Shoei RF-1200 vs. Shoei GT Air 2 (Which Is Better?)

Unable to decide between the Shoei RF-1200 vs Shoei GT Air 2?

I’m here to help!

I’ll help you make a clear decision of which one of these two motorcycle helmets is the better choice for you, and why.

Let’s take a look!

Shoei RF-1200 vs. Shoei GT Air 2

Shoei RF-1200 Wins!

  • It’s Lighter in Weight.
  • More Comfortable.
  • Reduces Wind Noise.

Shoei RF-1200

Having met the minimum safety testing requirements, DOT/ECE 22-05 has approved the Shoei RF-1200 for sale. At the time of writing, it has not been reviewed by SHARP – but it has been Snell certified.

For a while now, Shoei has been wind tunnel testing their helmets, and the design of the RF-1200 is a good example of that. An RF-1200 that is uncluttered will be quiet due to its low wind noise caused by no clutter.

Under the rear spoiler, a cleverly hidden exhaust vent is located underneath the RF-1200’s rear chin vent and three forehead vents. The vents can all be closed/opened with gloved hands and aren’t particularly fiddly to operate – with the exception of the rear exhaust, though you don’t want to tinker with that when riding.

I would describe the Shoei RF-1200 crash helmet as pretty understated, although looks are very subjective

No doubt, the Shoei RF-1200 is an excellent helmet. Shoei helmets are legendary for their quality, well-built, and high-end materials that feel like they are expensive and premium. 

Also, it performs well by ensuring your safety and being comfortable and quiet with all the parts you need to work correctly such as shields, vents, and the inside. 

In addition to the quick release system and the quality visor, this helmet is equipped with a few nice features. Value for money is an area where it does fall short. 

A lid of this quality costs a lot of money. However, we are fairly certain you’ll enjoy your new Shoei RF-1200 if this isn’t a problem for you.

Shoei GT Air 2

Shoei developed a sports/tourist helmet that builds on and improves something that was already exceptional.

If you look at our review of the original GT Air, you’ll see that few changes have been made – but the improved aerodynamics, deeper sun visor that extends further, and more air vents make this helmet more comfortable.

A SHARP independent test of the old helmet (ECE helmet) gave it a few points less than it did in the old helmet’s safety rating, and neither that helmet nor the GT Air 2 has been Snell-tested. It scored four out of five stars since the similar AIM-shelled Neotec II and RF-SR (called RYD in Europe) both scored four out of five stars when tested by Singlepoint Research).

There’s no doubt about that, however: it’s highly rated by owners who tend to universally praise the GT Air II’s comfort, shield system (with Pinlock anti-fog included), and noise suppression.

All in all, the Shoei GT Air II is a highly versatile sports-touring helmet that is often ranked among the best on the market for performance.