling faster. 

It comes in seven different color options and four different sizes, so you can find a model that matches your face shape, your face size, and your style.

6. FreedConn Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet really appeals to the eye, as they have a space-age aesthetic. 

It is easy to open and close the clear visor, while the tinted visor surrounds you in sun protection, so it works great on the road. 

An easy-to-use side-slide system raises and lowers the sun visor. 

The visor also locks in the up position if it is in the up position if the modular unit or visor is up.

A button located on the interior of the chin of the helmet opened the front face of the Modular helmet very easily. 

When operating our bike with the helmet in the half shell position, the front of the helmet locks into the upright position which should work really well. 

A little effort is required to lower a closed face and lock it in the closed position.

7. YEMA YM-829 Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Since you will get a warranty option with this helmet and it’s light in weight, you should get it. 

A unique design provided by this helmet contributes to a quiet ride by blocking out outside noise. 

You get it at a cheap price, but you only get a short warranty and virtually all the good features of a good helmet.

For professional motorbike riding experiences, YEMA YM-829 helmets are designed. 

These helmets are perfect for any motorcycle enthusiast, whether you’re into dirt bikes, street bikes, racing or any other kind of action. 

With features such as an aerodynamic shell, reinforced chin strap, multi-density EPS, and double D-ring buckle, this helmet really is the bomb.

There are multiple sun visor systems to choose from, the sun visor device is removable and easily switchable, and with the vent system, air is properly intake and exhausted, giving the bike rider the chance to be cool and have a comfortable riding experience.