Shoei NXR vs. Shoei RF-1200 (Which Is Better?)

Today we take a look at and compare the Shoei NXR vs RF 1200 and see which one is better and why, and why you should give priority to one motorcycle helmet over the other and purchase it instead.

Also, if you don’t want to read through the whole comparison, we’ve featured the winner here at the top with a short and sweet summary of what makes it better.

Shoei NXR vs. Shoei RF-1200

Shoei NXR

We like the Shoei NXR better because of its modern and sleek-looking design. The other one looks a bit too old in terms of design aesthetics. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t care much about the design of the helmet, feel free to get whichever one you like best.

Shoei NXR – A Brief Overview

The Shoei NXR has become a benchmark in the sporting helmet world as a result of its success. 

In spite of the fact that it’s been on the market for almost four years, it’s still one of the most popular helmets on Motocard for several reasons. Here’s what we have to share with you.

Why has the Shoei NXR been successful? First of all, it is a success because it reflects an exemplary legacy of work done with the Shoei XR 1100, a helmet whose feature set is already appreciated. 

The brand, which already knows how Japanese they are and how serious they are pertaining to the security issue, decided to create this NXR to strengthen the strengths of its previous models on the market.

Materially, the outer shell is made of the Shoei AIM compound, made up of multi-composite fiber and organic fibers.

With that, we can say that the EPS in its inner shell is of different densities, meaning that we have a helmet made with materials of high quality with all the guarantees of protection from impact. First mini signal for the NXR.

One of the most important things about the helmet is in its materials because it is very light because it is made from first-rate materials. 

It weighs 1,300 grams for a size M. By the way, take your pick from four sizes of outer shells to find a perfect fit.

It’s not a science, but it’s generally true that a light helmet leads to a comfortable one. So yes; For starters, the Shoei NXR is a really comfortable helmet. 

You say it, not we. Over 100 comments and five stars have been recorded as part of the NXR. We don’t say it, you.

We have 3D central padding in the interior that ensures maximum comfort as well as a special earpad that reduces noise. This is one of our greatest enemies if you shoot at high speed.

This also must be taken into consideration since we referenced the topic of noise. When we ride our motorcycles at high speed without a fairing, we need to wear a helmet that minimizes noise. 

Particularly, the interior padding is designed as well as the chin guard to provide one of the best in-ear protection on the market. 

Another great point to consider is the EQRS, which allows you to remove the side paddings when the helmet is removed from the outside. 

Two additional security details to be considered are a clear CWR-1 screen as well as a double buckle closure.

Perhaps you will remember how the ventilation system was one of the significant factors when comparing the NXR with its predecessor. 

With four air intakes in the upper portion of the head and another in the chin bar, the NXR has one of the best-resolved ventilation systems on the market. The rear has six extractors, which ensure excellent air circulation.

In our mind, the Shoei NXR is something like a beloved classmate who always pays attention to details.

Shoei RF-1200 – A Brief Overview

In performance and technology, the Shoei RF-1200 is at the next-generation level in full-face motorcycle helmets. It is as significant as its predecessor in the helmet industry.

Shoei’s RF-1200 helmet is one of the most exciting helmets to ride on the market today. It has everything you need in this price range. 

Moreover, the Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet meets the DOT 2015 safety standards.

My reason for being here today is this review of the Shoei RF-1200 Helmet. It offers you the best of both worlds—strong, lightweight, compact, and next-generation technology.

It features four different shell sizes that are all lightweight, durable, and flexible. This shell incorporates a six-ply matrix and dual-layer/multi-density EPS liner with enhanced impact absorption. 

This dual-layered liner offers a balance between the absorption of impact from collisions with different combinations of densities.

In addition to having a more comfortable fit, it is also manufactured with less weight.

This shield system improves rigidity and eliminates wind pressure problems associated with wind pressure on the Shoei RF-1200. 

In addition, it features the Pinlock Evo system, which provides anti-fog protection. Not just that, but it also offers 99% UV protection.

A wide field of vision is available with this face shield, as well as a new QR-E baseplate system. Its waterproofing and windproofing are guaranteed, and it includes strengthened springs for improved functionality.

An injured rider can easily remove the cheek pads from their helmets with the Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS).

There are numerous air-vents in Shoei RF-1200 for airflow. In total, RF-1200 has more than thirty air inlets.

With a large 3-position lower vent and a shutter control on the lower vent that you can operate even with gloves on, you can plug the camera in and use it. 

This lower vent will help you regulate airflow inside the helmet. Once the vent is open, air will flow upward through two pairs of vents at the top.

While the four upper exhaust vents, the three upper vents, and three inner vents will enable the top section of the helmet to rotate the airflow inside it, exhaust vents will reduce internal air pressure even if the inner ports are closed.

So, let me tell you that Shoei RF-1200 does have a very good ventilation system, which is hard to come by in this price range.

Shoei’s RF-1200 helmet has a pretty high noise level under certain conditions. If the top vents are open, the air will pass through them and be quite noisy. 

The noise from a sports bike isn’t an issue with this helmet either. It can be reduced simply by tilting the head forward.

In addition to offering you great protection for your head, the new Shoei RF-1200 has outstanding ventilation for you to keep cool. 

There are many outstanding features in this helmet, and it works well. But there is one important thing to keep in mind. It has a pretty loud sound.